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May 17th, 2019
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  1. Scene/Kernel
  2. 17th July
  3. -) Removed Transfusion counter from enemy in Midgar Raid (softlock)
  6. Initial
  7. -) Fixed oversight where Chocobuckle became unlearnable due to change to L5 Suicide.
  8. All Chocobos can now teach this skill by feeding them Mimmett Greens and then
  9. attacking them with any command (so long as less than 10,000 HP damage is inflicted).
  11. -) Set HP-MP Swap to 1-Star due to potential bonus overflow achievable by stacking multiple
  12. copies of the materia.
  14. -) Restored Osmose formula to use caster's Magic stat rather than 40MP
  16. -) Split Osmose spell onto its own separate Materia; this Materia is Wind element.
  17. Heal Materia now only contains Esuna and Resist.
  19. -) Removed Transfusion (formerly Alpha) enemy skill from certain enemies
  20. This can be learned from Death Jokers in the North Crater through the use of
  21. Manipulate.
  24. Flevel/Field Script
  25. July 17th
  26. -) Added script to Debug NPC to manually reset Rank Up system to 1/8, 4/8,
  27. or 8/8. Adjusted rank up scripts.
  29. -) Rank Up will now provide option to discard excess/unwanted sources rather
  30. than looping to Party Menu when sources are detected in inventory.
  31. This is to prevemt soft-locks from maxed out stats caused either by
  32. the issues that arose from the June/July updates or by Save Editors
  33. that can add Sources/max character stats.
  35. -) Added failsafe to cave field at end of Ancient Forest in case it is accessed
  36. at the wrong time (will warp player out to world map)
  38. -) Added Arrange Mode toggle to Highwind debug NPC and a new NPC to Corel Ropeway.
  39. Toggling currently requires a battle to set a global var, so a fight with
  40. Shinra MPs (first enemies in the game) is encountered while toggling.
  42. -) Fixed a dialogue line for Cid on Highwind.
  44. -) Fixed flashing text on Osmose Materia pickup at Corel Ropeway station + slight
  45. adjustment to its placement.
  48. Initial
  49. -) Credit to Markul: Randomiser Rank Up scripts fixed
  51. -) Fixed Rank Up menu box misalignment on Cait, Vincent, Cid
  53. -) Placed new Osmose Materia into the game in 3 separate locations to cover different
  54. areas of player progression:
  55. 1) Garden by Aeris' House
  56. 2) Corel Ropeway Station - By the stairs leading to the Ropeway
  57. 3) Highwind, close to the Operation Room door
  59. Picking up any of these 3 materia will cause the other 2 to vanish.
  61. .EXEs
  62. -) Generated new .EXEs and checked that Limit Break changes were applied to all 3.
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