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  1. Pregame:
  2. -set options to 6 Subs
  3. -sub any non medal blue or purple if they have a replacement higher, keep CBs as CBs and DMF as DMF for now
  4. -Sub in Wee-Man as GK, fuck Eric. He should be shot. Based 121CM Non-A Position GK will lead us to victory (or a 20 goal loss which is  the same thing) The game is relatively meaningless so it should be fine
  5. -(((Game 2+: Sub out anyone who has scored in previous games MEDALS INCLUDED EXCEPT TONY OR BAM. If this means fuck positionsing then fuck positioning)))
  6. -Start on +2, Preset 3
  7. -Seriously, never sub Tony or Bam. They are integral to the timeline.
  9. In game:
  10. -Start on +2, preset 3
  11. -Sub any player who scores (EXCEPT BAM OR TONY) for the next player on the list who hasn't scored in this or a previous game. If no subs are left, change positions with a CB/DMF who hasn't scored. Fuck being in position.
  12. -If you have any fun-dumb ideas, do it. If you wonder "would it be okay if i...", the answer is yes.
  15. Play these two videos on mute under the other team's victory anthem. If this isn't possible, then just play the second video before playing the other team's victory anthem. Thank you!
  20. Sub Order:
  21. 1. Doomguy
  22. 2. Geoff Rowley
  23. 3. Officer Dick
  24. 4. Eric Koston
  25. 5. Alien
  26. 6. Elissa Steamer
  27. 7. Bigfoot
  28. 8. Steve-O
  29. 9. Wee-Man
  30. 10. Rodney Mullen
  31. 11. Bucky Lasek
  32. 12. Steve Caballero
  33. 13. Shrek
  34. 14. Rune Glifberg
  35. 15. Chad Muska
  36. 16. Andrew Reynolds
  37. 17. Kareem Campbell
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