Operation Sabra

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  1. I'm thinking of doing a two-part event series, one which has the Long Rifles being the major guidance for the event. Now that I have enough players to actually do some things, I'll definitely be railroading Navajo stuff through until you guys are leaking aloe vera juice out the ears.
  3. All of the characters involved (David, the Colonel, the Ghost Dancer, perhaps some New Fresnos like Lt White)  are related to various plot elements I will be exploring in my stories, and the plot arcs I am setting in motion with the Navajo and their conflict with the Northern Republic.
  5. Event leadup:
  7. A) (Optional pre-event) Colonel Begaye has sent a message down the line that he would like to capture and reprogram a T-400 to be used as a mobile anti-aircraft and anti-vehicle platform, for an unspecified later event. I'm in the process of working on this right now. If TC and the Long Rifles can succeed in this, it will make the first event much easier.
  9. B) The Colonel has assigned Lone Elk to rescue Assets where possible, and to gain intelligence on how to properly care for them post-liberation.
  11. Part 1:  Hill Assault (rp_whiteforest_radiostation)
  13. The Long Rifles have discovered an Asset FOB and observation post on the heights just outside of the Los Angeles metro area (this is a pre-existing objective I've been trying to work at for a while). It is heavily guarded by Tier Two Assets and is revealed to be commanded by a Ghost Dancer.  Intelligence suggests that humans may be indoctrinated into Assets here, and this may be a training camp
  15. The Resistance (collectively TC, Long Rifles, and Frente Humano) are given the task of seizing the heights, which must be done by fighting up the hill with minimal cover in close quarters S2RP, using offensive weaponry and grenades. Tier 2's cannot be rescued, and they will fight to the death, most particularly their commander, a Ghost Dancer from the Black Hills. Near death, he issues a warning to TC, Lone Elk, the Navajo, and all that support them.
  17. In the process, the attacking force discovers cages of emaciated people in the basement of the galley: Tier 1's in the process of being converted to Tier 2's, now freed from their drug regimen and vests after being interrupted during the attack.
  19. At this point, the Resistance must hold the hill for a long period of time against a determined SkyNET/Asset S2K counterattack. SkyNET has access to their own fire support via HK's and heavy drones, while the Resistance has little of their own. Eventually, if the Resistance can hold long enough, a heavy artillery barrage annihilates the remaining SkyNET counterattack. It's Colonel Begaye and the Pueblo Artillery Battalion, which has been sent to the hill to turn it into an artillery firebase. The reprogrammed T-400, if it has survived, stays with the new Navajo/TC outpost to act as AA defense for the new 105mm gun battery overlooking Los Angeles.
  21. From this point onward, as long as they are in the Los Angeles area, TC can call on heavy artillery via Lone Elk and the other Long Rifles. However, the Resistance can fail this event and be pushed from the hill, but if they do, they do not gain access to Navajo artillery beyond Gunny's mortar.
  23. I'll need all Tier 2's on deck for this event, as well as someone to play the Ghost Dancer (who is basically a berserker Tier 2 officer from the Cheyenne). Likewise, once the cages are discovered, I'm hoping for a bunch of asset characters in varying degrees of mental and physical states. In fact, I would not be opposed to having 8-10 players be assets.
  25. Part 2: Convoy to Sabra (Map tbd)
  27. The Command Circle discuss what to do with the large amount of assets now under TC control, as they lack to resources to fully rehabiliate all of them on the frontline.  Colonel Begaye has also brought some of his staff, which includes a reformed, Asset named "David," who is a rabbi and the leader of a community in the Mojave Redoubt called "Sabra:" Hebrew for a prickly cactus with a sweet interior (also for you trivia nerds, a name for Jews born in Israel). Sabra is under Navajo and New Fresno protection and is entirely populated by reformed SkyNET Assets and victims of forced labor.
  29. It is mutually agreed that the Long Rifles (With their allies in Frente Humano) will evacuate the freed Assets in trucks out of the combat zone into (relative) safety at Sabra, escorted by Bakersfield. This portion of the event is entirely convoy-based, traveling across a couple of maps trying to keep the Assets alive, all the while avoiding attacks from NR marauders and SkyNET patrols who are explicitly targeting the freed Assets. The Resistance can also fail this mission as well if too many of the assets die
  31. Part 3: Arrival at Sabra (RP_Chapparal) NO SKYNET
  33. After a violent and dangerous journey, the humans arrive at Sabra, a desolate but isolated town just across the border in Nevada, inside Navajo territory. Colonel Begaye, David, and Lieutenant White (Enraged I'd love to have your character involved) thank the convoy for delivering them safely, and begin the long process of giving the Assets a new home. This would be a largely passive-based event, meant purely for worldbuilding and letting people see some of the lore I've created over the months. We'd spend a day or two on this map before returning home.
  35. I'd like a few Navajo and New Fresno event characters for this part, but I may do this with my Long Rifles players to keep it simple.
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