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Mar 23rd, 2011
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  2. ==================
  3. Billy Walshe
  4. 280 Glendale Rd
  5. Bent Mt, VA
  6. 24059
  7. USA
  8. ==================
  9. telephone: 1-540-929-0606
  10. aim: williamwalshe
  11. email:
  12. facebook:
  13. OKCUPID:
  14. ==================
  17. ==================
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  23. Subject: me again
  24. From: William Walshe <>
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  28. you've never once told me about how you feel about me.
  29. when you say things like "i don't know what to say" or give me cold
  30. reasons why you still can't return my calls or letters, it hurts me.
  31. the first letter i wrote you, you didn't return...but i know you must
  32. have still felt something.
  33. every time i see you i think you still feel something. last time, i
  34. did my best to ignore it, and you. like always, the memory has
  35. overwhelmed my consciousness, and i must express it.
  36. you have been so indifferent, but you know what you mean to me.
  37. i meet people everywhere, i make friends, i have friends, i do meet
  38. girls who'd probably be my girlfriend. hell i try to let something
  39. happen, but it doesn't. it can't...i'm lonely no matter where i go or
  40. who i'm around. a party of smiling friends can be hell. i feel so
  41. alone, michaela.
  42. when i say that you've never once told me how you felt about me, i
  43. don't mean it.
  44. you have so many times, but never with words.
  45. you told me once that words are a terrible way to express yourself,
  46. maybe you're right, but i still am trying.
  47. for lack of your touch, i am left with words and paint and music and
  48. wood and it's all shit. no one has a lower opinion of my own artwork
  49. than myself. it is all miserable shadows of what your touch was like.
  50. when i wrote that crock of shit on your facebook, i guess it was
  51. because i couldn't take your indifference. maybe i'd rather have had
  52. you hate me. hate's an emotion and indifference isn't.
  53. you know i didn't mean any of it. to me it was just some joke. do you
  54. know what i wanted? what i was trying to do? i don't think i can ever
  55. truly decipher my own intentions. my closest guess is that i wanted
  56. you to tell me how you felt just once. i didn't even get that much...
  58. michaela, you are the only person on the entire planet to ever tell me
  59. that my web site is fucked up, to my face. i would love you for that
  60. if nothing else.
  61. how can you respond to that ...pile of shit... and not the writing
  62. that is closest to me?
  63. ...i love you like i can never love anyone else.
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