Musicians being harmed to read Israeli scripts part 1

Sep 6th, 2017
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  1. Musicians being harmed to read Israeli scripts part 1
  2. -----------------------------------------------------
  4. 50 Cent [The massacre]
  5. This album has the sole intent of trying to get 50 shot. Insults, innuendo, bs beefs...
  6. [Curtis]
  7. Same intent, "I run New York!"
  9. Audioslave [Out of exile] (Audio slave)
  10. Group formed by Zion. Chris Cornell has since committed suicide
  12. Black Eyed Peas [Monkey business]
  13. Don't phunk with my heart - A threat to other musicians, do anything but don't funk with the heart
  14. My humps - An Israeli mantra
  15. Pump it - To turn up the volume on radio or cd so that parents/neighbors become exposed to Israeli scripted songs
  16. Don’t lie - About the bible
  18. Bow Wow [The price of fame] (No, it’s not)
  20. Britney Spears [Blackout]
  21. Gimme more - Israeli mantra
  22. Piece of me – Star of David references throughout
  23. Break the ice – Israeli scripting, to be continued?
  24. [Circus]
  25. To recap, Britney has been Israeli scripted since being forced into (while pregnant) the video for 'Someday'.
  26. As for her 'craziness', moments before entering to shave her head, she was seen crying in her car, does this sound like something she 'wanted' to do? In the footage of her entering you can see her wearing a star of David necklace hanging downwards on her back, showing who was actually behind this 'event'
  27. Circus - From the Israeli point of view "I'm runnin' this thing just like a circus", tortured musicians on display.
  29. Coldplay [Viva la vida]
  30. Violet hill – Video has visual threats
  32. Eminem [Encore] [The re-up]
  33. Just lose it - Hit piece
  34. When I'm gone - An Israeli mantra
  36. Fergie [The duchess]
  37. Fergalicious - A three and a half minute commercial for crack
  39. Good Charlotte [The chronicles of life and death]
  41. Green Day [American idiot] (Forced to call Americans idiots...) (Green Day released a DVD 'Bullet in a bible' regarding this album)
  42. American idiot - Simplified lyrics
  43. Boulevard of broken dreams - With about 6 billion Gentiles, all of whom have been waged war against, we do not walk alone.
  44. Holiday - "This is the dawning of the rest of our lives, on holiday..." , No, it's not
  45. Wake me up when September ends - Pro war (see video)
  46. Jesus of suburbia - Hit piece
  48. Gun's n' Roses [The spaghetti incident]
  49. Four amazing albums... after the double cd (Use your illusion I&II) which included covers of 'Live & let die' and 'Knockin' on heavens door', the band was forced into an album strictly of covers
  51. Gwen Stefani [Love, Angel, Music, Baby]
  52. What you waiting for - Trojan horse / calling Gwen Stefani a stupid ho
  53. Hollaback girl - Trojan horse / A song meant for the purpose of telling girls not to rise up or create a fuss
  54. Rich girl – Israeli mantra
  55. Luxurious - Video refers to us as piñata’s
  56. Cool - Israel to America (and we're not)
  57. [The sweet escape]
  58. The sweet escape - "If I could escape, I would..." (well...)
  59. Early winter - A song to garner sympathy (from the album 'the sweet escape') and to confuse the word 'us' from Pink Floyd's Us and Them
  61. Hilary Duff [Dignity]
  62. Play with fire - Arson threat (see video)
  64. Ice Cube [Laugh now, cry later]
  66. Jennifer Lopez [Rebirth] [Brave]
  68. John Lennon [Imagine]
  69. Imagine - No possessions?!
  70. Jealous guy - Forced apology to Israel (written by Israeli's)
  72. Kelly Clarkson [My December]
  73. Never again - Israeli saying (forced upon Kelly Clarkson)
  75. Korn [See you on the other side] [Untitled]
  76. Evolution (see video)
  78. Limp Bizkit [Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water]
  79. Hey, we can call this album whatever we want and people will still line up to buy it. (not Limp Bizkits intentions...) After the album 'Significant other' (a reference to Israel) this album was forced upon them. The song 'Rollin' is basically 'don't worry about us! Keep drivin!'
  81. Lindsay Lohan [A little more personal]
  82. Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) - Trojan horse about being 'less obvious' with Israeli scripted songs. Also instruction to show photographs of their hardships (in video)
  84. Linkin Park [Minutes to midnight]
  86. Madonna [Confessions on a dance floor] [Hard candy]
  87. 4 minutes – A song about Israeli scripting.
  88. Hung up - Madonna has been singing against zionism ("the protocols of the learned elders of zion") for about 20 years and would not stop now. The 'dance floor' reference is alluding to disco and the drug use that went along with it.
  90. Mariah Carey [The emancipation of MiMi] [E=mc2]
  91. Touch my body – Threat to the tech community
  93. Mary J. Blige [Growing pains]
  95. Metallica [Garage Inc.] [St. Anger]
  96. Garage Inc forced on Metallica for doing cover songs on Garage Days Re-Re Visited, as always everything after that was scripted as well
  98. Missy Elliott [The cookbook]
  100. N.E.R.D. [Seeing sounds]
  101. Everybody nose – promoting cocaine use
  103. N.I.N. [With teeth]
  104. Only - Torture threat (see video)
  106. Nelly Furtado [Loose]
  107. ManEater - Israeli refers to themselves as 'murderous evil', or me
  108. Say it right - "No you don't mean nothing at all to 'me'"
  109. All good things - "things"
  111. Nirvana - [Incesticide] [In utero] [Unplugged] (Courtney Love released an album 'Live through this')(Kurt couldn't)
  112. Nirvana's first album was 'Bleach', as in turn everything white, the next album was 'Nevermind'...
  114. Our Lady Peace [Healthy in paranoid times]
  115. Angels losing sleep - Angels that torture musicians into singing about how they are losing sleep
  117. Rihanna [A girl like me] [Good girl gone bad]
  118. Don't stop the music - A song to DJ's who've caught on
  120. Snoop Dogg [Tha blue carpet treatment] (A Star of David reference)
  121. Sensual seduction - A video to embarrass Snoop Dogg
  123. Sum41 [Chuck] [Underclass hero]
  125. System of a Down [Mesmerize] [Hypnotize]
  126. B.Y.O.B. - Trojan horse / Ridiculous lyrics
  129. T.I. [Paper trail]
  130. Whatever You Like - With U.S. tax payer dollars ($15,000,000/day in foreign aid to Israel, and interest on debt to the Federal Reserve)
  132. The Darkness [One way ticket to hell… and back]
  133. One way ticket - Threat
  135. The Notorious B.I.G. [Duets] (An attempt to ruin the memory of the Notorious B.I.G.)
  137. The White Stripes [Get behind me satan] [Icky thump]
  138. My doorbell - A song meant for parents to hear about child abduction (also see video)
  140. Three Days Grace [One X]
  141. Pain - Threat
  143. Timbaland [Shock value]
  144. Give it to me - The video shows Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado in the midst of torture
  146. Tony Yayo [Thoughts of a predicate felon]
  148. Yellowcard [Lights and sounds]
  149. Lights and sounds - Dancing pixels!
  151. ----------------------------------
  153. Song Lyrics X
  155. 50 Cent - Window shopper
  156. ...
  158. Beyonce - Check on it
  160. Britney Spears - Someday
  161. A religious themed song forced upon a pregnant Britney Spears
  163. Justin Timberlake - I'm lovin' it
  164. McDonalds (who has zionist agenda) commercial forced upon Justin Timberlake. In the video there is a girl wearing an 'Iron Maiden' t-shirt, also for a few seconds they show the real 'conductors'
  166. Marilyn Manson - The nobodies
  167. ...
  169. Nelly - Grillz
  170. Threat
  172. The Offspring - Never repeat
  173. Israeli saying (forced upon group 'The Offspring')
  175. ------------------------------------
  177. Forced Videos from Real Songs
  179. Coldplay - Video for Talk
  181. Franz Ferdinand - Video for The Fallen - The band in midst of torture
  183. Kanye West - 2nd video for Heard em' say - The video starts with Kanye West and a couple of African-American kids living in cardboard boxes, they then go into a Macy’s and are 'amazed' at all the products. The 'security guard' then comes to round them up.
  184. Video for Touch the sky
  186. Sean Paul - Video for Temperature - Star of David references... Also trying to make the song about climate
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