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Jun 28th, 2015
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  1. K: Marx-niisan, are you still training ? Even though it's so late...
  2. M: Yeah...I don't have time for sleep. For the sake of the kingdom of Nohr, I have to keep polishing my sword skills. It's something I have to do.
  3. K: You really haven't changed.
  4. M: What do you mean ?
  5. K: Back when I was imprisoned in the north fortress, when you came to visit, didn't you stay up late to train too ?
  6. M: Why would you..
  7. K: I could see you training through the window of my room. But I didn't want to lose, so I started swinging my sword too.
  8. M: Is that so.
  9. K: Just like old times, shall we swing our swords together ?
  10. M: Of course, only this time you'll do it right next to me. Not from the depth of the fortress.
  11. K: Sure. Fufu, somehow, that perspectives makes me nervous.
  13. K: Marx-niisan, training again tonight ?
  14. M: Yeah.
  15. K: Can I join you ?
  16. M: Of course. ... Kamui, about what you said before
  17. K: Yeah ?
  18. M: When you said you watched me training from your room back in the north fortress, was I preventing you from sleeping ?
  19. K: Of course not, I loved listening to the sound of your sword when it stroke the air.
  20. M: I see, I guess it's fine then.
  21. K: ... Mars-niisan, there's something worrying/bothering you, isn't there.
  22. M: ... What ?
  23. K: The night when they said father was in a bad mood, you put yourself through some rigorous, violent training. The way you're training right now too, you seem restless. That's the impression I get.
  24. M: ... Hmpf. Don't say such accurate things. Nothing's worrying me anymore. Because I'm walking a path I believe in.
  25. K: Is that so. ... I'm sorry. It seems I got the wrong impression.
  26. M: No, it's okay. But, let's end the training. If we go any further, we'll be tired tomorrow.
  27. K: O-Ok.
  29. M: Kamui, I was waiting for you. Let's train together.
  30. K: Sure !
  31. M: ... Kamui, about what you said before.
  32. K: What I said... before ?
  33. M: Yeah. About how my sword training was violent that day father was in a bad mood. I'm always thinking about putting the country first before everything else, but I also consider Father's orders as absolute. But, that father, when he gives orders that don't take into account the country's best interests... And when I just can't, for the life of me, agree with these orders... In these moments, indeed, my sword may be rather violent.
  34. K: ...Marx-niisan.
  35. M: I'm surprised myself. That I would talk to you about this. The sword is a mysterious thing. Just by swinging it close to somebody else, even though we're not saying anything, we can connect, and come to an understanding. ... Kamui, thank you.
  36. K: Eh ?
  37. M: Thanks to you, I feel like I'm not alone...
  38. K: Marx-niisan... If you're okay with someone like me (that line is highly reminiscent of mariage proposals), I'll stay with you as long as you need.
  39. M: Are you sure, you'll be tired tomorrow.
  40. K: It's okay, I've always been staying up late.
  41. M: ... I see.
  43. Marx: Kamui, you're here.
  44. Kamui: What’s the matter? Do you need to talk?
  45. Marx: Yes. What do you think of me? As a person.
  46. Kamui: Huh?
  47. Marx: This seems sudden… But can you give me an answer?
  48. Kamui: What, why?
  49. Marx: Please. I need an answer.
  50. Kamui: For me, you were the one to teach me courage and swordplay… and instilled in me the desire to be strong. And when I found out that we are not connected by blood… Honestly, I was devastated. I was proud to think we had the same blood in our veins.
  51. Marx: Oh, is that so? Honestly, this gives me peace of mind.
  52. Kamui: Peace of mind?
  53. Marx: I think the opposite from you. I am glad we are not related by blood.
  54. Kamui: Why?!
  55. Marx: Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mean it as a bad thing.
  56. Kamui: So what do you mean then…
  57. Marx: You said that I taught you courage and swordplay, and so I have. But now… I want to you to know how I love you [literally I think... “I want to teach you love”?]. Please, take this from me.
  58. Kamui: This… What is this ring?
  59. Marx: Will you not marry me?
  60. Kamui: Marriage ... ! ? But , such a …
  61. Marx: I’m serious. As long as I live, I want to protect you. No longer as my sister. I want to have you as a woman… by my side
  62. Kamui: Thank you. No amount of words… can express how happy I am.
  63. Marx: So…?
  64. Kamui: But it will surely surprise everyone. What if they oppose us…?
  65. Marx: Don’t worry about it. Everyone will give their blessings. It’s not just good for us… It is good for everyone. It will bring peace between our countries. That’s what I think.
  66. Kamui: Marx-nii-san…
  67. Marx: We should stop thinking like that. It’ll be slow… but you can start by stop calling me brother. [He says something else here that I don't understand].
  68. Kamui: Hahaha… yeah!!
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