MadPack 2 Beta 9 Changelog

Dec 21st, 2014
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  1. MadPack 2 Beta 9 Changelog (Last changed pastebin January 2) ETA: January 2
  3. Updated Artifacts-1.1.0
  4. - Added three new tower types, which are "ruins" versions of the original ones.
  5. - There is sometimes a dungeon chest in the basement
  6. - Added wooden wall plates and obsidian pressure plates
  7. - Added new "Camouflaged" pressure plates and wall plates
  8. - A bunch of other tweaks and fixes, including that clay golems now drop bricks if killed while on fire.
  10. Updated BiblioCraft[v1.9.1][MC1.7.10]
  11. - Many bug fixes
  12. - New items like the Atlas
  14. Updated Chisel 2-2.2.0
  15. - Added Grimstone
  16. - Added non purple fantasy blocks
  17. - Added more variations to dark oak and accacia
  18. - Added Pumpkins
  19. - Added Jack-O-Lanterns
  20. - Added Hex Plating
  21. - Added Technical Blocks
  22. - Added Christmas Present
  23. - Added Warning Signs
  24. - Added Torches
  25. - British English and Pirate Language support
  26. - Fixed the waterstone bug
  27. - Fixed the Fantasy Pilla'
  28. - Auto Chisel is upgradable and contains all fixes
  29. - Major package refactor
  30. - Tiny bug fixes here and there
  31. - Compatibility with Colored Lights mod
  32. - voidstone changes
  34. Updated CoFHCore-[1.7.10]3.0.0B9-40
  35. - Bug fixes
  37. Updated EnderIO-1.7.10-
  38. - Tons of bug fixes
  39. - Added Dark Steel Ladder
  40. - Added new Capacitor Banks
  41. - 3 tiers
  42. - Configurable level / io display
  43. - Existing cap banks unchanged but are no longer craftable. Convert them to new version by placing in the crafting grid (power level is maintained)
  44. - Added preferences for Ore Dictionary outputs for the SAG Mill and Alloy Furnace.
  45. - Defaults to Thermal Foundation when available, see OreDictionaryPreferences_Core.xml
  46. - Added config option to add Ore Dictionary entries and registered names to tooltips (default is off)
  47. - Added support for increased Enderman Skull drops when using a TiC Cleaver or weapon with the beheading modifier
  48. - Values adjustable in config. Default sets Cleaver = The Ender, Beheading = looting on The Ender
  49. - Capacitor Banks can now be used to add the Flux upgrade to TiC tools
  51. Updated extrautilities-1.2.1
  52. - Updated: Added support for new RF API interfaces
  53. - Changed: Etheric sword is now used up when crafting (sadly needed to prevent dupe bugs)
  54. - Changed: Raised RF cost of heating coil
  55. - Fixed: Issue with mods calling for itemstack info without a defined player
  57. Updated Factorization-1.7.10-
  58. - Bug fixes (Many)
  60. Updated FastCraft 1.12
  61. - improve performance for some rarer cases
  63. Updated forge-1.7.10-
  64. - Fast chunkloading HYPE
  66. Updated Headcrumbs-1.3.0
  67. -Added mobs! All of the names in the config file now have a chance to spawn as a mob that will hunt you down :D
  69. Updated LycanitesMobsComplete [1.7.10]
  70. - Familiars: Some player familiars have now been added for a few people! These are in game companions that will always be around and are available to people who have donated via PayPal in the past and all past/future patrons on Patreon! Please contact me for more info on claiming your very own familiar!
  71. - New Arctic Mob Added: Serpix
  72. - New Items Added: Blizzard Scepter/Charge
  73. - New Rare Subspecies: The first rare subspecies has been added (all other subspecies are just uncommon), the Celestial Geonach! This is incredibly rare and also very dangerous, beware!
  74. - Improvement: Winter Events now only occur from December 10th to December 25th.
  75. - Improvement: Krampus has come to join the winter celebrations! Additional, larger presents may drop on December 25th! Hoo hoo hoo!
  76. - Improvement: Geonach are now natural Silverfish killers, as the defenders of the earth it is their duty to purge the Silverfish infestation! They will instantly kill active Silverfish on sight!
  77. - Improvement: Pinkies will no longer attack animals if Predators Attack Animals is set to false in the config, in this case they can be bred using raw or cooked meats.
  78. - Improvement: Summoned Jengu minions/familiars can be used as a water source for buckets!
  79. - Improvement: Summoned Phantom minions will no longer burn in sunlight!
  80. - Improvement: Jabberwock will now break down doors like vanilla zombies!
  81. - Improvement: Summoned Grue minions no longer burn in the sun.
  82. - Improvement: Concapedes can now spawn in the dark which means you may find them underground in jungle biomes too. (Don't fear, the Concapede insane spawning bug was fixed long ago and wont be coming back).
  83. - Improvement: Lobbers will now melt Obsidian, Cobblestone, Wood Planks
  84. - Major Bug Fix: Fixed a crash caused by entities being dropped.
  85. and Dirt into Lava if they are close and submerged in lava!
  86. - Bu Fix: Geonach should spawn from more modded ore blocks! Yay!
  87. - Bug Fix: Winter Gifts should now only drop from December 10th to December 25th.
  88. - Bug Fix: Tweaked some hit boxes such as Vespid hit boxes.
  89. - Bug Fix: The bounding boxes of mobs should now resize correctly, there was an issue where they would set once and not change. This should allow for more accurate collision boxes with varied mob sizes, giant sized mobs (can be done by NBT editing) should now have correct bounding boxes.
  90. -- Bug Fix: A lot of fixes to fear have been applied. Fear works using an invisible fear entity and then making the feared mob/player follow that entity, because of the bounding box issue the fear entity had a really small bounding box meaning it would try and fix through single block gaps and other tight spaces that the feared player/mob could not fit in, this resulted in suffocation.
  91. - Bug Fix: Beholders should now obey their masters, instead of killing them!
  92. - Bug Fix: Spriggan minions set to aggressive should now target threats and attack instead of just floating around!
  93. - Bug Fix: Khalks have finally learnt how to walk with all of their legs! It's incredible, clever Khalks!
  94. - Bug Fix: Some changes have been made to the fear entity, it should stop it going into walls!
  95. - Bug Fix: Mobs should no longer trigger their death event twice when
  96. dying! This should stop mobs from dying twice!
  97. - Bug Fix: Reduced the melee attack range, this should stop mobs from
  98. attacking through blocks!
  99. - Bug Fix: Feared entities should now take no damage from suffocation at all, this wasn't working all the time before but works now!
  100. - Bug Fix: Feared players/mobs will now be move to the last position they were in that was not inside a solid block, this means that if feared players/mobs do end up in walls they should be moved outside of the wall when the fear ends and immune to suffocation while fear is active.
  101. - Config Change: Light and Dark spawn conditions for mobs are now configurable.
  102. - Config Change: Subspecies and Random Sizes can now be disabled via the config, this wont affect mobs that have already spawned however.
  103. - Config Change: Added more config options to mob spawn types where
  104. ignoring certain checks can be turned on and off such as ignoring a mobs
  105. dimension or light level requirements.
  106. - Config Change: Added a config option to enable or disable the Khalks
  107. turning into a pile of lava on death.
  108. - Tweaks: Increased the movement speed of Grues slightly.
  109. - Tweaks: Trites, Abtu and Skylus will now attack prey mobs (such as Kobold or Gorgomite).
  110. - Balancing: Spriggans now heal for 50% of the damage they deal, down from 100%.
  111. - Tweaks: Lobbers will now also melt gravel!
  112. - Balancing: reduced the duration of Phantom fearing.
  113. - Another very evil surprise is also in this update... >:D
  115. Updated magicalcrops-4.0.0_BETA_12
  116. - Texture changes
  117. - Pickaxe can now have a fire charm added to make it auto smelt
  118. - Christmas event removed
  119. - Bug fixes and server crash fixes
  121. Updated MineFactoryReloaded-[1.7.10]2.8.0RC6-5
  122. - Bug fixes
  124. Updated Pam's HarvestCraft 1.7.10e
  125. - Added Chicken Gumbo, General Tso's Chicken, California Roll, Futo Maki, Beans on Toast, Vegemite, Honeycomb Chocolate Bar, Cherry Coconut Chocolate Bar, Fairy Bread, Lamington, Tim Tam, Meat Pie, Chiko Roll, Damper, Beet Burger, Pavlova, Gherkin, and the McPam
  126. - Donation Items: Ceasar Salad, Chaos Cookie, Chocolate Bacon, Lamb Kebab, Nutella, Snickers Bar, Spinach Pie, Steamed Spinach, Vegemite on Toast
  127. - New Fish (catch with normal fishing rod): Anchovy, Bass, Carp, Catfish, Charr, Eel, Grouper, Herring, Jellyfish, Mudfish, Octopus, Perch, Tilapia, Trout, Tuna, Walleye
  128. - New Water Garden Items: Clam, Crab, Crayfish, Frog, Scallop, Shrimp, Snail, Turtle
  129. - Recipe Added: Raw Jellyfish into Slime Ball
  130. - New Block: Oven (cooks only food, uses cooking oil, very fast)
  131. - New Block: Market (buy seeds, saplings, farm animal spawn eggs, and bonemeal for emeralds)
  132. - New Crop: Spinach! Found in the leafy garden and can be used in all green veggie recipes.
  133. - Added all my cakes as blocks you can place down and eat using their respective item
  134. Many bug fixes and changes
  136. Updated smallboats-1.7.10-10.13.0-14.0
  137. - added the Hoy!
  138. - the Hoy has guns!
  139. - Bug fixes
  141. Updated Waila-1.5.7a_1.7.10
  142. - Bug fixes
  144. Updated witchery-1.7.10-0.21.1
  145. - NEW: Witches' Cauldron, used to make custom brews, rituals and craft some items. Comparator signal strength reveals brewing progress (empty, filled, boiling, effect added, powered and all capacity used). Created by using Anointing Paste on a normal Cauldron.
  146. - NEW: Book Witches' Brews, describes how to brew with the Witches' Cauldron.
  147. - NEW: Brew custom potions, throw items into a full, boiling witch's cauldron and bottle it to create a custom brew. Items add different effects. Each effect can be modified for power and duration.
  148. - NEW: Brew dispersal methods: drink, splash, gas and liquid. Dispersal effects can be modified for extent and duration.
  149. - NEW: Cast custom Rituals, throw items into a full, boiling witch's cauldron then add waystones/taglocks for targeting, summon your coven (or other players with familiars) and cast the spell. Items add different effects. Each effect can be modified for power and duration.
  150. - NEW: Ritual dispersal methods: entity, splash, wide expanding AOE, rain. Dispersal effects can be modified for extent and duration.
  151. - NEW: Apply brew effects to an item, so that when it is next used the effect will trigger, reapply the ritual to increase the number of charges on the item (Curse a Book or an Apple for example).
  152. - NEW: Apply brew effects to vanilla doors, buttons, levers and pressure plates, to apply the effect when they are next used (one-shot application, this is not a permanent effect).
  153. - NEW: Boss - Shade of Leonard, summoned with the cauldron, very hard to defeat.
  154. - NEW: Epic artefact, Leonard's Urn, dropped by Leonard's shade, craft up to 4 together.
  155. - NEW: Potion effects to brew or ritualized in any combination: Poisoned frogs, damage undead, damage insects, damage demons, undead's curse (sunburn), fortune, disease, flatten land, remove gas, planting, tilling, harvest, fertilize, plant flowers, blight, stout stomach, moonshine, plant lily pads, blast, raise land, repel attacker, attract projectiles, reflect damage, reflect projectiles, drain magic, combustion (fuel source), unstable (don't get hit), absorb magic, poisoned weapons, raise undead, disrobe, part water, part lava, flames, pulverize, inhibit teleport, quaffing boost, resize, extinguish fire, fast swim, jump boost, sinking, overheat, full belly, keep inventory, fell trees, reveal, cause hunger, prune leaves, insanity, remove buffs, remove debuffs, summon owls, pull entities, summon bats, reincarnate, transpose ores, grue's prey, transpose, feather fall, bottling boost, multi jump, knockback, snow, paralysis, heal, harm, freeze, icy shell, love, sprouting, fear, blindness, erode, vines, webs, thorns, nightmare, boost active effects duration, breath underwater, resist fire, fast, slow, invisible, health boost, absorption, night vision, poison, wither, regeneration, strength, weakness, change biome, plant trees, steal buffs, spread debuffs (I may have missed some, but all are in the Witches' Brews book), endless water, ice world, keep potion effects on death.
  156. - NEW: Drop Gypsum in a witch's cauldron to clear the contents
  157. - NEW: Drop Quicklime in a witch's cauldron to clear the contents and cause an explosion to damage nearby creatures (not structures or the witch). The strength depends on the number of ingredients in the cauldron.
  158. - NEW: Book of Biomes (Extended Edition), lists biomes on each page, pick a page then craft the book with a piece of paper to create a Biome Note. This is used to select a biome when adding the Change Biome potion effect.
  159. - NEW: Mutandis and Mutandis Extremis are now made in a Witch's cauldron
  160. - NEW: Mutating Sprig is now made in a Witches Cauldron
  161. - NEW: Drop of Luck is now made in a Witches Cauldron.
  162. - NEW: Golden, Infernal and Otherwhere chalk are now made in a Witch's cauldron
  163. - NEW: Waystones can now be made by dropping up to eight of them into a 3x3 hollow square drawn with Otherwhere chalk (8 runes), and leaving them for a few seconds.
  164. - NEW: Blooded waystones can now be made by dropping up to eight of them into a 3x3 hollow square drawn with Otherwhere chalk (8 runes), when both a player and a charged altar are close to the circle, and leaving them for a few seconds.
  165. - NEW: Dropping a Bound Waystone into a 5x5 Otherwhere circle (12 runes) will teleport all creatures in the circle after a few seconds.
  166. - NEW: Holding use on the Seer Stone will now summon your Coven members, one after another. If near a Witches' Cauldron they will move to surround it.
  167. - NEW: Placing a Brew of Endless Water into a Dispenser, and dispensing directly into an empty adjacent Cauldron or Kettle, will fill either with water for one charge of the brew.
  168. - NEW: Placing a dispenser containing Glass Bottles facing away from a Witch's cauldron will bottle a brew from the cauldron when the dispenser receives a signal. The bottled brew will be ejected from the dispenser as expected and a glass bottle consumed.
  169. - NEW: Craftable Snow Stairs, Snow Slabs and Snow Pressure Plates.
  170. - NEW: Ice pressure plate that only activates for players wearing Icy Slippers. Only creatable using the Ice World potion effect on regular stone or wooden pressure plates.
  171. - NEW: Ice stairs, ice slabs, ice fences, ice gates, ice doors and ice stockades. Only creatable using the Ice World potion effect on regular blocks of the equivalent type.
  172. - NEW: Added GUI for witchery configuration in the mods section of the Minecraft main menu.
  173. - NEW: Earmuffs - Mandrake farmers dream come true.
  174. - NEW: Dirt and Grass Pitfall Blocks. They look like dirt and grass, just you cannot stand on them.
  175. - NEW: Player Compass. Attach a taglock to find the way to that player in the same dimension. Created in a cauldron.
  176. - NEW: Locate the closest village in the overworld, or the closest nether fortress in the nether, by dropping either an attuned stone or subdued spirit inside a 3x3 ritual circle and waiting for the spirit to show the way.
  177. - TWEAK: Re-added support for Mine Factory Reloaded.
  178. - TWEAK: Hobgoblins are now immune to fall damage.
  179. - TWEAK: Disabled certain teleportation events in Torment to prevent teleporting above the maze.
  180. - TWEAK: The buff from Hobgoblin worship, is now shown as a Potion Effect in the Inventory.
  181. - TWEAK: Lowered Mog/Gulg spawn rate, and added a configuration option to control this further.
  182. - TWEAK: Added support for IGrowable interface to Witchery plants.
  183. - TWEAK: Waila mod now shows Insanity Curse mods by their Vanilla names
  184. - TWEAK: It is now possible to add some other plants to the random mutation effects of Mutandis, by specifying them in the config file.
  185. - TWEAK: Added Acacia and Dark Oak saplings to possible Mutandis mutations.
  186. - TWEAK: Draining Bolts now drain 50% of magic power.
  187. - TWEAK: Changed witches oven recipe to use less iron.
  188. - TWEAK: Placing a block on a demon heart no longer replaces the heart.
  189. - TWEAK: Some players have reported Lord of Torment not spawning when the second half of the boss battle starts, while I am unable to replicate this, I have regigged a bit of code that *may* have some effect.
  190. - TWEAK: Improved the witchery leave decay algorithm.
  191. - FIX: Drawing with chalk on the ground below non-solid blocks, no longer replaces the block.
  192. - FIX: It was not possible to create blooded waystones for non-players.
  193. - FIX: Secondary splash that is sometimes heard when throwing things into a kettle is now gone.
  194. - FIX: Worked-around a mod compatibility issue for the Statue of Worship, where other mods (like enetbridge) who use reflection on all fields in the class and fail to handle all relevant exceptions, can cause the game to crash.
  195. - FIX: Spawn rate of demons in a demonic nightmare was far, far to low.
  196. - FIX: Apothecaries and village witch huts were not using the desert style in deserts.
  197. - TWEAK: Regigged the Waila integration, to workaround side-effects when other mods base-edit Zombies and other mobs.
  198. - TWEAK: Remove light opacity from ice doors so the darkening effect does not occur when standing in them (which is unwanted).
  199. - FIX: Typos in the witches' brews book corrected (and a few more details added)
  200. - FIX: Mortal Coil effect from Leonard was causing items not to be kept in the inventory when the player dies while under the sticky items effect.
  201. - FIX: Periodic nausia effect added by the Feel No Pain effect (from drinking moonshine), was causing a ConcurrentModificationException to occur when a block as also adding effects to the player.
  202. - FIX: Spirits were not dropping their subdued form any more
  204. Updated MadPack 2 Resourcepacks
  205. - New stuff
  206. - Renamed (Be sure to reselect them in the resourcepack folder)
  208. Moved the magicalCrops quest to the begin with the zombie quest.
  209. Added 2 new quest
  210. Around 60 monsters quest is now 5 of each monster to kill, as the double kill bug have been fixed.
  211. Changed quest reward from 60 monster quest now only 1 compressed cobble instead of 4
  212. Changed recipe of Mekanism Obsidian Armor
  213. Disabled death messages for any named entity.
  214. Changed LuckyBlocks
  215. Changed recipe for Steel Casing
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