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  1. How did you find out about Anubis RP? I found out through watching five m on youtube i noticed your server and I thought it looked like a good, realistic server.
  3. Which country are you from? I am from the United States.
  5. How old are you? As of 10/14/19 I am 16 years old.
  7. What type of role are you applying for at this moment in time? Example: Police/Civilian/EMS/Lawyer/Gang. I am applying for civilian role.
  9. What makes you a good roleplayer? I am very realistic I take things serious and am very respectful to others.
  11. What makes your character unique compared to those around you? My Character is a funny, nerdy guy who loves to help criminals with escape plans and ways to pull of jobs.  
  13. What are your character’s short term and long term goals to establish when he or she first gets into the city? My goal is to become a owner of a nice vehicle and be known by other players.
  15. What is your primary character’s backstory? My character comes from Florida and he was left by his parents when he was 7 he was forced to give up on his education due to the lack of money his grandparents had. He didn't want to give up on his education so he started working for crime and it worked out for him his grandparents didn't know so they wondered where he got his money from but he just said he got a job he earned enough money to move away from Florida and moved to the city because of the police back in Florida they caught on to his act.
  17. You are hanging out with your friends and a car pulls up behind you and someone gets out with their gun drawn on you. They tell you to
  18. put your hands up or else they will kill you and your friends, they then ask for you to get in the vehicle. What would you say and do in this situation? I would flag down any near civilians if around. I would ask them why and try to get noticed by the police if not I would try to do some type of Morse code or just help my friends.
  20. Do you understand acting salty to officers when arrested and rushing them to process you is not considered valid RP, and that “breaking character,” or acting “immature” even when someone appears to have broken rules around you, is punishable? Yes i totally understand and I am not immature when it comes to being detained by an officer.
  22. Do you understand not following the rules or exploiting game mechanics may result in a permanent ban in one report? Yes I understand and do not get involved with exploiting or cheating.
  24. When is a good time to break character? When you are dealing with fail rp or harrasment out of role play.
  26. What should you do if you’re arrested by the police and your PC crashes, FiveM crashes, or you lose power during the process? Hurry and notify any admin or the officer using discord on your mobile device.
  28. If you’re robbing a store with a hostage, how would your character deal with the police and the situation at hand if surrounded by police? Ask the police for a safe route out of the place in return of the hostage.
  30. Do you stream, use YouTube, or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it? I do not but I am about to start streaming on twitch or youtube.
  32. Please explain meta gaming and valuing your own life. I do work and go to school.
  34. Are you a Patreon ( or already a whitelisted member of Anubis? (App priority) I am not a Patreon or a member of Anubis.
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