Twilight's Test

May 30th, 2014
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  1. >“Time’s up, pass in your test, Ms. Sparkle.” Ms. Apple Polish instructed, pulling the papers out of the filly’s work space, Twilight placing her pencil down in absolute confidence in her test-taking skills, even if she did spaz out about it the whole week before that. Apple Polish looked over the young pony’s test, the mare handing it back with a stiff “pass” uttered out of her lips. Twilight’s eyes glimmered as she heard those magical words. She pranced about, stopping only when she felt the sting of Ms. Polish’s unamused gaze. Twilight cleared her throat, recomposing herself and walking alongside the cream-colored unicorn.
  3. >“Ms. Sparkle, you do have one last test that we must administer to every candidate of our prestigious academy.” Apple Polish enlightened Twilight, her hooves clacking along the tile floor. The pair came into the final room, Twilight’s parents awaiting at the opposite end of the room. They waved to her, her nervousness clear on her face. She didn’t prepare for this test.
  5. >Velvet noticed her daughter’s anxiety, asking one of the other judges for a moment to soothe her little filly. She nuzzled her and pulled up her chin. “You’ll be fine, my dear. You burned so many nights learning magic. I have no doubt that you will pass your exam.” Velvet whispered, falling back as she heard the cart being wheeled in. “The Final Test, Ms. Sparkle,” the blue unicorn projected, “is to hatch a dragon egg.”
  7. >Twilight tried hard to make it hatch using her own magic, but to no avail. She gasped as she had an epiphany, climbing to the top of the cart. “J-just what are you doing, young lady?” Arpeggio called out, looking at the determined bookworm’s face as she grabbed the egg, positioning her hips.
  9. >“Trying to hatch the dragon egg. You never gave a time limit, so I’m doing this.” Twilight explained, putting the narrowest edge up to her awaiting lips. Her parents turned beet red, nonplussed at their daughter’s apparently lewd act. “STOP THAT THIS INSTANT, MRS. SPARKLE!” Apple Polish commanded. “THAT IS AN IMPROPER ACT AND NOT WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR THIS TEST!”
  10. Twilight canted her head as she tried to understand how this was improper. “My body sits at about 37 Celsius, plenty hot as an incubator. I’m obviously not going to sit on this while people watch me at all hours, so keeping it safe is my responsibility.” She calmly pulled the adults on her train of thought, panting as she pushed more in, the wide egg obviously much more than the filly thought that she would be handling, her tunnel starting to drip to lubricate the passage. “And so long as I add in a baking soda mixture post-birth, I should be able to pass the egg pieces without major damage to my insides.”
  11. Night Light and Noble Laureate tried to get at her before she passed the egg all the way inside, into her uterus, the two knocking the other out of the way as they made their way to the cart, but as she passed that speckled egg into her precious garden, a sonic boom could be heard from outside, the room filled with rainbow lighting. This unlocked something in Twilight, pushing back Night Light and Noble Laureate. She couldn’t stop it, the egg closing itself inside of the little filly. It wasn’t until Celestia intervened that the chaos stopped, the princess looking down to the pregnant filly, smiling.
  12. >“Noble, Arpeggio, Apple. This girl passes.” She passed the edict, her eyes catching the curves of Twilight’s belly. “Y-your majesty! There is more pressing matters! She’s got an egg INSIDE OF HER!” Apple Polish panicked. Celestia pressed against the large belly, yielding to her touch, but still fairly tough.
  13. >“Looks like there is no egg in here.” Celestia chuckled.
  15. >“What are we going to do?” Velvet and Night asked, worried about their dear Twily.
  17. >“Well, in order to keep her safest, she’ll have to birth the dragon.” Celestia took the small filly under her wings. “Naturally.”
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