Kitchen Island SCP:SL Server #4 Info

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  1. <b><u><size=34><align="center"><color=#ff00ffff>Kitchen Island #4 </color>RP Server Information</align></size></u></b>
  3. This server is just here for a little fun! It is a limited time experiment, so enjoy it while its up.
  5. <u><size=18>Our Links</size></u>
  6. <color=#7289DA>Discord:</color><link=""> Click Me</link>
  7. <color=#f96854>Patreon:</color><link=""> Click Me</link>
  9. <u><size=18>The Rules</size></u>
  10. [1] RP.
  11. [2] Never nuke early into the round.
  12. [3] Racism and harassment is not acceptable.
  13. [4] Using cheats and exploits is not allowed.
  14. [5] Purposely delaying the round will result in you being slain.
  15. [6] Mic spamming:
  16. - Only allowed when alive.
  17. - Don't use a radio.
  18. - Don't as a SCP.
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