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  2. [7:53 PM] IssGonRain: Hey, long time no talk exa. Ik ur busy but I had a team placement question for you. Lmk if I should ask someone else
  3. [12:01 AM] exa_: Hey. I've been really busy tonight, sorry.
  4. [12:02 AM] exa_: And yeah, feel free to send me your theoretical roster.
  5. [12:04 AM] IssGonRain: all good man
  6. [12:06 AM] IssGonRain: so roster is potentiallyyyy spamfest(?) me melon demo(?) monkey (elemezuke/88) pico raiden (elemezuke/88). from scout to spy, most offclassing and max 1 scrim day outside monday. a lot of us haven't played in awhile, but idk the state of how divisions are. last time i mained on a team was with you actually lol, in s22
  7. [12:07 AM] exa_: oh my
  8. [12:07 AM] exa_: Yeah, so the divisions are:
  10. Invite / Advanced / Main / Intermediate / Open
  11. [12:07 AM] exa_: Invite being the highest division and Open being the lowest.
  12. [12:08 AM] exa_: If most of your team is offclassing, you may be fine in advanced. Though we tend to be stricter about players with platinum experience in that division (we do allow exceptions obviously).
  13. [12:09 AM] IssGonRain: ok, we'll probably scrim in like a month or something just to make sure the team is ok with their classes and what not, would results of those scrims matter to you? Like if we rolled advanced teams or if they rolled us
  14. [12:10 AM] exa_: Yeah, scrim results are looked at.
  15. [12:10 AM] IssGonRain: :thumbsup:
  16. [12:11 AM] exa_: I'm actually really really excited about your roster though.
  17. [12:11 AM] IssGonRain: haha, might be a few changes. but why, old people coming back?
  18. [12:11 AM] exa_: Yep. =]
  19. [12:11 AM] exa_: I'll keep my mouth shut, haha.
  20. [12:12 AM] IssGonRain: thanks :p And I'm not leading btw, melon is. I'm actually being paid in pizza to play
  21. [12:12 AM] exa_: Ahh
  22. [12:12 AM] IssGonRain: last question forrrr you, i saw ur post and know that u haven't established s5
  23. [12:13 AM] IssGonRain: ball park, next season roughlyyyyy feb  - march?
  24. [12:13 AM] exa_: Yeah, season 5 is expected to start late jan. / early feb. I'll announce exact details on that fairly soon.
  25. [12:15 AM] IssGonRain: awesome. I'll relay this to melon. I think if we survive advanced (if we place there) we might actually scrim morefor invite, but that's so far off. Thanks again, hope ur doing well and if u need anything from me just let me know
  26. [12:15 AM] IssGonRain: Oh, and last comment, zagron and alto are actually awesome casting combo.
  27. [12:15 AM] exa_: Haha, thanks.
  28. [12:15 AM] exa_: And yeah, they're a great combo
  29. [12:15 AM] exa_: You should definitely tune into our playoff casted matches!
  30. [12:16 AM] exa_: We should be starting playoffs in about 2 weeks.
  31. [12:17 AM] IssGonRain: I shall ~
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