Balthazaar Jun 25th, 2019 51 Never
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  1. <Odocoileus> Hey man that tsijwokfn person
  2. <Odocoileus> Is like being really nosy in my personal business and it's making me uncomfortable to even login in here everyday
  3. <Balthazaar> TsjipTsjip?
  4. <Odocoileus> Yeah
  5. <Balthazaar> Right
  6. <Balthazaar> Do you mind if I bring this to the gm team?
  7. <Odocoileus> Like they IMMEDIATELY message me multiple times
  8. <Balthazaar> right
  9. <Odocoileus> No not at all
  10. <Balthazaar> do you have logs by any chance?
  11. <Balthazaar> And also when I bring it to the team do you mind if I copy paste this PM?
  12. <Odocoileus> Like the keep asking about my quit messages and shit and no I don't have logs cause I don't like looking at them
  13. <Odocoileus> And yeah go a head
  14. <Balthazaar> Right no problem
  15. <Odocoileus> Idk they just make me very uncomfortable. They have good intentions but like they don't know when to back off it seems
  16. <Balthazaar> Are they asking like creepy questions or like too many questions orrrr?
  17. <Balthazaar> (Not doubting you at all, just wanting to be thorough
  18. <Odocoileus> No but like it's immediate and overwhelming and sometimes I just don't wanna talk about the shit I'm going through you know
  19. <Balthazaar> yeah I get you
  20. <Odocoileus> Cause I am pretty depressed and I'd rather not tell my story to a stranger like that
  21. <Balthazaar> Yeah
  22. <Balthazaar> And your quit message is (:c) right?
  23. <Odocoileus> Yeah litterly that was all
  24. <Balthazaar> Oh and are they all like "What's wrong" and so on?
  25. <Odocoileus> Yeah and theg keep bugging me.a bout it
  26. <Balthazaar> Right
  27. <Odocoileus> IT WAS JUST A FROWNH FACE
  28. <Balthazaar> Ok, Imma pass this onto the gm team
  29. <Odocoileus> ;-; I do not want to be mean or anything it's just that like I have so much shit on my plate rn and I don't need some Randy pestering me.on my mental health rn
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