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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 196: Black Rose (Part 14)

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  1. [2016-09-28 13:08:14] <Shoat> 3Previously...
  2. [2016-09-28 13:08:58] <Shoat> 3The Raptor slides over the darkened valley, moving towards a towering icicle pillar ringed with clouds, many of which rumble and flash in pattern.  It takes several minutes to dock, bringing the cloud formations that keep the Raptor aloft gently up to the icicle tower.  Clouds merge with clouds, and the ship is anchored.
  3. [2016-09-28 13:09:02] <Shoat> 3...
  4. [2016-09-28 13:09:50] <Shoat> 3Not quite together, Wind Weaver and Star Dust approach.  Even as they near, Star Dust blurs across the intervening space, landing next to Get_Lost.  "um... You're with me... because, you know, I'm with you.  All of you guys, I mean.  You're disembarking with Squad Delta."  She pauses.  "Except the hellhound."
  5. [2016-09-28 13:10:12] <Shoat> 3Wind Weaver flaps closer, addressing Mitzi.  "You're with me.  We're not going down.  We're going higher."
  6. [2016-09-28 13:10:14] <Shoat> 3...
  7. [2016-09-28 13:11:28] <Shoat> 3The time comes for the group to leave for Lunar's Rising.  Departure goes smoothly.  Descent into the darkness... the temperature drops wretchedly.  But there is no wind.  The air is still and the cold is sapping rather than biting.
  8. [2016-09-28 13:11:42] <Shoat> 3There is more to the E.L.R. city than just the grounded Thunderhead, although the mammoth fortress is the vast majority of it.  Other structures made of ice or clouds ring the valley around it, or float in the air above it.
  9. [2016-09-28 13:11:44] <Shoat> 3...
  10. [2016-09-28 13:13:13] <Shoat> 3Down below, the ponies and griffin soon find themselves in a hallway made tight from a line of extra beds.  Only a military-like level of order prevents the floor from being covered with personal belongings and the hall nearly impassable.  
  11. [2016-09-28 13:13:15] <Shoat> 3As it is, however, they occasionally have to squeeze around pegasi who are climbing in or out of bunks, or who are accessing footlockers that are built into the bedframes.  The beds are covered with threadbare and patched blankets.  No pony has a pillow.
  12. [2016-09-28 13:13:23] <Shoat> 3They pass by an open doorway to a communal lavoratory where mares and stallions alike take turns standing before sinks and mirrors, preening and making themselves presentable.  From the lack of uniforms, these are civilian citizens, but they tend to their appearance with the same pride and sensibilities as soldiers.
  13. [2016-09-28 13:13:35] <Shoat> 3Shatara blushes and tries not to think about the strange mares pushing past him in the tight spaces
  14. [2016-09-28 13:13:42] <Shoat> 3Get_Lost frowns "uhm... this place is... in bad need of help...."
  15. [2016-09-28 13:13:58] <Shoat> 3Golden_Dream bites her lip. She always saw these ponies as this overfunded evil force. Mockingly crisp and clean as if the dirt and grime of the world were too good for them. This... This was the kind of poverty she came from. "How long has it been this way?" She quietly wondered.
  16. [2016-09-28 13:14:15] <Shoat> 3...
  17. [2016-09-28 13:14:51] <Shoat> 3Star Dust freezes at the mention of foals.  Then sighs, drooping visibly.  "We don't have any foals here."
  18. [2016-09-28 13:14:56] <Shoat> 3Get_Lost doesn't find the guts to reply. simply gulps and doesn't say a word for a while
  19. [2016-09-28 13:15:02] <Shoat> 3Star Dust tells Get_Lost, "Procreation is forbidden.  We don't have the food to feed them or the cloth to clothe them, and they probably wouldn't survive the cold.  The General's Council has ordered a moratorium on reproduction."  
  20. [2016-09-28 13:15:11] <Shoat> 3Golden_Dream 's features sunk. "... I- I need to use the little filly's room."
  21. [2016-09-28 13:15:16] <Shoat> 3Star Dust digs a hoof at the ground.  "Although, if we do move, I am on the pre-approved list to have one child."  She gives s sad but hopeful look.  "I'd really like to be a mother."
  22. [2016-09-28 13:15:26] <Shoat> 3...
  23. [2016-09-28 13:16:16] <Shoat> 3Get_Lost points out, "if you move on the borders of the jungle, or at the foothils down the mountains, you could start anew...."
  24. [2016-09-28 13:16:19] <Shoat> 3...
  25. [2016-09-28 13:16:27] <Shoat> 3Above, Mitzi feels the sky tank touch down.  A moment later, she hears Wind Weaver exit.  Then the door to the back opens and her pegasus friend's head pokes in.  "This... I'm sorry.  I know you aren't going to like this.  But just be brave, okay?"
  26. [2016-09-28 13:16:32] <Shoat> 3Mitzi frowns. "Uh'm braver den most Uh tink."
  27. [2016-09-28 13:16:43] <Shoat> 3Wind Weaver opens the door.  The building she has landed in is made almost entirely of clouds.   Stretching from the landing platform is a walkway made of clear ice.  It stretches ahead through a cloud doorway and into a huge, circular chamber ringed with columns.  The chamber has no floor.
  28. [2016-09-28 13:16:55] <Shoat> 3The ice walkway stretches across open air to reach a single solid platform just big enough for two ponies (or one Mitzi) to stand on.  The platform is ringed by clouds that hold it suspended hundreds of feet above the dark valley of Lunar Rising.  On the far end of the chamber, three pegasi sit like judges on cloud-seats at a cloud-bench.
  29. [2016-09-28 13:17:07] <Shoat> 3Mitzi frowns a bit but stretches out her hind claws and goes down on all fours, gently rooting herself on the ice as she moves forward.  Mitzi moves forward slowly, deliberately, with intent. She glances at Wind Weaver a moment. "Dese tree eez yur alphas?"
  30. [2016-09-28 13:17:13] <Shoat> 3Each of the three is wearing a crisp purple military uniform covered in medals and symbols.  Wind Weaver nods.  "This is the General's Council."  Left to right, she points out, "General Blockade, General Typhoon and General Debate."
  31. [2016-09-28 13:17:16] <Shoat> 3...
  32. [2016-09-28 13:17:50] <Shoat> 3General Debate hazards, "I suspect they see us as evil.  Oppressors, at the very least.  Monsters, more than likely."
  33. [2016-09-28 13:17:57] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon answers simply, "Threats."
  34. [2016-09-28 13:18:02] <Shoat> 3Mitzi shakes her head, but looks at Debate, gesturing with a paw. "Yu eez da closest. Dere eez some Hounds who see ponies as monsters. But no, da answer eez simple. When a Hellhound sees a ponee, dey see before anyting else, a Thief."
  35. [2016-09-28 13:18:05] <Shoat> 3...
  36. [2016-09-28 13:18:26] <Shoat> 3Bookwright makes a journal update. "Finally down to the grounded airship. It's surreal. Every structure is white, but they come in two flavors: snow or cloud. The civilian population lives in privation little better than the street-dwelling homeless I've seen back in the NCR. Not enough food, blankets, space, or warmth.
  37. [2016-09-28 13:18:45] <Shoat> 3We've been given a storage cupboard and comfortable tables to sleep on. They're offering us hospitality despite their hardship, which says a lot. Beats sleeping in the snow I guess, but I worry about the sustainability of their population."
  38. [2016-09-28 13:19:45] <Shoat> 3Get_Lost says "bookie, shatara, you are both as good as me with technology, if you want to help i'll be happy"
  39. [2016-09-28 13:20:01] <Shoat> 3Bookwright snaps his journal closed and follows Get_Lost downstairs.  Shatara follows the sciencepone, hoping to be useful somehow.
  40. [2016-09-28 13:20:13] <Shoat> 3...
  41. [2016-09-28 13:20:25] <Shoat> 3Below, the engineer pegasus looks relieved.  "Great.  I'm sure you've heard of the Single Pegasus Project, and how the weather for all of Equestria can be run from a modified medical pod?  That technology was first used for the central control system of the Thunderheads.  And ours... well, we know they don't work anymore, but we have no idea where to start."
  42. [2016-09-28 13:20:33] <Shoat> 3"No pods working means no pilots.  And the Lunar's Rising can't fly without at least one pilot."
  43. [2016-09-28 13:20:54] <Shoat> 3Bookwright says, "Get Lost here has the earth pony know-how and I've got the unicorn magic. I'm sure between the two of us we can get it running."
  44. [2016-09-28 13:21:02] <Shoat> 3Get_Lost says, "let us give a look at it and we will decide how to proceed. in the worst case, i have a backup plan"
  45. [2016-09-28 13:21:25] <Shoat> 3...
  46. [2016-09-28 13:21:34] <Shoat> 3Mitzi begins her story. "Dere was a time long ago, when Ur kind wuz known as Diamond Dogs. We tuk dat name fur urselves when we settled een a land uv plenty. Splendid Valley. Eet wuz Ur home, before ponees came, und after. Yu know uv dis place Uh suspect."
  47. [2016-09-28 13:21:45] <Shoat> 3Above, General Typhoon nods.  After a moment, she speaks, "That is the location of the terrorist attack where the surface of Equestria declared war on the Enclave and prompted Operation: Cauterize."
  48. [2016-09-28 13:22:25] <Shoat> 3Mitzi nods. "Den yu know wut happened. We lived dere een peace. Ur kind had no part Uv ponee war. We did not fight, und we kept tu urselves. Den ponees tuk Ur home. Dey claimed eet belonged tu dem when we had lived dere so long, und dey forced Diamond Dogs tu leave, so dey cud have all da gems fur dere war."  
  49. [2016-09-28 13:22:26] <Shoat> 3Mitzi nods to Typhoon's comment. "Uh'll get tu dat."
  50. [2016-09-28 13:22:28] <Shoat> 3...
  51. [2016-09-28 13:22:55] <Shoat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session One Hundred and Ninety-Six: Black Rose (Part 14) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fus5O8SxUoo
  52. [2016-09-28 13:23:01] <Shoat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  53. [2016-09-28 13:23:12] <Shoat> 3Below:
  54. [2016-09-28 13:25:28] <Shoat> 3With Bookwright, Shatara and Get_Lost gone to engineering, Noble_Heart, Golden_Dream and CopyCat are left with Star Dust and the matronly mare.  The latter leads them around a few turns to a nearby hall lined on one side with large storage doors.  One of the doors is open, and pegasi are moving crates out of it, making the hallway nearly impassible.  
  55. [2016-09-28 13:26:36] <Shoat> 3The elderly mare motions with her hoof to the space beyond the door.  "This will be your quarters for the duration of your visit.  I'm sorry that we don't have better."
  56. [2016-09-28 13:27:31] * Noble_Heart scowls quietly as they were lead down the halls. "We have a question. Do you think that pride is worth suffering for?"
  57. [2016-09-28 13:29:54] * Bookwright looks thoughtful. "It would depend on what the pride is for, I suppose. Pride arising from protecting those you love, versus, I dunno... pride of how awesome your stuff is? I don't think pride is necessarily always a bad thing. So yes, I think that sometimes, pride is worth suffering for."
  58. [2016-09-28 13:33:29] * Noble_Heart tilts her head at Bookwright's comment. "But is it pride which you suffer for in those instances, or what you accomplish that you suffer for? To protect someone might indeed fill you with pride. But pride is not the point. Yet here? Here they are clinging to a dead ideal which leads their people to desolation and suffering, extensively. To sorrow and pain. But refuse to
  59. [2016-09-28 13:33:29] * Noble_Heart change because they cannot accept that their old way is dead. That their pride and desire is not worth saving." She shook her head sadly. "This is what happens with a nation is shown to be broken, yet its nationalism lives on."
  60. [2016-09-28 13:33:42] * Get_Lost starts checking the machinery to see if they are still in condition to be repaired "so guys... who are we wiring to this?"
  61. [2016-09-28 13:33:57] * Get_Lost "or what?"
  62. [2016-09-28 13:35:49] <Shoat> 3The elderly mare looks at Noble_Heart for a moment.  Then finally answers, "Yes.  Of course pride is worth suffering for."
  63. [2016-09-28 13:38:50] * Noble_Heart looks in the mare's direction curiously. "Why? To what end do you suffer this fate? It is certainly not for yourselves, as it is no doubt suffering. It does not seem to be for your people, as many pegasi have joined the New Canterlot Republic without repurcussion. It would seem foolish to be for your leaders, as they have lied and deceived their people for generations."
  64. [2016-09-28 13:38:51] * Noble_Heart She looked to the mare seriously, lowering her head slightly to be closer to eye-level. "So, then, what pride is worth suffering for in such a place?"
  65. [2016-09-28 13:40:49] <Shoat> 3"The pride of being us."
  66. [2016-09-28 13:42:24] * Noble_Heart contemplated that a few moments. "But are you? You are hiding within the broken remains of your ships. Slowly starving and freezing to death on the edge of the world. For whatever belief you might have in the world which existed for you before, you cannot claim that this life is anything like that. We can certainly respect the desire for freedom. For independence. For the
  67. [2016-09-28 13:42:25] * Noble_Heart right to choose one's own path. But to choose that your people suffer as outcasts?" she frowned heavily at the thought.
  68. [2016-09-28 13:42:29] <Shoat> 3To one side of Noble_Heart, Citrine Glow gasps as two other crystal ponies approach the crate blockade from the other end of the hall.
  69. [2016-09-28 13:44:24] * CopyCat glances at her hooves. "I... I think the ponies here are still fighting a war. Maybe they've always been fighting one, even if no one else is. I think they may not know any other way to be."
  70. [2016-09-28 13:44:41] * Get_Lost is half buried into the broken control pod, pulling cables and checking components
  71. [2016-09-28 13:45:07] <Shoat> 3"We are all 'our people'," the elderly mare notes dourly.  "Except those race traitors who decide not to be.  Those who join the NCR have decided not to be pegasi anymore.  Or really, I'd say, never were."
  72. [2016-09-28 13:45:42] <Shoat> 3Star Dust whines plaintively and pleads under her voice, "Mother..."
  73. [2016-09-28 13:47:54] * CopyCat 's attention is captured by Citrine Glow, her gaze drifting to the other crystal ponies as they approach. "Oh my," she says mostly to herself.
  74. [2016-09-28 13:49:41] * Noble_Heart scowls at that and takes a step forwards in annoyance. "Choosing to live in the world that exists rather than cling to a past that is gone makes them traitors? Two centuries ago 'your people' fled from battle and left the world behind. And now you suffer at the edge of the world for the same selfish, pointless self-agrandizing. To believe you are somehow better, or even
  75. [2016-09-28 13:49:42] * Noble_Heart different, from other ponies, that their problems are not your problems and your problems are not their problems. That was the mistake the Enclave made long ago, and it is the mistake We now see repeated here, today, in every facet of your lives." She scowls and snorts in annoyance. "They did not abandon their people. They are with their people. As ponies." She turned away from
  76. [2016-09-28 13:49:42] * Noble_Heart the mare to find what was causing the reaction in Citrine Glow, clearly uninterested in continuing the argument.
  77. [2016-09-28 13:50:22] <Shoat> 3Citrine Glow moves slowly towards the other crystal ponies, her eyes wide, only to be stopped by the clutter.  One of the crystal ponies has focused on one of the pegasi moving crates and is expressing agitation about the blockage of the next storage unit.  The other spots Citrine Glow and the alicorns.  He raises a hoof in a wave.  "Hello, neighbors."
  78. [2016-09-28 13:57:53] <Shoat> 3Meanwhile:
  79. [2016-09-28 14:01:33] <Shoat> 3Bookwright, Shatara and Get_Lost find themselves looking at a large, hexagonal room in the heart of the Thunderhead.  The walls that do not hold doorways are instead lined with maneframes.  A column rises in the center with wires and tubing fanning out towards maneframes, junction boxes or structural cutaways.  
  80. [2016-09-28 14:03:08] * Get_Lost ooh's at the superadvanced stuff in the room and smiles "i can't wait to make a mess on that..."
  81. [2016-09-28 14:03:26] <Shoat> 3The platform at the base of the pillar holds three giant, mechanical, egg-shaped pods.  The entire room is mostly dark, lit in sections by portable lamps.  Almost nothing in the room seems to have power.
  82. [2016-09-28 14:04:42] * Shatara finds the systems as ominous as they are awe-inspiring
  83. [2016-09-28 14:05:35] * Bookwright "Those must be the pilot pods."
  84. [2016-09-28 14:06:04] <Shoat> 3The engineer pegasus gives a wingwave.  "Here you are.  The heart of the Thunderbird.  If she was working, then entire fortress could be operated by three pegasi -- flight, navigation, defense, internal systems... you name it."
  85. [2016-09-28 14:08:24] * Get_Lost "well. i'll probably name two out of three... probably, the fixing will require some salvaging... forget about defence, you'll have to resort to the good old rifles"
  86. [2016-09-28 14:08:59] <Shoat> 3"Of course, nothing works in here since a traitor set off a Crux in the room, killing the pilots and stranding us in this frozen wasteland."
  87. [2016-09-28 14:09:20] * Bookwright nudges Get_Lost with a hoof. "Let's avoid scrapping things for replacement parts until we know what's gone wrong first, okay?"
  88. [2016-09-28 14:10:43] <Shoat> 3The engineer looks to Get_Lost.  "If you and your friends can make us fly again..."  He sighs.  "Hell, sounds like our next voyage will be into battle.  So one way or another, we'll be done with this place.  And I won't miss it.  I'm tired of being so cold I can't feel my hooves."
  89. [2016-09-28 14:10:44] * Get_Lost "oh, you got cruxed! that's EXTENSIVE damage!" frowns "bar two systems out of three, we will be lucky if we will make this thing fly straight for ten miles"
  90. [2016-09-28 14:14:09] * Get_Lost "but if it is going to run into war in any case, who cares! let's start!" the mare begins checking the damage herself "guys, help me finding what is still working and what not"
  91. [2016-09-28 14:15:17] <Shoat> 3The engineering pegasus asks, "Is there anything you need?  Anything I can do to help?'
  92. [2016-09-28 14:16:25] * Get_Lost "probably yes: give me the time to see what the damage is, then i'll make a list. do you have any picture of sonica under the shower, in the meantime?"
  93. [2016-09-28 14:16:49] <Shoat> 3"Pictures of... Sonica... under the..."
  94. [2016-09-28 14:16:52] <Shoat> 3A rap on the door interrupts.  Two more pegasi step in, each wearing Enclave power armor.  "Good morning everypony.  Please, stand and present for identification."
  95. [2016-09-28 14:17:10] <Shoat> 3Civilian residences:
  96. [2016-09-28 14:18:05] * CopyCat snrks, a long way away from Get_Lost but still she enjoys her friend's antics.
  97. [2016-09-28 14:19:15] <Shoat> 3The yellow crystal pony smiles and waves while the other hurries one of the pegasi along in unblocking the next-door storage unit.  
  98. [2016-09-28 14:20:08] * Noble_Heart waves a forehoof in some surprise to see crystal ponies here. It was concerning, to say the least.
  99. [2016-09-28 14:20:34] <Shoat> 3Before there can be introductions, however, two pegasi in Enclave power armor approach.  "Morning," one of them says sleepily from inside the armor.  "You know the drill."
  100. [2016-09-28 14:21:23] <Shoat> 3The two crystal ponies turn and stand at attention, as do the pegasi.  Star Dust prods and motions for Golden_Dream and the alicorns to do the same.
  101. [2016-09-28 14:22:20] * Noble_Heart frowns in some confusion, uncertain what they're expecting.
  102. [2016-09-28 14:23:13] <Shoat> 3The first armored pegasus looks the yellow crystal pony up and down slowly.  "State your name."  The voice sounds bored.  
  103. [2016-09-28 14:23:41] <Shoat> 3"Lemon Quartz"
  104. [2016-09-28 14:24:25] * CopyCat cocks her head at the armored pegasi's request, then says, "Ohhh, it's time for the kissing tax."
  105. [2016-09-28 14:25:52] <Shoat> 3The power-armored pegasus nods then steps over to the next one.  The second power-armored pegasus is in a lighter scout version of the armor.  She manipulates a pouch with one wing, pulling out two tangerine-colored plastic chits and passing them to Lemon Quartz.  The crystal pony takes them with a smile.
  106. [2016-09-28 14:27:59] <Shoat> 3In the central control room, Bookwright, Shatara and Get_Lost witness a similar routine between the two power-armored Enclave and the engineer, whose name he reveals as "Pocket Wrench".  Save instead of two tangerine-colored pieces of plastic, he is given one deep scarlet chit.
  107. [2016-09-28 14:28:38] * Bookwright makes a guess. "Ration token?"
  108. [2016-09-28 14:28:56] * Get_Lost doesn't stop the checking during the operations. is in full nerd mode
  109. [2016-09-28 14:28:59] <Shoat> 3The two Enclave then turn to the three newcomers.  "Good morning."  Then, in answer, "Yes.  Name please?"
  110. [2016-09-28 14:29:44] * Bookwright shuffles belatedly into an approximation of attention. "Bookwright."
  111. [2016-09-28 14:30:02] * Get_Lost doesn't even turn while working "get lost"
  112. [2016-09-28 14:30:24] <Shoat> 3The enclave soldier looks Bookwright up and down, then nods and moves on to Shatara.
  113. [2016-09-28 14:31:18] * Shatara states his name, simply but somewhat uncomfortably.
  114. [2016-09-28 14:33:31] <Shoat> 3The second trots up to Bookwright and fishes out two tangerine tokens.  "Visitors are given the same allocation as civilian citizens.  In lean months, that means half-rations.  We have two meals a day: breakfast and dinner.  You can use a half-ration token at each, or spend them both for a full ration at one.  Or save them, of course, for other things."
  115. [2016-09-28 14:34:44] <Shoat> 3"The exchange booth opens at noon for anyone who wants to exchange for quarter, third or full tokens.  Exact change only."
  116. [2016-09-28 14:35:13] * Bookwright nods and pockets the plastic tokens. "I'll keep that in mind."
  117. [2016-09-28 14:35:59] <Shoat> 3Shatara is given his two half-ration tokens, then the ponies move on to Get_Lost.  "We need you to turn around please," the first says.  "A visual, voice and name must all be registered to get your tokens."
  118. [2016-09-28 14:36:38] * Get_Lost turns at the pony and smiles "get lost solaris"
  119. [2016-09-28 14:37:53] <Shoat> 3There is only the slightest pause at Get's name.  Then she gets her chits.
  120. [2016-09-28 14:39:40] <Shoat> 3In civilian housing, the Enclave soldiers do the same with everyone.  Everyone gets two tangerine tokens save for Star Dust.  As soon as she gets a red one, the elderly mare tries to swap.
  121. [2016-09-28 14:40:36] * Get_Lost "thank you!" gives the chps to shatara and goes back to work "gys, let's find out what these things do and what we need to change, to bypass or to trash"
  122. [2016-09-28 14:40:47] <Shoat> 3"No mom," Star Dust insists, her normal meekness gone when dealing with her mother.  "I've been on the /New Cumulus/.  I'm fine.  You need to eat your food."
  123. [2016-09-28 14:44:58] <Shoat> 3Above:
  124. [2016-09-28 14:45:02] * CopyCat kisses the power-armored helmet of the first soldier after giving her name, then accepts her pretty plastic chits. Kissing tax: paid!
  125. [2016-09-28 14:45:57] <Shoat> 3The Generals are quiet, listening to what Mitzi is saying.  Their very different expressions are all temporarily replaced by a similar shock.
  126. [2016-09-28 14:48:41] <Shoat> 3(Below) The solder steps back, blinking behind her visor.  CopyCat can sense the surprise.
  127. [2016-09-28 14:48:54] * Mitzi nods. "So, dat was da furst ting. Den, when yu ponies had taken all da gems, yu left. So we came back tu Ur home. Eet may not have been as plentiful aneemore, but eet wuz still Urs. Und den yu started dumpeen yur waste een Ur caves. Wit dat und da radiation, we became Hellhounds. So yu stole Ur nature as Diamond Dogs."
  128. [2016-09-28 14:52:56] * Mitzi continues. "After dat, da sky wuz closed off wit clouds. Diamond Dogs tink da stars, da jewels uv the Night, und da moon dat Ur Slate Wolf ancestors howled to, eez sacred. Yu took dat frum us."
  129. [2016-09-28 14:54:39] * Golden_Dream stands at attention as asked, but can't help but look... Strained. Like the fight got kicked out of her.
  130. [2016-09-28 14:55:42] * CopyCat looks very pleased with herself.
  131. [2016-09-28 14:55:59] * Mitzi keeps going, this time looking at the general who mentioned the Goddess being blown up. "Den yu ponies blew up Ur home even wurse den before, takeen manee Uv Ur lives, und makeen Ur ancestral home unliveable. Yu tuk Ur homes und family frum us."
  132. [2016-09-28 14:57:12] <Shoat> 3(Civilian Residences) Once Golden_Dream, Noble_Heart and CopyCat have their two chits, the power armor-clad Enclave ponies move on... although the first glances back at CopyCat in bewilderment.
  133. [2016-09-28 14:57:51] <Shoat> 3(Above) General Typhoon interrupts.  "That wasn't us."
  134. [2016-09-28 14:59:08] <Shoat> 3General Blockade asks Typhoon, "Do you think it matters to them?"
  135. [2016-09-28 14:59:50] * Mitzi concludes, looking at Typhoon. "Und den yu took Ur freedom, makeen us yur slaves wit dose magic noises. Dat eez all yu ponees seem to do tu Ur kind. Yu take und take und take. Yu stole almost everyting dat yu cud frum us, und only -once- did un uv Yur kind ever give us sumteen back. Only unce did un uv yur kind admit dey had stolen so much frum us."
  136. [2016-09-28 15:00:44] <Shoat> 3General Debate steps in, addressing Mitzi.  "Clearly, ponies have done your kind wrong.  And pegasus ponies more than any other..."
  137. [2016-09-28 15:00:57] * Golden_Dream looks to the chit, then looks back up, not really looking at anything. She looked sick to her stomach. "They ain't got food. They can't make foals. Even th' folk in Froggy live better than this." And that's when the fight came rushing back, teeth clenched in indignity.
  138. [2016-09-28 15:02:53] <Shoat> 3(Civilian Residences) Star Dust looks at Golden_Dream.  "This is just a lean month.  We'll have food again.  And, from the sounds of it, new food.  Crystal... somethings."
  139. [2016-09-28 15:03:29] * Mitzi concludes. "So Hellhounds see ponies not only as thieves, but as thieves who won't even admit dere crimes. In da eyes uv Ur kind, yu eez not monsters, yu eez not animals, yu eez noting but criminals."
  140. [2016-09-28 15:05:30] <Shoat> 3(Central Control) Golden_Dream and her friends examine everything from the maneframe circuitry to the cables to the modified suspended animation pods.  The news isn't good.  But it isn't beyond hope.  Setting off a Crux in here crashed everything and fried most of it.  
  141. [2016-09-28 15:07:02] <Shoat> 3Simply rebooting from power armor won't bring back the spell matrixes of the maneframes or pods because each has suffered catastrophic damage.  However, what they find suggests that what remains is more than enough to rebuild the spell matrixes of two of the maneframes and one of the control pods.
  142. [2016-09-28 15:09:14] <Shoat> 3It will take the arcane skill of Bookwright and the scientific knowledge of Get_Lost to have a hope of doing it... and it won't be easy... but they could.  Doing so would allow a single pod to be restored, providing they can also repair the mundane damage.  That alone will be a lot of work, but Shatara is convinced that most of what is needed is here.
  143. [2016-09-28 15:10:00] * Get_Lost smiles "looks like it can be done... well, partially. one pony driving the thing. forget about the weapons. forget about more than a pilot... actually, forget about anything comfy and even about a couple of indespensable things, but it can be done."
  144. [2016-09-28 15:10:07] <Shoat> 3Althought they may have to scavenge from already disfunctional auxillory systems throughout the fortress.
  145. [2016-09-28 15:11:50] * Get_Lost "my concern is that a single simple pony mind couldn't handle two maneframes. it should be necessary to use something with more calculation capabilities..."
  146. [2016-09-28 15:13:42] * Mitzi stays quiet as she looks at the Generals, letting her story wash over them. It was always appropriate to stop talking at the end of a story, to emphasize that the telling was done, and there was room for questions, or for another speaker to add more if needed.
  147. [2016-09-28 15:14:38] <Shoat> 3(Above) The Generals look at each other for a moment.  General Debate opens his muzzle to speak, but General Blockade gets there first.  "For the sake of expediency then, let me admit for the lot of us that we have stolen from the hellhounds.  If what you want is acknowledgement that you have been wronged, then there, you have it."
  148. [2016-09-28 15:16:01] * Bookwright sucks on his teeth as he writes notes in his notebook. "The damage here in the control room is, in a word, extensive. It can be repaired. A lot of the stuff here is thoroughly fried and useless, but there's enough duplicate components that we can fix one of the three control pods and two of the maneframes. Assuming we want to do that. Get Lost is talking about robiticization and the strain...
  149. [2016-09-28 15:16:01] * Bookwright ...on a single pilot's mind. I'm not convinced, but if the Enclave okays it I don't think any of us could stop her."
  150. [2016-09-28 15:17:44] <Shoat> 3(Central Control) Pocket Wrench nods.  "I'm sure the Generals will agree... I mean, I hate to say it, but we're kinda getting desperate here."
  151. [2016-09-28 15:17:56] * Shatara hmms softly. "Well, weapons could probably be handled by a good old fashioned central director...Don't need brain control to point a few guns."
  152. [2016-09-28 15:19:11] * Get_Lost turns towards pocket wrench and asks "you want to go out of this frozen hell straight to war, or you just want to go out of this frozewn hell?" pauses and then adds "i need to know it now. don't think: just answer"
  153. [2016-09-28 15:20:30] * Mitzi nods. "Dat eez a gud furst step. Yu eez now da second ponee tu admit dere crime. Now dere eez two more tings yu -must- du, fur Ur sake und yurs. Da rest maybe we can wurk out een da future."
  154. [2016-09-28 15:21:27] * Bookwright "It would be a good idea to ask the officers around here about what this thing used to be able to do, and what they would like it to do. With only one pony in a pod it's just never going to be as good as the original. I think I could program a few simple routines. Like, having the maneframe shoot at any flying thing that isn't in enclave power armor. That sort of thing."
  155. [2016-09-28 15:21:53] <Shoat> 3(Civilian Residences) Lemon reaches through the blockade of boxes, shaking Citrine Glow's hoof.  "I don't recognize you.  Didn't know that Doctor Amore was sending anyone else, but we've been here for three weeks now, so we're a bit out of touch.  How are things back home?"
  156. [2016-09-28 15:22:30] <Shoat> 3Citrine Glow looks flustered and shocked, taking a moment to compose herself before saying, "I don't know.  I'm not from the Crystal Empire."
  157. [2016-09-28 15:23:32] * Get_Lost "bookie dear, can i talk to you for a split second?"
  158. [2016-09-28 15:23:52] * Golden_Dream 's eyes glaze over a bit, then she answers Lemon. "She ain't been for a while. She's been in the Dragon Lands for about a few centuries, as far as I can tell."
  159. [2016-09-28 15:24:04] <Shoat> 3(Central Control) Pocket Wrench answers swiftly, "Out of the frozen hell.  I'm... not really sure I'm ready for war.  I know it's my dutiy and my privilege to serve in battle when it comes to it... but the thought of fighing is kinda... terrifying."
  160. [2016-09-28 15:24:05] * Bookwright looks up distractedly from a simple logic tree. "Yes?"
  161. [2016-09-28 15:25:56] <Shoat> 3(Above) General Blockade frowns.  "I am sure you think there are.  But let me..."  
  162. [2016-09-28 15:25:58] * Get_Lost "out of the hell, it can be done" then takes bookie aside for a few moments and speaks under her breath "i dont' want them to die, i don't want them to be able to go to war. i just want them to be in a place where they won't starve! peomise whatever you want, but we are taking this mess on the jungle's limits and not a yard further. are you with me?"
  163. [2016-09-28 15:27:14] <Shoat> 3General Debate interrupts.  "Please, allow me then to be the third to admit openly to your people that what we have done to hellhounds is wrong.  Let me, in fact, take the extra swoop and say that it is morally reprehensible.  And that it must be /stopped/."
  164. [2016-09-28 15:28:05] <Shoat> 3General Blockade rolls his eyes.  General Typhoon takes a deep breath, but remains largely expressionless.
  165. [2016-09-28 15:28:23] * Bookwright bites his lip. "I think I get you, yes. It's all academic though anyways. There's just not enough surviving components here to restore this ship to its original function. With only one pod and some simple maneframe programs, the absolute most they can get is one-third of their original capabilities."
  166. [2016-09-28 15:28:32] * Mitzi nods to General Debate. "Tank yu." She looks to the other two Generals. "Uh have un more story tu tell. A story uv wut yu must do, und wut will happen eef yu do not." She takes a sip of the coffee to wet her throat. She was a good storyteller, but she was talking pretty loud.
  167. [2016-09-28 15:28:36] * CopyCat smiles at Lemon and the other crystal pony (trader?) with her. "Although when you have a moment, we would love to hear about what's been happening in the Crystal Empire since our visit. How are Amore and Paladin's dates going, I wonder..."
  168. [2016-09-28 15:29:02] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon raises her eyebrows.  "Please.  Do tell us."
  169. [2016-09-28 15:30:53] * Mitzi looks to General Debae, expecting she would give the answer readily. "How many uv Ur kind du yu still have enslaved?"
  170. [2016-09-28 15:30:54] <Shoat> 3General Blockade leans forward.  "In a moment you may continue.  But first, since I see that we are going this course, let me clarify for the record: I don't care."
  171. [2016-09-28 15:30:55] * Get_Lost "good. pass the plan on shatara too: we are patching this baby out of here straight to the jungle." then goes back to the engineer: "okay, i'll start working on what is here, the guys will tell you wnat we need to proceed. the pilot is still a problem, but we will find a solution"
  172. [2016-09-28 15:32:06] <Mitzi> *Debate
  173. [2016-09-28 15:32:07] <Shoat> 3General Blockade stares down at Mitzi.  "Let me ask: why are you here?"
  174. [2016-09-28 15:32:56] * Mitzi doesn't hesitate to answer General Blockade. "Tu save Ur kind."
  175. [2016-09-28 15:35:27] <Shoat> 3General Blockade nods.  "There was certainly no other reasonable expectation.  You have no love for the Enclave; no love for the pegasi.  You are not here for us.  You are here to save /your/ kind."  He leans forward. "I am here to save /my/ kind."
  176. [2016-09-28 15:36:50] <Shoat> 3"Hellhounds are useful battleground weapons.  For every one we deploy in a battle, we spare the lives of at least a dozen pegasi."  General Blockade looks at his fellow generals.  "At the end of the day, that math is the only math that matters.  That is /our/ job, protecting the lives and way of life of /pegasus/ ponies."
  177. [2016-09-28 15:37:44] <Shoat> 3General Blockade looks down to Mitzi, "Everyone has to look out for their own.  That's what people do."
  178. [2016-09-28 15:38:01] * Mitzi nods. "Den yu shud listen well tu wut I am about tu say. We will see eef yur math eez enuff tu justify yur slavery, und da end uv both uv us."
  179. [2016-09-28 15:39:11] <Shoat> 3General Debate looks upset and about to argue, but General Typhoon insists, "Please continue, Mitzi."
  180. [2016-09-28 15:39:25] * Mitzi speaks loudly and firmly. "Becuz Uh will tell yu wut -will- happen eef yu du not release Ur kind." She looks to Debate again. "I ask again, how manee uv Ur kind du yu have?"
  181. [2016-09-28 15:43:08] <Shoat> 3General Debate frowns.  "We have..." he pauses, looking to the other Generals.  "The specific number is classified.  But even one is more than we should."  He turns to General Blockade.  "There are more important things that protecting the individual lives of pegasus ponies.  We also have to preserve our integrity.  Our very souls..."
  182. [2016-09-28 15:43:35] <Shoat> 3"What good does it do to save ourselves if we lose everything about ourselves worth saving?"
  183. [2016-09-28 15:44:40] * Mitzi seems to accept that from General Debate. "Whatever dat number eez, will da twelve ponies yu save on da battlefield be wurth dat numbe uv Fluffykins?"
  184. [2016-09-28 15:45:52] <Shoat> 3General Blockade and General Debate stop at that.  General Typhoon smiles grimly.  "Now we're getting to it."
  185. [2016-09-28 15:48:31] <Mitzi> ACTION looks to General Blockade in particular. "Yu know wut un uv Ur kind can du. We eez not weapons, we eez warriors, und we wud rather die den be kept like pets. Eef yu du not release -all- uv Ur kind, den dere will be war. Ur kind will come against yu, even tu da last, so long as even Un uv ur kind wears yur shackles. Uh am willeen tu admit dat eet will likely be da end uv us, but we wud go tu dat end willeenly fur ur caged brut
  186. [2016-09-28 15:50:29] <Mitzi> -but we wud go tu dat end willeenly fur Ur caged bruthers und sisters. How manee will yu lose den? Will eet be wurth eet? We -will- die before we submit. Yu say yu want tu save yur kind, but yu tink uv yur kind only in da number uv lives. Wut will da stories say about yu? Wut will yur kind be remembered as? Will dat be wurth eet?"
  187. [2016-09-28 15:50:40] <Shoat> 3(Civilian Residences) Lemon wows.  "From the Dragon Lands?  I've got to hear about that."  He looks down at his chits.  "I'm going to breakfast, but my stall opens in the Soko in two hour. Please drop by.  I'd love to hear more!"  His baby-blue crystal pony companion turns her attention towards the new neighbors, her eyes going wide.  "...Alicorns?"
  188. [2016-09-28 15:51:53] <Shoat> 3Lemon notes pleasantly, "Hey, if you're not hungry, save your chits.  Equestrian bits aren't worth anything in the market.  Most of the buying here is done with food ration tokens."
  189. [2016-09-28 15:52:48] * Mitzi raises her paws out to their sides, loosening her grip on the ice platform as she gestures to emphasize her storytelling. "Uh du not want eet tu come tu dis. Uh want -peace-, so dat Ur kind can continue een more dan just stories. Uh want Ur kind tu be remembered as friends tu ponies, not as da monsters manee uv dem see now. But dere can be no peace eef yu du not do wut yu -must-."
  190. [2016-09-28 15:53:37] * Golden_Dream pulls out a bottle of cherry whiskey. "Then what's this worth?"
  191. [2016-09-28 15:58:07] <Shoat> 3Lemon looks at the bottle closely.  "That depends on what's in it, and how good it is.  But if it's booze that is significantly better than what the west quadrant engineers produce in their still, I'd say you could get a one-third ration for the bottle."  He points towards Star Dust.  "One of the red ones like the token they gave her."
  192. [2016-09-28 15:59:48] * CopyCat blinks, looking at Star Dust in surprise. "You get a smaller ration as a soldier?"
  193. [2016-09-28 16:01:53] <Shoat> 3Star Dust nods.  "Soldiers stationed at Lunar Rising get one-third rations."  Speaking as if quoting, she states, "The soldiers work for the sake of the civilians, not the other way around.  A good soldier puts the safety and welfare of the citizens above her own."  Beside her, the elderly mare looks clearly proud.  
  194. [2016-09-28 16:03:15] <Shoat> 3Star Dust then says, "In lean months, only soldiers in the field... such as on patrol or serving on the /New Cumulus/... get full rations.  The General Council says that we cannot ask pegasi to put their lives on the line without properly feeding them."
  195. [2016-09-28 16:03:28] * Golden_Dream scrunches her nose. Challenge accepted. "I'll see you lot later fer' lunch. Bring a friend."
  196. [2016-09-28 16:04:27] * Mitzi puts her paws down again. "So Uh will say again dat yu -must- release all uv Ur kind, und yu -must- give up dese magic enslaveen noises, und never again use or continue tu study dem."
  197. [2016-09-28 16:05:54] * Shoat 3whispers to CopyCat, "Even the Generals only get one-third rations... although they also get to claim things like first dibs on the coffee as 'privileges of rank'."  She leans closer.  "Most of them eat less than that, even.  Twice a week, General Blockade gives his ration tokens away as a reward to somepony."
  198. [2016-09-28 16:06:01] * Get_Lost starts salvaging one of the maneframes trying to recover the parts to fix the others two "i don't think that the neural interface is going to work if we don't implant it directly in the host, guys: managing two maneframes could fry a pony's brain. on the other hoof, i have a pipbuck implanted in my head, i could easily delegate the easyer tasks to it and manouver the ship on my own.. what do you think?"
  199. [2016-09-28 16:06:07] <Shoat> 3(Above) General Typhoon claps her forehooves.  "There we have it, straight from the hellhound's mouth."  She looks crossly at General Blockade.  "The Hellhound Obedience Project hasn't created 'useful weapons'.  It has created living weapons that hate us and want to kill us."
  200. [2016-09-28 16:08:40] * Mitzi nods to General Typhoon. "Uh say dese tings eez tings yu must du becuz eef yu du not, den Uh will not be able tu stop da war. Uh du not wish tu see Ur kind or yurs end, but da wounds uv Ur kind must be healed, eef war eez tu be prevented."
  201. [2016-09-28 16:08:49] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon says, "Mitzi even invoked Fluffykins, a stark reminder of how bad a plan H.O.P. turned out to be.  And Mitzi herself is another example that even the most reasonable of hellhounds are a disaster when they break their chains... chains which I remind you have proven to have weak links far too often."
  202. [2016-09-28 16:09:40] * Bookwright frowns. "That would mean the only pony who could fly this thing would be... you. I'm not a flash programmer or anything, but I think I could write enough programs to allow the mane-frames to do whatever basic tasks the single pilot can't concentrate on. It would just be a matter of the pilot telling the programs to start and stop."
  203. [2016-09-28 16:11:37] * Mitzi notes. "Uh never knew Fluffykins, Uh wuz too young, but Uh know her story. Dat eez how Ur kind knows und remembers much, goeen back a long time."
  204. [2016-09-28 16:12:06] * Get_Lost nods "yes you could, and it will take time. we don't really have it: the more we stay here, the more the generals will get involved. the more they ill, the more things will have to be their way. i'm planning on starting this baby before dusk"
  205. [2016-09-28 16:12:29] <Shoat> 3General Blockade insists, "Hellhounds provide us with a necessary tactical capability by allowing us to achieve ground superiority."
  206. [2016-09-28 16:13:20] * Mitzi waits and listens for now. She had done a lot of talking. While she wanted to make a good storyteller when she was aged too far to continue being Alpha, she also knew that it was rude to do -all- of the talking.
  207. [2016-09-28 16:13:49] * Get_Lost "also, don't worry: when i fly things i act as if i were POSSESSED... you know, my skill could be compared to good old RD..."
  208. [2016-09-28 16:13:51] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon nods to Mitzi then looks again at the other Generals.  "Continuing H.O.P. presents, I am convinced, a real and present danger.  And the value of mind-controlled hellhound soldiers has been severely overplayed.  All H.O.P. does is give us units to deploy on the enemy's preferred turf.  We are pegasi.  We don't /need/ ground superiority."
  209. [2016-09-28 16:15:15] * Bookwright thinks deeply. "I would rather do the job properly, but I guess we don't have the time. How about if we do it your way, but I set up the maneframes so they can be switched over to basic programs eventually? I'll write up some documentation so that the Enclave can write their own maneframe programs and eventually be able to fly this thing themselves, with an un-augmented pilot."
  210. [2016-09-28 16:16:17] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon adds, "Not to mention, pursuing it requires food and resources better given to our troops and citizens.  I know you came here with your minds made up.  But I'm afraid that I have to side with General Debate in his proposal to completely shut down H.O.P.  General Debate calls the Hellhound Obedience Project a disgrace.  I call it a debacle."
  211. [2016-09-28 16:16:37] * Get_Lost "yeah sure, that's a good idea: so they wont' need me once we are done and hte ship will get further repairs. i like your idea"
  212. [2016-09-28 16:18:37] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon stands.  "Furthermore, I propose that the Hellhound Obedience Project be completely scuttled.  Effective immediately, I recommend that the lab be scrapped and repurposed, all cyber and technology used in it dismantled, all remaining weapons put down, and the entire thing buried under land sown with salt."
  213. [2016-09-28 16:19:59] * Mitzi shoots Typhoon a wary look. "Put down?" she asks dangerously.
  214. [2016-09-28 16:21:50] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon nods.  "With all due respect, Mitzi, you have made it clear how stupid it would be to unleash warriors who hate us and wish revenge.  The best thing we can do is to wipe the slate clean and never speak about it again."
  215. [2016-09-28 16:22:46] <Shoat> 3General Debate stands up.  "You're talking about murder."
  216. [2016-09-28 16:23:48] * Golden_Dream gets her coat on. She hates evil frozen skywater. She hates it so much that she refuses to call it anything other than evil frozen skywater. But to her, a meal is one of the barest of rights. If she can't do this, who else could?
  217. [2016-09-28 16:24:08] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon looks at him.  "We're past that point."  To Mitzi, "Provided my proposal passes, we will never steal from your kind again.  In fact, we will leave you entirely alone.  But we cannot give back what has been taken and broken."
  218. [2016-09-28 16:25:10] * Mitzi shakes her head. "Dat eez not gud Enuff. Yu will -release- Ur kind. Do yu tink Ur kind wud tink yu better as murderers dan as thieves? We eez not animals, as Uh have said. We eez not rabid und beyond reason. Eef yu need eet, Uh will speak tu dem, but Uh will repeat dat wut yu -must- do eez release dem."
  219. [2016-09-28 16:29:32] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon stares at Mitzi.  "And can you guarantee that not a single one of them will rise up against us because of what has been done to them?  That they will show more restraint than /you/ were able to?"  She raises an eyebrow.  "Will you keep them from their revenge?  If they refuse to listen, will you put them down yourself?"
  220. [2016-09-28 16:31:52] * Mitzi considers what the General is saying. From what she had heard, Fluffykins didn't murder the pony who released her, the one called Lightbringer, just the ones who had been keeping her captive in the first place. "Yu will open da cages, yu will show dat -yu- eez da un releaseen dem. Eef Uh du eet, den eet eez not release, eet eez rescue. Uh will speak wit each und every un uv dem. Un by Un Eef Uh haff tu."
  221. [2016-09-28 16:33:11] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon considers this.  General Blockade huffs, "This is insanity."
  222. [2016-09-28 16:35:08] <Shoat> 3General Debate, however, presses.  "It is a plan.  We have done them so much wrong, for the sake of our /own/ national psyche, we need to end this on a moral note.  We need to show future generations of pegasi that, in the end, we had ethics."  
  223. [2016-09-28 16:36:06] <Shoat> 3To Typhoon, General Debate offers, "Let us give it a try.  One by one, as Mitzi says.  Starting with a week between, so that we can make sure it is working."  General Typhoon seems to be listening.
  224. [2016-09-28 16:37:15] <Shoat> 3General Blockade points out, "They dig underground.  Unless we can keep the Lunar Rising permanently airborne, they will be able to sneak attack the citizen population at a whim, and we wouldn't have any forewarning."
  225. [2016-09-28 16:38:08] * Mitzi considers that. She had been unwilling to compromise on the release of the Hellhounds, but if she had that guaranteed, then she could afford to take the time to see to it that as many of her kind were saved as possible. They would, after all, need as many of their kind alive as possible if they were truly going to stop being an endangered species
  226. [2016-09-28 16:40:03] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon frowns, looking one way then the other.  "Perhaps..."  She looks down.  Then back up.  "Mitzi, you can go.  There are matters we need to discuss with others before we proceed further.  But we will let you know the decision we come to."
  227. [2016-09-28 16:40:40] <Shoat> 3General Debate blinks.  "Who?"  General Blockade sighs, "Why?"
  228. [2016-09-28 16:42:05] * Mitzi looks up to the three generals, really letting her voice carry again. "Yu will swear oath," she says firmly, "dat yu will not harm any uv Ur kind dat yu currently has enslaved. Eef Uh have dat oath frum yu, den Uh will swear dat not un drop uv Pegasus blood will be spilled while Ur kind eez beein released."
  229. [2016-09-28 16:42:43] * Mitzi notes, "But Uh will have yur answer now. We have waited long enuff."
  230. [2016-09-28 16:43:18] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon says, "Because you are both right.  And so is she."  General Typhoon points a hoof at Mitzi.  "Perhaps the best course of action is to let them go.  One at a time.  But not without engineering assurances."
  231. [2016-09-28 16:44:51] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon then turns to Mitzi.  "You are in a bad position to make threats.  Calm yourself.  Learn to obey without being forced to."
  232. [2016-09-28 16:45:51] <Shoat> 3General Debate winces.  Then asks more politely, "Mitzi, please don't start threatening war when we are so close to figuring out peace."
  233. [2016-09-28 16:46:30] <Shoat> 3General Blockade grumbles.
  234. [2016-09-28 16:47:27] * Mitzi shakes her head. "Yu haff no right tu ask obedience. Uh am not makeen threats, Uh have not made un. Uh have simply stated wut must be, und wut might be. Eef yu must continue tu discuss, den yu will du so where Uh can hear eet."
  235. [2016-09-28 16:50:11] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon raises a hoof.  "No.  But we will be honorable and let you know the results."  She pauses.  "Would you accept..."  She pauses again and looks through some papers.  "...if Wind Weaver was present instead?"
  236. [2016-09-28 16:53:41] <TenMihara_> Mitzi rubs her chin, looking to Wind Weaver. "Among Hellhounds, all whu eez concerned wit discussion may stay und speak wit Alpha eef dey wish, und none may be forced tu leave. Uh know dere eez bigger tings, but Yur alphas shud lern not tu insult dere guests like dat."
  237. [2016-09-28 16:56:38] <Shoat> 3General Typhoon asserts, "This is not meant as disrespect.  It is our custom to speak to each individual separately so that they do not influence or interrupt each other, and so that we can focus on the specific point that we need to with each individual."
  238. [2016-09-28 16:56:50] <Shoat> 3"Furthermore, the next person we have to talk to is Doctor Sonica.  The questions that will be put before her are of a technical nature -- a discussion that you would not be able to contribute to.  And I am not about to put the two of you on the same ice platform together."
  239. [2016-09-28 16:59:08] <Shoat> 3(Civilian Residence) After a few minutes, the pegasus ponies leave, hauling flat carts of crates to be stored temporarily elsewhere.  With Golden_Dream having gone into the cold, Noble_Heart and CopyCat are left in the storage room turned apartment for them and their friends.
  240. [2016-09-28 17:02:36] <Shoat> 3It is sizeable enough to fit them, almost three shipping containers in size.  And there are still numerous crates and even a couple tables left that could be rearranged as furniture.
  241. [2016-09-28 17:02:44] <Shoat> 3"Make yourselves at home," the elderly mare insists.  "You saw the nearest facilities on your way here.  Everyone has to share.  But I'm sure it is better than Wasteland outhouses."
  242. [2016-09-28 17:02:50] <TenMihara_> Mitzi nods, "Uh suppose eet eez true dat Uh du not know how yur ponee magic wurks. Tu admit wut Uh du not know eez no shame. Yur reliance on da despised un does shame yu, but Uh cannot single her out for da crime yu eez all guilty uv." She places a paw on Wind Weaver. "Dis Uh say now. Uh name Wind Weaver as uv Ur littur, und tu speak on Ur behalf. Any insult, shame, ur harm dun tu her will be considered tu have been dun tu me."
  243. [2016-09-28 17:03:56] <TenMihara_> -will be considered tu have been dun tu me." She smiles at the pegasus. "Uh lost a sistur unce. Uh never thought Uh'd gain a ponee as un, but eef yu accept, yu will always be welcum."
  244. [2016-09-28 17:05:02] * CopyCat immediately sets to work prettying up the old storage room with Citrine Glow by her side. If Citrine wishes, she talks with the Crystal mare about what the Crystal Empire had been like when each of them was there last.
  245. [2016-09-28 17:05:06] <Shoat> 3Wind Weaver smiles hesitantly back.
  246. [2016-09-28 17:05:12] <Shoat> 3"Thanks."
  247. [2016-09-28 17:07:06] <TenMihara_> Mitzi smiles. "Uh said Uh had obligation tu yu fur rescueen me. Dis eez da biggest honour Uh cud tink tu give a ponee." She raises a paw and knicks her palm with a claw, letting out enough blood to coat the pad. She then presses it to Wind Weaver's chest, leaving the pawmark there. "Normally Yu'd du dat back, but eet can wait." She then looks to the Generals. "Uh leave now Uv Ur own chooseen." She turns and begins to walk away.
  248. [2016-09-28 17:07:26] * Get_Lost sends a mental message to copy, or at least tryes to: repairs are starting and they are going to be hard, rainbow dash needs to be contacted and she needs to speak to her
  249. [2016-09-28 17:10:50] * CopyCat goes stary-eyed as Get_Lost mind speaks at her, before blinking back to reality and announcing to the room, "O-kay!" When she receives stares of shock and surprise at having said that so loudly completely out of nowhere, she smiles sheepishly. "Um, O-kay! Let's turn this dusty of room into a palace! Yeah! Renovation, woo!..."
  250. [2016-09-28 17:11:53] * CopyCat side-talks at Noble Heart through her forced smile, "Where'd Goldie run off to? Get needs to talk with MDW!"
  251. [2016-09-28 17:12:21] <Shoat> 3--- End of Session ---
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