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  1. Chapter 0: My meeting with a slime from another world
  3. My name is Sano Yuge.
  4. I’m currently working in a white collar job, and it’s hell.
  6. My hobby is gaming, but since work has kept me busy lately, i haven’t had a chance to play at all. However, despite all my hard work, there have been no signs that I’ll be given a raise anytime soon. This is a so-called “Black Company”.
  8. One day, at midnight, I was following my usual routine, processing some work I had brought home, when I received an unfamiliar notification. It read:
  10. You have been summoned to an alternate world!
  11. Click YES to accept this invitation, and NO to decline it.
  12. If no reply is received, the offer will be accepted automatically.
  14. “Huh? Is this a virus?”
  16. It mostly seems like some kind of a joke. After all, a real program would have an X button displayed at the top right.
  18. The only choices available were YES or NO. In any case, both were probably going to redirect me to some new variety of scam website.
  20. While making sure to not press any buttons on accident, I quickly checked my anti-virus softwares.
  22. Opening my task manager, I was was hoping to easily close the program, as per standard procedure. However, this did not happen.
  24. “Uhh.. Wha-?”
  26. Unfortunately, I could not locate the program on the task manager. When this happens, the next step is to reboot my PC, huh.
  28. I clicked my mouse several times, trying to reboot the computer. As expected, the program made no attempt at stopping the reboot. However, as the computer was carrying out the command, that’s when it happened.
  30. “No response, the offer is accepted”
  32. The world around me suddenly began to darken, while some sort of book began to appear before my eyes.
  34. All of a sudden, my mind began to enter a wild panic, and I began to pass out. This is actually not the first time this has happened, as I’ve experienced it many times at work. I’d pass out from overwork, my consciousness would be completely gone, and I’d wake up after some time in a hospital bed.
  36. Could this be - a dream? I came to this conclusion, however at the same time, something occurred that would convince me that my hypothesis was correct.
  38. The scenery around me began to change yet again, this time to lush forests. This alone would be considered impossible, but on top of that, something else began to appear before me - a status window.
  40. Yuji
  42. Occupation: Tamer
  43. Skill: Taming
  44. Attribute: None
  45. HP: 10/10
  46. MP: 10/10
  48. Yup. This is a dream. In the real world, such things would never happen. Somehow, I must’ve fallen asleep in front of my computer.
  50. Tamer, huh. Does that mean those guys who control demons and gets them to fight for you? Unfortunately, in the real world, I’m not a tamer, just some underappreciated employee.
  52. Speaking of being an employee, I better wake up. I still have plenty of work to get finished. With this in mind, I tried waking myself up, but even after a while there were still no signs that I would be escaping this dream.
  54. Guess I can’t wake up then, huh. I think I’ll be able to finish my work if I cam pull 3 all-nighters anyway.
  56. Luckily, the alarm clock is set to wake me up at 6am in case something like this ever happened. 3 straight all-nighters may be a little too harsh, but I’ve already done 4 previously.
  58. Suddenly, while I was deep in thought, a lump of mass began to appear in front of me. Moreover, it began to move as though it was alive.
  60. Even though this was my first time seeing such a creature, I could identify it easily. This was the type of thing you’d see quite commonly in games. This was a slime.
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