Butt off (Alicorns 1)(NSFW)

Apr 22nd, 2016
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  1. >You managed to do it
  2. >Though each one of the princesses was against it, and the baddies wanted nothing more than to flatten the whole town fighting, you managed to convince everyone that that particular course of action was GARBAGE compared to getting their flanks examined by you
  3. >You think you knew how you had talked the princesses into it; they must have known that you were stalling for time
  4. >What you didn't know was why Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis went along with it
  5. >Perhaps they were so confident that they'd win that they didn't care what you did to stall for time?
  6. >Maybe they had already done something to the elements so that the girls couldn't use or even get them?
  7. >...
  8. >They could have just wanted you to touch their butts...
  9. >...
  10. >You hoped that it was the third case...
  11. >So there you were, standing in front of six very powerful, very finicky mares, rubbing your hands together like birdman
  12. >On their end the princesses/queens were huddled together fairly close, with only the occasional death glare
  13. >No one was shouting at each other, there was no touching or shoving, and there most certainly wasn't any magic being used
  14. >Which was good; awesome even
  15. >How long everyone was going to be nice was the sticking point here, but hopefully you'd manage to keep the demi-gods distracted long enough
  16. >...Hopefully
  17. "Alright," you said, clapping your hands together. "Last but not least we get to the final race of the pony tribes: the alicorns."
  18. >Both Chrysalis and Nightmare raise eyebrows
  19. >You shrugged
  20. "Hey, it sounds better than alicorns, a Changeling queen and..."
  21. >You trailed off, looking Nightmare Moon over
  22. >She just grinned
  23. >"I am far beyond anything that you've ever known, mortal," she said
  24. >Your nose scrunched up slightly as the sound of static filled your ears and the sun flickered like a light blub
  26. >Ha
  27. >Look at this filly, trying to be scary and shit
  28. >Little did she know that ancient, unknowable beings were you fetish
  29. >It was the tentacles. You were totally really, kinda into that shit no homo
  30. "See? The way I said it sounds better. I'm an announcer that likes to announce, so can the peanut gallery please be quiet AFTER I'm done talking?"
  31. >Though both of them rolled their eyes, muttering something about stallions under their breath, both of the mares motioned for you to continued
  32. "Good! Now as I was saying: We find ourselves admiring the alicorn form; their backsides in particular."
  33. >You begin pacing in front of the mares
  34. "Since alicorns are a perfect mixture of earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi they are the epitome of what an ass should be."
  35. >You clap your hands together and grin
  36. >"So, I'd like to announce that each of you ladies gets a ten out of ten automatically. Congratulations."
  37. >Before anyone could start talking you raised a hand
  38. "And, since you all are VERY special cases, I'm going to have to judge you in a very special way: with personal preference."
  39. >You turned away from the mares and quickly made your way back toward your house, quickly grabbing the wooden chair you had on your front porch and scurrying back
  40. >You could tell that you were dancing on the edge of a knife here; keeping these mares waiting would NOT be a good idea at all
  41. >...
  42. >That and you wanted to get as much groping done before the shoot-bangs started...
  43. "While I like to consider myself a butt professional, one who judges backsides based on merit that is fair to everyone I can't do that here."
  44. >You sat the chair down and took a seat
  45. >"By the merits that we set up for this competition you all get tens. So with that in mind, and since I'm the only one here judging, we're gonna do this in the fairest way possible."
  46. >You leaned back in your chair
  48. "First: I'm going to inspect your behinds, get myself acquainted, and then I'm gonna have you all sit in my lap."
  49. >You placed your hands in said lap, looking at each of the mares with a smile
  50. "Does that sound alright with you?"
  51. >Chrysalis grinned
  52. >Nightmare Moon smirked
  53. >Twilight and Princess Celestia turned a bit red
  54. >Both Luna and Cadence raised eyebrows; you could tell that they had questions
  55. >Not a single one of them said no however, so you took that as a sign that you could proceed with your plan
  56. >Your glorious, butt-filled plan filled with groping
  57. "Neat! So how about we start off with a princess first huh?"
  58. >Your gaze turned expectant
  59. "Do I have any takers?"
  60. >To your surprise Cadence, a small smile on her face, was the first to step up
  61. >"I think that I'd like to go first," she said, walking toward you. "If that's alright with you, Anonymous."
  62. >Honey, if it was anymore alright you would have done a back flip
  63. >As Cadence got within arm's length of you she presented her backside, flicking her tail out of the way to give a better look at what you'd be working with
  64. >You sat on the edge of your chair, rubbing your hands together, and were about to inspect away when a blue glow encased your grabbers and placed them back into your lap
  65. >Hey now...
  66. >What's all this then?
  67. >"Anon, before we start I want you to know that I have a husband and foal at home that I love very much," Cadence said, looking over her shoulder at you as her horn glowed. "So, I'd very much appreciate it if you were as tame as possible with me; for my sake if nothing else."
  68. >You opened your mouth to ask what she was insinuating, but after thinking about it for a second you quickly closed your mouth
  69. >...
  70. >Alright...
  71. >You weren't happy about it but you could respect her train of thought
  72. >...
  73. >If she wanted to keep this PG-13 then you'd give her a PG-13 inspection
  74. >...
  75. >Just for her though; you weren't a fucking boy scout
  77. "I promise that you'll be able to tell your husband that nothing too bad happened. I promise," you told her
  78. >Chrysalis scoffed, rolling her eyes as Cadence's smile turned grateful
  79. >"Thank you very much."
  80. >Her magic released your hands
  81. >"Now why don't get back to it?" she asked, giving her backside a wiggle, a backside which immediately caught your attention
  82. >True to her title, Princess Cadence was wearing a pair of frilly pink panties embroidered with hearts
  83. >The underwear was a perfect fit, not too tight and not too loose; tastefully cut so that they showed off her ample flank without going overboard with it
  84. >You forced yourself to blink as you wiped the drool from your chin with your jacket
  85. >Even though she was still "clothed" you could tell that the Princess had a prefect backside
  86. >It was just a little big for her body, tight, perfectly round with just a JUST a hint of fat to give you something to hold on to...
  87. >Once again you had to wipe the drool from your chin
  88. >Whoo...
  89. >Doing this one clean was going to be a hell of a lot harder than you first thought...
  90. >Your hands reached up and you hooked your thumbs through the panties
  91. >You could feel Cadence's gaze on you as you slowly pulled them down, revealing the mass of pink, perky flesh not a few inches from your face
  92. >At that moment all else was forgotten
  93. >The princesses and queens weren't watching you
  94. >You didn't have the threat of incineration hanging over your head
  95. >There was just you and this flank...
  96. >You let out a shaky sigh as you let the princesses panties hit the ground, slowly pulling your hands away
  97. >Cadence's tail flicked past your face
  98. >Unintentional or not (you didn't even see anything) you could now smell bubble gum
  99. >...
  100. >You were silent for a moment, just taking in the flank in front of you
  101. >Perfectly round, you could just make out her the cutiemarks on each of her cheeks
  103. >In the center was a mouth-watering crack wherein all of the goodies were stashed; goodies which were strategically hidden by a tail
  104. >Pg-13, Pg-13!
  105. >You had to think wholesome, Christian thoughts now old boy
  106. >Cadence twitched slightly when you placed a hand on either of her cheeks, but she said nothing, simply widening her stance to give you better access while keeping her tail between her legs
  107. >You just sighed as you squeezed, your fingers sinking into about a quarter inch of fat before coming upon a thick layer of muscle, which felt tight and damn near knotted it was so thick
  108. >Your fingers,trailed upwards until you had a hand on either cutiemark
  109. >Cadence twitched once more, her wings shuffling against her side as you then began to rub your thumbs against the fur there
  110. >As you expected, it was sublime; not too long, not too short, it wasn't in patches and it felt smoother than silk
  111. >You squeezed Cadence's flank again, watching as it contorted and tensed under your grip
  112. >Now was the part that you should have been pointing out the good and bad things about this flank, what set it apart and its flaws
  113. >But you didn't want to ruin this by speaking
  114. >NO!
  115. >When one was in a position to admire a masterpiece they did not speak
  116. >Speaking would ruin the... sustenance of this for you
  117. >You needed to let yourself to swept up
  118. >You needed to let the art take you where it wanted and drop you off where you needed to be
  119. >Cadence breath started to quicken as your hands traveled up and down her backside
  120. >Your touches were light and filled with an almost zealous amount of reverence, though every once in a while your hands would clamp down to grab and tug at fur and fat alike
  121. >That bubble gum smell grew the longer your fingers worked until Cadence's tail flicked out of the way and gave you an eyeful
  122. >...
  123. >Huh...
  124. >You'd have thought that she'd looked a little more wrecked, what with her having a kid and all...
  126. >Though you wanted more than anything to nuzzle this flank until the cows came home you resisted, letting Cadence go
  127. >The princess, who was definitely breathing heavier than she had been at the beginning, looked back at you, a blush on her face
  128. >Staring right back at her you scooched back into your chair
  129. "Alright," you said, your voice sounding... small. "The examination part of this is over, now it's flank sitting in lap time."
  130. >Cadence let out a breathless giggle
  131. >"Eager are we?" she said, almost to herself. "And here I thought that my Shiny was the only stallion that liked mare butts."
  132. >Everyone likes mare butts, love princess pony >Even the ones that don't
  133. >You took a few deep breaths as Cadence started to back up, steeling yourself to what was about to happen
  134. >You KNOW want you wanted to do the second that this medium-sized horse sat in your lap but you know that ACTING on it would get you in trouble
  135. >So Christian thoughts, Anon
  136. >You needed to ofnaifbvlsdiubwlijbcsuif!
  137. >You bit your knuckle hard as Cadence sat in your lap, and it was only through god's grace that you did not buck your hips
  138. >The Princess of Love's flank settled in your lap in a way that nearly melted your mind
  139. >It was big but not too big, she sunk into your lap a little bit but not too much, her weight was more than comfortable
  140. >She was, in a word, ohmyfuckinggodthisassisamazingIwanttoflipthishorseoveranddounChrisitanthingstoherandafterwardgotoponyIHopandbuyherfucking breakfast
  141. >Cadence, as an almost teasing gesture, leaned backward so that her mane was tickling your nose
  142. >Your hands opened and closed, hovering on either side of the princesses flank as she sat there, breathing just as hard as you
  143. >Christian thoughts, Anon...
  144. >Christian thoughts...
  145. >"I-Is this alright, Anon?" Cadence asked, her voice slightly shaky as she looked back at you
  146. >She wiggled her hips and you felt a fucking vein pop
  147. >"Do I just have to sit h-here or do you w-want me to do something e-else?"
  149. >Oh this horse...
  150. >This fucking horse...
  151. >Don't you fucking tease like that
  152. >Don't you dare
  153. >Your fingers twitched as they drew near the flank that was so EVILLY hot-dogging poor Anon Jr.
  154. >You knew Cadence felt him too, because she wiggled her FUCKING HIPS AGAIN!
  156. >WHY?!
  157. >You were about to be a hero and grab to handfuls of ass, to fucking start with, but, with a herculean effort, you moved your hands away
  158. "Just sitting's fine," you say through clutched teeth.
  159. >Cadence nodded
  160. >"O-Okay," she murmured, WIGGLING HER FUCKING HIPS AGAIN
  162. >As you had your mini aneurysm, Chrysalis let out another snort
  163. >"She has a stallion underneath her hard and willing and she just sits there like some lost filly," she said, sounding disgusted
  164. >As the other princesses glared at her Nightmare Moon let out an amused snort
  165. >"The poor stallion looks like he's about to have a heart attack."
  166. >Chrysalis flashed Celestia a toothy smile as the Princess of the Sun growled
  167. >"I'll have to make sure to settle the poor thing when it's my turn, show him that there's actually MARES here and not a bunch of filly scouts."
  168. >Your legs curled into themselves
  169. >You could feel Anon Jr., who was crying his eye out, straining through your pants
  170. >You wanted to rip these pants off and tell the princess to sit down again
  171. >You wanted to feel that silky fur coat and those warm, firm mounds of--
  175. >...
  176. >...
  177. >...
  180. "Alright. That's enough, Princess. You can get off me now."
  181. >Cadence looked back over her shoulder at you, the tiny movement making you go cross-eyed
  182. >"Are you sur--"
  183. "Please get off me," you squeaked
  184. >And just like that Cadence hopped out of your lap, freeing your cock from its heavenly, hellish confines
  186. >You slumped into your chair with an explosive sigh, gripping on both armrest so tightly that your fingers had sunk into the wood
  187. >Deep breaths Anon...
  188. >Deep breaths...
  189. >It's all over...
  190. >You opened an eye to look down at your poor, neglected crotch
  191. >There was Anon Jr., looking like he was about ready to pop the zipper, but you could also see that Princess Mi Amore Cadenza had made a bit of a mess on your brand new dress pants
  192. >Your gaze lazily traveled up to the pink princess herself, who's face was bright cherry red as she stared back at you
  193. >Neither of you say a word to each other for a long moment
  194. >One of your hands slowly detached itself from an armrest
  195. >You raised that hand into the air and slowly gave the pink princess a thumbs up
  196. "You have a very lucky husband, Cadence," you croaked. "When you get back to him remind him that."
  197. >A smile came to the princesses face
  198. >"It's me that's the lucky one," she said with a giggle. "But thank you for the compliment, Anon."
  199. >Chrysalis made a face at Cadence
  200. >Though Cadence didn't see it one of her wings unfurled and she presented the changeling queen her longest primary feather, which, as you were later told, was pretty much the bird horse version of the middle finger
  201. >Taking a few more deep breaths, you sat back in your chair and pulled out a handkerchief
  202. "Alright," you say, dabbing your sweat-drenched face. "Princess Cadence is done. Does anyone want to go next?"
  203. >Chrysalis' chest puffed out, and she raised a hoof, but to the surprise of everyone present Twilight stepped out of the line
  204. >"I'll go next," she said, red-faced but determined
  205. >Chrysalis growled
  206. >"I will not have you PRINCESSES going first be--"
  207. >"There's four of us and two of you," Twilight said matter-of-factly, calmly staring back at the glaring queen. "Anon's going to have to judge two princesses in a row no matter how you look at it so I figured that we'd get it out of the way and over with."
  209. >Chrysalis' eyes narrowed as she stared at Equestria's newest and purplest princess
  210. >You could tell that she wanted to argue, out of spite if nothing else, but from the look on her face you could tell that she knew that Twilight's reasoning was iron clad
  211. >"...Fine," she said with a grunt. "It will let the stallion get the poorer flanks out of the way anyway."
  212. >Twilight's feathers ruffled at the comment but she didn't take the bait
  213. >Instead she turned back to you, a small smile coming to her face
  214. >"Do you want to judge me now or do you need a few minutes to calm down?" she kindly asked
  215. >"No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine," you reassured her, stuffing your handkerchief into your coat pocket. "Come on over here and let me take a look at you
  216. >That was when whatever confidence that Twilight had managed to work up left her little horse body
  217. >And you know it did because you watched the smile on her face become very, very nervous
  218. >"A-Are you sure?" she asked, fidgeting with her hooves. "B-Because I'd be m-more than happy to--eep!"
  219. >Rolling her eyes, Nightmare Moon swatted the Princess of Friendship on the flank with a burst of magic
  220. >"The stallion is not going to bite you, filly," she said. "Get over there before I lose my patience."
  221. >Twilight stumbled forward, forcing you to grab her by her shoulders so she wouldn't accidentally impel you with her horn
  222. >"S-Sorry, sorry!" she said frantically before wincing in pain
  223. >You smiled at the littlest princess
  224. "Easy there, purple, there's no reason to be all nervous like this," you reassured. "It's not like you don't see me every single day anyways."
  225. >Twilight stared up at you with her big purple eyes
  226. >"B-But you're not touching my BUTT then," she whisper-shouted
  227. >You leaned forward so that your noses were nearly touching
  228. >Twilight tried to move away but you held her firmly in place
  229. "Everything's going to be FINE, Twiggles. Now go ahead and do those breathing exercises that you like to do."
  230. >"But what if you--"
  232. "Go on. After you're done with that I can get on with the inspection."
  233. >Twilight looked back at Celestia, who nodded encouragingly
  234. >Looking back at you, partly because you wouldn't let her look at the ground, Twilight started her breathing exercises
  235. >In....
  236. >And out...
  237. >In...
  238. >And out...
  239. >Finally, she looked a good deal calmer than she had a minute ago, looking up at you with a big ol' smile
  240. >"T-Thanks, Anon," she said with only the slightly shimmer
  241. >You nodded, giving her shoulders a squeeze
  242. >"Alright, now how about you turn around so I can see what I'm working with?"
  243. >With a little nod Twilight shyly turned around and showed you what her momma gave her
  244. >You knew what this little horse's problem was
  245. >She felt inadequate around all of these godly flanks
  246. >And, while you understood where she was coming from, as you took a gander at her flank you could honestly say that she really didn't have that much to worry about
  247. >You knew that ol' Twilot here liked her sweets and junk food
  248. >So also knew that after being called Twiggy piggy more than a few times that she had gone to Rainbow Dash so that she could get fit
  249. >While her stomach looked slimmer than it had been a few months ago it looked like her flank hadn't lost ANY of its mass
  250. >And you meant that in the best way possible
  251. >The flabby, oddly flat flank had been turned into a proper muscly ass
  252. >Sure, there was still a bit of chub around the back of the legs and above the rump, but this was an ass that you could get behind
  253. >And, since Twilight here was about was single, you could change the PG-13 Christian values rating to an R
  254. >So you COULD get behind it
  255. >Your dick twitched at the thought as you rubbed your hands together
  256. >Twilight was wearing a pair of red, conservatively cut panties
  257. >They were nice if a little plain; they'd look a lot better down near her hooves than on her but you stopped yourself from doing so
  259. >Instead you placed your hand over the place where Nightmare Moon had lashed her and began to gently rub
  260. >Twilight hissed, dancing in place in pain as you did your best to rub the pain away
  261. "There, there, it'll feel better in a minute," you cooed, savoring the feeling of your fingers digging into her rump. "You're doing good, you're doing good."
  262. >Eventually Twilight stopped her fussing and relaxed under your touch
  263. >You could hear her sigh, before her wings violently twitched
  264. >"H-Hehehe, Anon? I appreciate what you're doing but could we please get to the inspecting?" she asked, her breathing a little ragged
  265. >You ignored the princess, instead letting your hands wander where they pleased
  266. >Twilight was doing her best to stay composed but every once in a while she'd let, moaning or gasping, all the while she wiggled back and forth in place like a mare possessed
  267. >Your mouth twitched and you saw a wet spot begin to form on those red panties of her's
  268. "Are you sure? That mean ol' queen over there hit you pretty hard. I can keep doing this until you feel a hundred percent," you "innocently" offered
  269. >Twilight's wings twitched again and she let out a surprised gasp as you gave her flank a rougher than usual squeeze
  270. >"Hah~! I-If fine now. B-But thank you for asking," she said a little too quickly as she pushed against your hands. "N-Now could you PLEASE pull my p-panties down?"
  271. >Not one to disobey royalty, you did as she asked, reaching up and hooking your thumbs through her panties
  272. >Twilight's breath hitched as your fingers grazed her flank
  273. >Her backside clenched and unclenched, her tail wildly flicking back and forth as you began to slowly pull her panties down
  274. >"Ohmygosh, ohmygosh! AnonpleasepleasePLEASEtakeiteasy!"
  275. >Twilight's backside wiggled as you pulled her panties down inch by inch, revealing more and more of her expansive purple flank
  276. >Stopping for a moment, you leaned in and gave her partically revealed left cheek a kiss
  278. >Twilight let out a muffled squeal, stomping her back leg hard
  279. >...
  280. >Alright
  281. >Enough teasing...
  282. >You pulled Twilight's underwear down without much of a fuss, letting them drop to the ground and you leaned back see what you were working with
  283. >Twilight, meanwhile, was doing her very best to lower her flagging tail and her stiff wings, almost dancing in place as she mumbled nonsense to herself
  284. >"Aw, it looks like it's her first time," Nightmare Moon said, leaning toward her fellow queen
  285. >Chrysalis nodded as she quietly awed
  286. >"Isn't she precious?" she asked, her baby talk turned up to eleven
  287. >Twilight flinched at the mocking, shrinking into herself just a hair, her ears pinned against her head
  288. >Frowning, you placed your hands on her bare rump
  289. "You know, Twilight, I was expecting your rump to be a little different from the other alicorns, what with you being a unicorn and all."
  290. >Twilight looked back at you as you grabbed two bit handfuls of her ass, squeezing and tugging on the mounds
  291. >"I, I, I'M SURE--Hah~! I'm sure that I'm a LITTLE--ooh~! Different, Anon," Twilight managed to say, her body beginning to shake slightly
  292. >You hummed, leaning forward and kissing Twilight's cutiemark on her right butt cheek
  293. >The princess winked at you (not with her eyes), her back arching
  294. >You began rubbing your face against the mare's rump, almost instantly enveloped by a blackberry, grape-y, purple-y scent
  295. >Twilight's wings flapped and the ground below her instantly became soaked
  296. >She let out a mixture between a moan and a squeak and her back legs gave out
  297. >You, of course, made sure to hold her in place, continuing to rub your face against her right cutiemark, then her left, before beginning to gently bite at her rump
  298. >Though you half expected Twilight's front half to give out the little princess was a trooper, keeping her hooves even as she rode out her orgasm, cute squeaks and moans escaping her lips
  299. >You stopped your nuzzling the second that she managed to catch her breath
  301. >"Hah~! Anon what are-- Hah~! What are you--"
  302. >Sitting back into your chair, you carefully picked Twilight up and placed her in your lap
  303. >Because she was still a little pony she was a perfect fit, the top of her head just under your chin
  304. >You could feel your pants being soaked through but you paid it no mind, wrapping your arms around the little alicorn and pulling her against your chest
  305. >Twilight made a startled noise, wiggling her rump in such a way that your wiener once again found itself between two warm, soft, succulent cheeks
  306. >You gritted your teeth, grunting softly but mostly managing to keep yourself under control
  307. "You know what what though? I think that you fit right in with these other princess in terms of butt."
  308. >Though her chest was heaving, Twilight looked up at you, her horn gently poking your chest as she did so
  309. >"Y-You really think so?" she asked, her voice small
  310. >Ignoring the fact that you could feel her winking through your pants, you held her a little tighter
  311. "Of course, Twiggles. No matter what you or anyone else thinks you're a very, very pretty pony."
  312. >Twilight's eyes widened
  313. >"R-Really?" she asked, almost as if she didn't believe you
  314. >Your cock twitched again, and not for the first time you silently cursed the eternal cock tease that were pants
  315. "If I'm lying I'm dying."
  316. >Chrysalis began to gag as the other princesses smiled
  317. >To your surprise even Nightmare's mouth had risen to a half smile at the scene
  318. >Twilight stared at you for a moment before her eyes just lit up
  319. >Spinning around in your lejrbwljdbvlsc blsircb flrfb!
  320. >"ThankyouAnon!IalwaysthoughtthatIwasuglycomparedtotheotherprincesses--"
  321. >You could feel your body beginning to tense as Twilight bounced in your lap like a fucking stripper as she pulled you in a hug, TAKING YOU BY FUCKING SURPRISE!
  322. >"--ImeanjustafewmonthsagoIwasachubbylittleunicornthatstallionswouldn'tgivethetimeofday--"
  324. >In her excitement, Twilight leaned up and kissed you on the cheek, not stopping her wiggling for a moment
  325. >You poor, throbbing cock was pushed to and fro, being rubbed and teased in all of the right ways by Twilight's big, clapping, cushy flank
  326. "Twilight."
  327. >"--Itriedmyhardesttoliveuptothetitleofprincess."
  328. "Twilight."
  329. >"--ButIneverthoughtI'dbeasprettyastheotherprincesses--"
  330. "T-Twilight."
  331. >"--ButtohearsomeponyactuallysayI'mprettyisreallynice!--"
  332. "Twi... Taw..."
  333. >--Don'tgetmewrongI'mamarebutstill--"
  334. "..."
  335. >Twilight let out a squeak as you wrapped your arms around her, holding her against you, and started to roughly thrusted against her
  336. >As worked up at you were you only managed two or three thrust before the dam burst
  337. >Twilight let out another squeak as you bit down on her shoulder hard
  338. >Her marehood, as if it knew even through your layers of clothing, began peppering your covered member with kisses as you felt yourself cumming
  339. >Dfvsudbfvslflfbvslfvnbslfdb!
  340. >You closed your eyes as tight as you could, taking in Twilight's musk and the feeling of her fur tickling your face
  341. >Your tongue lapped at her shoulder and you tasted sweat and blueberries
  342. >A whimper escaped your throat as, with one last half-thrust you let go of Twilight and sunk back into your chair, sweaty and satisfied-yet-not, panting like a race horse
  343. >"Anon? Anon?! What's wrong?!Twilight asked as you just kind of sat there in a haze. "Are you alright? Do you--"
  344. >Her nostrils flared
  345. >She then immediately blushed and began shimmering
  346. "You are... a very pretty... pony, Twilight," you said, cracking open an eye
  347. >Your hands found themselves on the Princess of Friendship's hips and they slowly made their way up to her shoulders
  348. >Leaning the red-faced mare forward you kissed her nose
  349. >You then pulled her into a hug
  350. >"A very, very... pretty pony if my... now ruined pants are... any indication."
  351. >...
  352. >Rararara was going to be SO mad...
  353. >...
  354. >Worth it though...
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