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  1. user2@localhost:~/.password-store$ ls -l digocean.gpg
  2. -rw-------. 1 user2 user2 2.9K Aug 19 07:02
  3. user2@localhost:~/.password-store$ sha256sum digocean.gpg
  4. 9fbe54ec03b37838c20cddc5790b597deba7c843cb54524eb4e1c8bb45bf0e31  digocean.gpg
  5. user2@localhost:~/.password-store$ pass edit digocean
  6. user2@localhost:~/.password-store$ sha256sum digocean.gpg
  7. 609c3875e5d1279ad33a472801ea0454fd5dca2b14f42a96e6dfc6d687a404c0  digocean.gpg
  8. user2@localhost:~/.password-store$ ls -l digocean.gpg   -rw-------. 1 user2 user2 3.0K Aug 19 07:05
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