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Jan 20th, 2018
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  3. This one has all the operations and the groups are really large. Most people have been using this main pastebin but you need a pretty decent PC to be able to import some of the massive groups in this pastebin
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  8. This alternative pastebin has all the same stuff as the main pastebin but the groups are broken down into much smaller parts for people who only want very specific things or their PC can't handle the massive groups from the main pastebin.
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  13. This is a brand new pastebin for people who just wanted the item ID and group structure. It does not come with any operations but has all the same items as the other two pastebins.
  16. All 3 pastebins have the same items, so just pick one and stick with it.
  18. I've gone through all the pastebin groups and improved/optimized them, cleaned up some stuff, added the new stuff from 7.3 and some older stuff. Switched over to proper operations utilizing the /0.95 format to account for the AH cut instead of the 106% lazy mode. I've switched over to use 3 custom prices for minimum, normal and maximum pricing to help you widen or narrow all the operations in the profile just by tweaking these 3 custom prices. Now it will only take you a few seconds to make the operations very competitive if you want. Some people like or need very narrow ranges, others want wider ranges. You can do this in seconds now. Here are the step by step instructions on how to make this custom prices, the profile will not work if you don't do this.
  20. Friendly reminder that you must reload your UI (type /reload) after every single import or the next import won't work. Make sure you have all the official TSM modules installed or it won't work, the most common ones people forget to install or turn on are, AuctionDB (for pricing info) , Accounting (for avgbuy values), and Crafting (if you craft anything to sell). When the option comes up to "Skip", "Replace" or "Cancel", just spam the button "Replace". Be Patient, some of the large groups can take 20-30 sec to import, just wait and don't click anything, or you will crash.
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