TwiSwap Part 2

Nov 12th, 2019
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  1. Turning your body fully to face the girls, you walk up to them. “Sorry about that,” you say, and chuckle nervously. “I have a bit of an anxiety problem.”
  2. >Suddenly, you hear a snort, and your ears stand up. After a few seconds searching for the culprit, you decide to drop it, although you have a feeling of who it might be, your eyes zeroing in on the rainbow-maned pegasus who’s currently facing away from you..
  3. >Anyway, it’s Rarity who speaks up first. “There’s no need to apologize, Anonymous; I’m the one who should apologize. Both you and Twilight hold yourself quite similarly, so it was rather difficult for me to tell who you were. I shouldn’t have assumed who you were simply by that. Regardless, it’s nice to see you again, Anonymous.” She moves in for a quick hug, which you return; it’s nice, hugging a friend, and you had a tendency to do so with the your friends in your normal body as well.
  4. >Rarity pulls away after that, and giggles. “Even if it’s not exactly ‘you’ that I’m seeing.”
  5. “It’s nice to see you too, Rarity. Still, you don’t really need to apologize; I definitely overreacted,” you say, giving her an awkward smile. “Sorry about that.”
  6. >Rarity opens her mouth, looking like she’s about to speak, but then slowly closes it. “...I’m just going to stop before we keep apologizing in an endless loop,” she says.
  7. “Probably a good idea,” you nod; you’d rather not get into an endless feedback loop of apologies. Then you look at Fluttershy, a bright smile on your face. “Hello, Fluttershy.” You go in for a hug, which she reciprocates. “How are the animals?” you ask.
  8. >Fluttershy smiles. She has a very nice smile, even though you’ve never really been attracted to it. “Oh, they’re all doing very well; Angel Bunny had an awful cold recently, and I had to nurse him, but he’s all better now, and he’s a lot less grumpy.”
  9. “That sounds great,” you say. “I’ll have to come down to Ponyville some time to see him.” You pause, then add “After the whole body swap situation, that is.”
  10. >Then you look for Pinkie Pie, who doesn’t seem to be in your immediate vicinity.
  11. You frown. “Where’s Pinkie?” you ask.
  12. >”She’s checkin’ out the tables with that guard of yours,” Applejack says, pointing with a hoof. Following her hoof, you see Pinkie is indeed examining the refreshment tables, dragging a startled Silver Shield along.
  13. You roll your eyes but smile nonetheless. “Of course she’s checking out the tables,” you say. “She’d want to make sure their structural integrity is sufficient when faced with her Party Cannon.”
  14. >At this point, you start to hear snickering coming from the direction of Rainbow Dash.
  15. You sigh, and step towards her. “What is it, Rainbow Dash,” you say in a deadpan voice, with an expression that some people would characterize as ‘done’.
  16. >That’s when she just bursts into straight-up howling laughter, clutching at her stomach as she spins through the air.
  17. >You continue to stare at her, and from the corner of your eye, you see Applejack shaking her head. Gradually, her laughter starts to die down, and peters off to a few chuckles as she rights herself in mid-air. “S-sorry,” she says, and laughs. “Just, you say you’re Anon who switched bodies with Twilight, but you act WAY too much like her.”
  18. You feel a rush of happiness go through you, and your eyes widen. “R-really?” You ask, your ‘done’ expression disappearing. You smile awkwardly. “Princess Celestia said that too.”
  19. >”Yeah, really!” Dash says, snickering. “Hey, I bet we can prank Twilight’s parents by pretending that you’re Twilight and saying that you’re into other girls!”
  20. And with that, your happy expression disappears, replaced with an angry frown. “No. I’m not going to use this body to prank anyone, especially not Twilight’s parents, and I’m absolutely not planning on deceiving anyone at all. I am going to be completely open and transparent with everypony I meet. Got it?” You raise an eyebrow.
  21. >Dash, pretty predictably, pouts.
  22. >”...Fine.” Then, after a couple of seconds, she shrugs. “Probably a pretty bad idea, anyway.”
  23. “Ya think?” you say snarkily.
  24. >That causes Rainbow’s eyes to widen, and she slaps her hooves over her mouth, giggling.
  25. >”T-there it is again,” she says, barely able to contain herself. “You sounded just like Twilight then!”
  26. You feel your face becoming hot. “Surely I don’t sound THAT much like her. Right, girls?” You look over at the others.
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