DF Game Club: A Vampyre Story (part 2 plus devchat)

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  1. (06:48:03) GeneMocsy: Howdy.
  2. (06:48:50) Cheeseness: Hey GeneMocsy! Thanks for joining us again
  3. (06:48:53) Cheeseness: And happy new year ^_^
  4. (06:49:38) Syd [] entered the room.
  5. (06:49:45) Cheeseness: Hey Syd
  6. (06:49:53) Syd: Hey
  7. (06:51:06) flesk: Hi GeneMocsy and Syd.
  8. (06:51:21) flesk: Yeah, happy new year to all of you.
  9. (06:52:03) Syd: flesk: You have a 3DS, right?
  10. (06:52:56) flesk: Syd: Yeah, I do.
  11. (06:53:17) Syd: I got one recently and I've been adding people as friends. My friend code should be in the first post of the Nintendo thread in offtopic
  12. (06:53:23) Syd: If you're interested
  13. (06:53:44) Cheeseness: We'll be starting in 10 - 15 minutes or so
  14. (06:54:02) flesk: I'll add you. I don't have any multiplayer games though.
  15. (06:54:17) Syd: All I have right now is Pokemon Y and a Mario game that came preloaded. :P
  16. (06:54:19) flesk: Did you post in the thread or just add your code to the first post?
  17. (06:54:34) Syd: I posted in it and my friend code was edited into the first post by the OP
  18. (06:55:30) flesk: I don't really have a lot of games for it either. A couple of Mario games I think and the Pullblox games.
  19. (06:55:39) flesk: And Gunman Clive.
  20. (06:56:19) flesk: Syd: Didn't see that. I've been having the issue with posts getting marked as read without me seeing them a lot lately.
  21. (06:56:32) Syd: I'll be grabbing more games in the near future, though most of the stuff I have my eyes on are mostly if not entirely single player
  22. (06:56:45) flesk: Not sure if it's because I've been a bit behind on reading threads or if it's some kind of bug with the forum software.
  23. (06:57:03) Syd: Probably the forum software. It's old and weird. :P
  24. (06:57:19) flesk: Yeah, I'm more into singleplayer too. Mostly platformers and puzzle games.
  25. (06:57:32) flesk: Yeah, it's not very good. :/
  26. (06:57:52) Fhqwhgod [] entered the room.
  27. (06:58:02) Syd: Hey Fhqwhgod
  28. (06:58:07) Fhqwhgod: Hey guys
  29. (06:58:35) Cheeseness: Hey Fhqwhgod
  30. (06:58:37) Syd: We
  31. (06:58:37) GeneMocsy: Hello!
  32. (06:58:40) Syd: *We
  33. (06:58:45) Syd: Blah
  34. (06:58:52) Syd: **We'll be starting in a few minutes
  35. (06:58:57) Syd: Kept hitting the enter key by accident
  36. (06:59:46) Syd: Hopefully the game will continue to behave as I stream it, heh.
  37. (06:59:48) flesk: Hi Fhqwhgod.
  38. (07:00:08) flesk: Jenni couldn't get it to work?
  39. (07:00:20) Syd: Jenni messed up her Mac trying to put bootcamp on it
  40. (07:00:45) flesk: Aww. :(
  41. (07:01:26) Syd: So I'm filling in again, and once again going in mostly blind save for a guide. :P
  42. (07:01:34) Cheeseness: It's going to be fun on a bun
  43. (07:01:35) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  44. (07:01:41) Syd: Hey Sven_Q45
  45. (07:01:57) Syd: Alright, let's get this going.
  46. (07:02:02) Sven_Q45: hi.
  47. (07:02:05) Syd: Let me know when it's live
  48. (07:02:10) Cheeseness: Hey Sven_Q45
  49. (07:02:20) Syd: Should be a lot less technical issues this time around. :P
  50. (07:02:21) Sven_Q45: Perfect. The LP part i´m watching is just in time over. :)
  51. (07:02:24) Fhqwhgod: it's live
  52. (07:02:25) Sven_Q45: Hi Cheese.
  53. (07:02:26) flesk: GeneMocsy: Did you hear back regarding platforms for Perils of Man on release? (Maybe not because of the holidays.)
  54. (07:02:41) GeneMocsy: I didn't get an answer, but I will write them again.
  55. (07:03:03) GeneMocsy: I also sent them 13 pages of notes so they may be busy reading... :)
  56. (07:03:31) Sven_Q45: Hi again GeneMocsy. :)
  57. (07:03:37) Cheeseness: Tweets are out
  58. (07:03:41) flesk: GeneMocsy: Thanks. :) Will you post the answer somewhere I'll see it?
  59. (07:03:41) GeneMocsy: Hello! This is going to be fun!
  60. (07:03:53) flesk: GeneMocsy: Hehe. That might be it.
  61. (07:04:06) Sven_Q45: Did you unbox your AVS special edition box now GeneMocsy?
  62. (07:04:10) GeneMocsy: Sure, I can always reach you through Kickstarter, right?
  63. (07:04:50) GeneMocsy: Sven_Q45: I can't! It's a collectible! That's my retirement fund.
  64. (07:05:04) Cheeseness: :D
  65. (07:05:11) GameClubFan_477055 [] entered the room.
  66. (07:05:11) flesk: GeneMocsy: Yes, that would be nice. :) I'm flesk there too, so you should be able to find me in your list of backers.
  67. (07:05:14) GameClubFan_477055 is now known as Schmuppinger
  68. (07:05:29) Sven_Q45: Oh. I bought another one of the AVS SEs today. :D
  69. (07:05:42) GeneMocsy: :)
  70. (07:05:56) Cheeseness: DoTT reference there :D
  71. (07:06:55) Sven_Q45: Dotts my favorite!!
  72. (07:09:05) GeneMocsy: I wonder if that website is stil active...
  73. (07:09:09) GeneMocsy: *still
  74. (07:09:26) GeneMocsy: We updated it with monthly calendar pages.
  75. (07:09:27) Sven_Q45: Wich website?
  76. (07:10:11) GeneMocsy: Mona just mentioned it, looking at the journal...
  77. (07:12:09) GeneMocsy: Ah, it's not live any more. It was
  78. (07:12:49) Sven_Q45: I didn´t know about this website...
  79. (07:13:18) GeneMocsy: Just a little Easter egg.
  80. (07:14:34) GeneMocsy: Voice of Pyewacket the cat is Melissa Hutchison, who played Clementine in Walking Dead!
  81. (07:15:14) Sven_Q45: lol
  82. (07:16:20) Cheeseness: Sorry for not being very talkative this morning, people. I've got a meeting that's run over time
  83. (07:17:19) Sven_Q45: Christmas was very stressfull for me! Now I´ve a little pause until January the 7th. :)
  84. (07:17:25) Sven_Q45: It´s ok Cheese.
  85. (07:17:58) GeneMocsy: Sorry you have to work on Saturday.
  86. (07:18:49) Permafry_42 [] entered the room.
  87. (07:18:57) GeneMocsy: Dr. Riga Mortus will appear in AVS2!
  88. (07:18:57) Cheeseness: Hey Permafry_42
  89. (07:19:26) Permafry_42: Hey; sorry for being late
  90. (07:19:45) Sven_Q45: AVS2. When? ;)
  91. (07:20:08) GeneMocsy: ...I wish I knew!
  92. (07:20:19) Sven_Q45: :)
  93. (07:21:02) Sven_Q45: Nice to see the snow today in this game. Almost all snow in my villiage is gone! Crap! :(
  94. (07:22:15) Permafry_42: For some reason, possibly day of the tentacle, i love archetechture that is purposely rounded =D
  95. (07:22:25) The_Mad_Pirate: Hi Everyone
  96. (07:22:39) Permafry_42: Hi Mad Pirate!
  97. (07:23:03) GeneMocsy: Permafry_42: Yeah, it's very natural feeling, more organic than if it were all modeled in 3D.
  98. (07:23:14) Sven_Q45: Dott is not rounded. It has many pixels. :D
  99. (07:24:02) The_Mad_Pirate: hi perma !
  100. (07:24:17) The_Mad_Pirate: Who is streaming ? Syd ?
  101. (07:24:22) Syd: Yep
  102. (07:24:47) The_Mad_Pirate: Nice artwork
  103. (07:24:48) Permafry_42: I hope the remasted dott will have an oldschool mode like mi did
  104. (07:24:53) The_Mad_Pirate: very stylized
  105. (07:25:32) The_Mad_Pirate: It has that old disney villaness vibe
  106. (07:25:51) Permafry_42: The accents are pretty funny
  107. (07:25:51) Sven_Q45: I hope so. But this time doublefine does the game...
  108. (07:26:12) The_Mad_Pirate: especifically "Sleeping Beauty" villaness vibe
  109. (07:27:23) GeneMocsy: I noticed that Bill created a lot of visual puzzles, because he's an artist.
  110. (07:27:27) Sven_Q45: Yes the accent of Mona. The "Bonsoir" to the cat sounded a little strange. :D
  111. (07:27:54) The_Mad_Pirate: GeneMocsy: Did you ever played any of King's Quest adventure games ?
  112. (07:27:56) Permafry_42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  113. (07:28:07) Syd: For this combination lock coming up, I was supposed to get the symbols off of the books in the bookshelf that were mentioned on the notepad, but I'll just use the guide I'm reading instead. :P
  114. (07:28:14) Permafry_42 [] entered the room.
  115. (07:28:31) GeneMocsy: Sven_Q45, Mona has vampyre teeth now, it may affect her accent.
  116. (07:28:46) Sven_Q45: :D
  117. (07:28:51) The_Mad_Pirate: I remember "The Dig" had a lot of visual puzzles.
  118. (07:29:17) GeneMocsy: The_Mad_Pirate, A couple of them, but it was a long time ago. I should re-play the classics.
  119. (07:29:27) Sven_Q45: Yes And I´m going to play The Dig tomorrow. :)
  120. (07:29:49) GeneMocsy: Not important to gameplay, but there were secret portraits in the demon snot in the center of the room there
  121. (07:31:20) Syd: The guide I'm using isn't very descriptive for how this book works, so I might fumble around a bit
  122. (07:31:27) Permafry_42: i love the dialogue =D
  123. (07:31:33) Sven_Q45: Book of Shrowds with puzzles. More like book of shrewds. I think it was ment to be.
  124. (07:31:54) Sven_Q45: meant
  125. (07:32:15) GeneMocsy: Dialog is mostly by the talented Dave Harris. I wrote additional dialog during the last six months.
  126. (07:33:34) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  127. (07:34:27) The_Mad_Pirate: I love the "Bartok" vibe of her companion
  128. (07:35:03) Permafry_42: I assume that this has been asked already, but are there any plans for rereleasing the game onto mac and linux platforms in the future?
  129. (07:35:11) The_Mad_Pirate: Wasn't a Kickstarter for a Vampyre sequel ?
  130. (07:36:15) GeneMocsy: Permafry_42, Probably better to ask Bill that if he's here next week. I think it's up to Crimson Cow, the publisher.
  131. (07:37:07) Permafry_42: I'll make sure to do that; thanks!
  132. (07:37:21) Sven_Q45: even Crimson Cow doesn´t know about AVS 2. Or maybe they won´t tell us. :D
  133. (07:37:26) GeneMocsy: The_Mad_Pirate Yes, it was for a prequel, but it didn't work out. Maybe in the future...
  134. (07:37:36) Syd: The guide is confusing me. I don't remember it telling me to pick up demon snot anywhere
  135. (07:37:39) Syd: Give me a moment. :P
  136. (07:37:53) Permafry_42: no worries syd!
  137. (07:37:55) The_Mad_Pirate: There was a kickstarter by an ex-Lucasart guy a while ago , for some reason i am associating with Vampyre.
  138. (07:38:01) Sven_Q45: We´re waiting.
  139. (07:38:24) alainmcd [] entered the room.
  140. (07:38:33) GeneMocsy: Bill Tiller and I and Jeremiah Grant (who also worked on Vampyre) Kickstarter "Duke Grabowski, Mighty Swashbuckler!" recently.
  141. (07:38:42) GeneMocsy: *Kickstarted
  142. (07:39:06) alainmcd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  143. (07:39:14) The_Mad_Pirate: Who was the character designer on Vampyre ?
  144. (07:39:37) GeneMocsy: I believe it was Jean-Louis Sirois and Paul Mica
  145. (07:39:41) Sven_Q45: A AVS 2 kickstarter? I´m on! :)
  146. (07:40:20) Sven_Q45: You have to pickup demon snot when I remember right...
  147. (07:40:49) Syd: Does anyone remember where the demon snot is? This guide isn't helping me much
  148. (07:41:12) Syd: Nevermind, haha
  149. (07:41:31) Permafry_42: out of curiosity how does she breath with such a tiny waist? ;-)
  150. (07:41:40) GeneMocsy: Well, she is undead. :)
  151. (07:41:56) Permafry_42: fair point =D
  152. (07:41:59) flesk: Permafry_42, GeneMocsy: I would appreciate Mac and Linux versions too. Is Bill more in touch with the people at Crimson Cow?
  153. (07:42:27) Sven_Q45: Permafry_42 We talked about her waist last week. :D
  154. (07:43:06) The_Mad_Pirate: GeneMocsy: Now checking , yeah i think it was Bill Tiller.
  155. (07:43:09) Sven_Q45: No the stream in the middle of the room is snot. You don´t need it.
  156. (07:43:13) GeneMocsy: flesk, Yes, I've only met them once.
  157. (07:43:28) The_Mad_Pirate: GeneMocsy: He does have some very distinctive style.
  158. (07:43:36) Cheeseness: :)
  159. (07:43:42) Syd: Uh oh
  160. (07:43:50) Syd: It crashed D:
  161. (07:43:58) Cheeseness: Whoops :D
  162. (07:44:01) Permafry_42: NOOOOOOOO!
  163. (07:44:04) Permafry_42: jk
  164. (07:44:06) Syd: We might have a problem. :P
  165. (07:44:11) GeneMocsy: The_Mad_Pirate: You may remember his great backgrounds on Curse of Monkey Island.
  166. (07:44:12) Syd: I haven't saved
  167. (07:44:13) Sven_Q45: GeneMocsy Then come to Collogne this year. Crimson Cow is there to. Well mostly every year.
  168. (07:44:16) Syd: and probably should have
  169. (07:44:35) Cheeseness: Syd: Do you want to just play a bit more for the rest of the session and we'll get back up to this point before next week?
  170. (07:44:42) Permafry_42: No worries syd we can just have an extra long meetup this week =D
  171. (07:45:02) GeneMocsy: Sven_Q45, That is an excellent idea. We'll have some of our "Duke Grabowski" game ready to show by then.
  172. (07:45:20) The_Mad_Pirate: GeneMocsy: Quite a nice blend of hard and soft surfaces.
  173. (07:45:39) Sven_Q45: GeneMocsy I hope you can make it to the adventure-treff party then. :)
  174. (07:45:43) Syd: I had forgot the old lesson of saving often. :(
  175. (07:45:43) GeneMocsy: The lighting is great, too. He's a master of bounce light.
  176. (07:45:56) Cheeseness: It looks like we'll finish up the stream here, but we can continue discussing stuff!
  177. (07:45:57) Syd: And definitely should have been doing that since the game has some compatibility issues on Windows 7
  178. (07:45:59) GeneMocsy: Sven_Q45, That is the main reason to go, really. :)
  179. (07:46:06) Cheeseness: What tech are you using for Duke again, GeneMocsy?
  180. (07:46:14) Syd: Sorry we're ending it early this week
  181. (07:46:22) flesk: Sven_Q45: Is that Gamescom? When is that again?
  182. (07:46:22) Cheeseness: (I probably asked that last week >_< )
  183. (07:46:37) GeneMocsy: Cheeseness. Nothing fancy. Unity + Adventure Creator. It'll be 2.5D.
  184. (07:46:37) The_Mad_Pirate: Syd: It wasnt your fault.
  185. (07:46:39) Syd: But I'd be set back to where I was at the beginning of the session, I hadn't saved since then
  186. (07:46:42) Cheeseness: Ah, that's right
  187. (07:46:56) The_Mad_Pirate: Syd: Crashes are everyday stuff.
  188. (07:47:01) Syd: Next week's session is gonna end up being extra long
  189. (07:47:20) Syd: So if you want lots of AVS, you'll have that to look forward to. :P
  190. (07:47:21) Cheeseness: We might decide to skip ahead with the stream - we'll leave a note in the forum thread saying what's happening
  191. (07:47:37) Sven_Q45: flesk In august the 6th to the 9th.
  192. (07:47:50) The_Mad_Pirate: Syd: Prowbly Zats Rigwth !
  193. (07:47:56) flesk: Sven_Q45: Ok, so not for a while then.
  194. (07:48:05) Syd: I'll also figure out how exactly to get demon snot for the potion in the meantime so I'm not wandering around aimlessly, hehe
  195. (07:48:21) Sven_Q45: But the party will be on that Friday.
  196. (07:50:09) Cheeseness: GeneMocsy: When was the last time you played A Vampyre Story?
  197. (07:50:30) GeneMocsy: 2009. Sorry I didn't remember about the demon snot. :)
  198. (07:50:57) GeneMocsy: There are a lot more small animations than I remember, it's nice to see custom "pick up" animations for a lot of inventory objects.
  199. (07:51:11) Syd: We'll make up for this week's session being cut off early next week. :)
  200. (07:51:12) Cheeseness: It's always interesting to hear whether developers play their own games and how they feel about seeing/chatting about stuff when they join us :D
  201. (07:52:07) GeneMocsy: It's a good-looking game. Nice to see it. Sorry about the crashes.
  202. (07:52:10) Sven_Q45: Well I played it back then on the release year. But I watched a let´s play last year. ;)
  203. (07:52:39) Cheeseness: Ha ha, they happen - for better or worse, the odd crash is a reality, especially on operating systems that a game wasn't written for
  204. (07:53:58) Syd: Yeah, crashes are going to happen in situations like this, though I had hoped that it'd behave. :P
  205. (07:54:09) Permafry_42: I have to get going now unfortunately. Thanks for everyone who joined us and thanks to syd for streaming this week!
  206. (07:54:23) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming, Permafry_42
  207. (07:54:25) GeneMocsy: Thanks, syd!
  208. (07:54:35) Permafry_42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  209. (07:54:57) Syd: I'm going to go ahead and head out as well. Sorry for the short session and see you all next week!
  210. (07:55:09) Cheeseness: Thanks again for streaming, Syd!
  211. (07:55:09) Sven_Q45: Cheese lost it! He now says goodbye at the right moment. :D
  212. (07:55:10) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  213. (07:55:14) Cheeseness: heh
  214. (07:55:22) Sven_Q45: Now Cheese is back.-
  215. (07:55:34) Cheeseness: GeneMocsy: Are there any areas that you would've liked to have worked more on with A Vampyre Story?
  216. (07:55:41) Cheeseness: (since you came in towards the end)
  217. (07:56:24) The_Mad_Pirate: I wonder when "Dog Mendoza and Pizza Boy" will be released :(
  218. (07:56:41) GeneMocsy: I wish I could've put more camera angles in the dialog trees. I think I scripted most of them.
  219. (07:56:41) Cheeseness: I think they've still got a lot of development ahead of them :)
  220. (07:58:00) GeneMocsy: The advantage of using 3D characters is that you can do different camera angles and you don't need to redraw sprites.
  221. (07:59:13) Peder [] entered the room.
  222. (07:59:43) Schmuppinger left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  223. (07:59:47) GeneMocsy: The character models are so well-designed that they hold up in close-ups, even with 2008 polycounts.
  224. (08:00:17) Cheeseness: Yeah, they fit well within the technical constraints of the time
  225. (08:01:13) Cheeseness: It's always nice to see people designing within those kinds of limitations
  226. (08:01:47) Cheeseness: There's stuff from Grim Fandango's era that just doesn't stand up anymore, whilst Grim's style was a decent fit for what could be done
  227. (08:02:11) GeneMocsy: Can't wait for the re-release this year!
  228. (08:02:25) Cheeseness: I know, right! Super exciting stuff
  229. (08:03:05) GeneMocsy: Yay Double Fine.
  230. (08:03:14) flesk: Less than four weeks to go.
  231. (08:03:23) Cheeseness: Gosh is it that close?
  232. (08:03:31) Cheeseness: Wait, is it 2015 already? Nooo, just a few more weeks ;_;
  233. (08:03:35) Sven_Q45: Really?
  234. (08:03:36) flesk: So many other exciting game releases this year too.
  235. (08:03:43) Cheeseness: Yeah, January 27th isn't it?
  236. (08:03:53) flesk: Cheeseness: Yeah, I think so.
  237. (08:04:20) Sven_Q45: I don´t know what comes this year. Except The whispered World 2.
  238. (08:04:31) GeneMocsy: Broken Age pt2!
  239. (08:04:48) Sven_Q45: Haha! Maybe just maybe... :D
  240. (08:04:56) Cheeseness: It'll land soon :)
  241. (08:05:21) Cheeseness: I don't know if there are any games that I'm really hanging out for this year. I'm still sated from getting Another World on Linux, I think
  242. (08:06:36) Sven_Q45: I even didn´t play any adventure game that came out last year. This time I´m a little behind. I play Cognition now wich came out last year here.
  243. (08:08:12) GeneMocsy: I hope I will get really sick so I can only stay in bed and play adventure games.
  244. (08:08:18) Cheeseness: :D
  245. (08:08:22) Cheeseness: That's the attitude!
  246. (08:08:30) GeneMocsy: New Year's resolution!
  247. (08:08:43) Cheeseness: I am looking forward to a few Kickstarter campaigns that I supported
  248. (08:09:07) Cheeseness: (Like Duke, of course)
  249. (08:09:07) GeneMocsy: His Majesty's Spiffing should be funny.
  250. (08:09:12) GeneMocsy: Thank ya
  251. (08:09:18) Cheeseness: Yeah, that looks like it'll be neat
  252. (08:09:36) Sven_Q45: I don´t know Cognition episode 1 has German subtitles (I don´t need them). Episode 2 and 3 doesn´t. But at least Germany got retail versions of Cognition and Moebius. :)
  253. (08:09:51) Cheeseness: I have some friends who felt like it's inappropriately making light of colonial imperialsm, but it's hard to feel like that stuff can't be made fun of
  254. (08:09:59) GeneMocsy: *Her Majesty's
  255. (08:10:13) Sven_Q45: I didn´t support much games last year on KS.
  256. (08:10:20) flesk: Is the first chapter of His Majesty's Spiffing coming out this year already?
  257. (08:10:40) Cheeseness: Estimated delivery is Sept 2015
  258. (08:10:49) Sven_Q45: This week I recieved my $250 reward of Moebius. :)
  259. (08:11:01) flesk: Hopefully we'll get Linux versions of Cognition, Moebius and Tesla Effect this year.
  260. (08:11:37) Cheeseness: Games are hard work though - Spiffing could be pushed back to next year if things don't go to plan
  261. (08:12:05) GeneMocsy: Sunset by Tale of Tales looks good, too.
  262. (08:12:08) flesk: Yeah, it's really hard to estimate.
  263. (08:12:14) Sven_Q45: no KS game came out early!
  264. (08:12:46) Cheeseness: I don't think that's a Kickstarter specific thing
  265. (08:12:52) flesk: I had a team leader once who said that you should always multiply your initial time estimates with pi to get a proper estimate.
  266. (08:12:57) Cheeseness: heh
  267. (08:13:44) GeneMocsy: Ok, this is reminding me to get back to work. Thanks for the chat today! Good luck with the next installment.
  268. (08:13:55) Sven_Q45: Cheeseness I know. ;)  The least was Giana sister wich cam 7 days earlier!!
  269. (08:14:02) flesk: Thanks for coming GeneMocsy. :)
  270. (08:14:17) GeneMocsy: Bye all!
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