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  1. Fluffington Guidelines
  2. Hi there, #Fluffington is an everything goes channel.
  3. On #Fluffington we are cutesy, random and/or offtopic. We like anime, games, tech stuff and good stories.
  4. Please adjust your behaviour to these obvious guidelines, so everyone can have a good time.
  6. Warning: users may link to sexual content and other 18+ stuff. However, there is a rule to mark it with the word nsfw.
  8. Language and frequency
  9. Please come to our channel as frequently as possible and enjoy the ride. ;)
  10. Feel free to invite friends.
  11. Please speak English. Other languages are allowed, as long as the chat is not in “rush hour” and as long as you got someone else to talk to.
  12. Profanity is allowed.
  13. ASCII art is prohibited, if it spans more than 4 lines or 60 characters in length.
  14. Spam is not allowed. Joining the channel “just to share this link to something awesome” is advertising and counts as spam!
  15. Behaviour
  16. Please respect all users.
  17. Insulting our users can lead to an AKICK.
  18. Light trolling is allowed.
  19. Kicking or banning for fun is dumb. Fuck you kindly.
  20. Please make a log of why you AKICKed someone, if there are no owners around at the time.
  21. Don't rant too hard, respect other people's opinions.
  22. Bots
  23. Ask one of our owners for permission to add your bot.
  24. Please do not overuse the bots. (.steal three times is acceptable) (nutritional facts are unacceptable)
  25. Content
  26. Illegal content is illegal. This includes child pornography. Please play it safe and think about other regions. (Talking about file sharing is allowed.)
  27. Mark NSFW links with “NSFW” or something obvious and similar.
  28. Please be careful when sharing spoilers and NSFW stories. If anyone doesn't want to see it, don't share it.
  29. Please don't mention anything about the 1988 science fiction movie Gor.
  30. Please don't reveal personal information about users when you don't have permission to do that.
  31. Drama from other channels or PMs can influence your access on this channel. Deal with it.
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