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Sorting System Installation Tutorial

1amw31rd Jul 7th, 2013 463 Never
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  1. THIS ASSUMES YOU ARE USING FTB (Mindcrack). It should work though as long as you have (minimum) ComputerCraft and MiscPeripherals. TESTED WITH VERSION 8.2.0 OF MINDCRACK FTB.
  3. Files:
  4. http://pastebin.com/YemHeis1 - Lua Sorter Display
  5. http://pastebin.com/EjUJ1Nna - Lua Display Screensaver
  6. http://pastebin.com/iPRvKJHZ - Lua Sorter
  7. http://pastebin.com/vGfpmMzN - Lua My Tools API
  9. http://pastebin.com/yj7de2rZ - PHP Serversize script
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/download/8rahpvhb4kl6sja/Sorting_System_Files.zip - Database & Modded Jars
  12. Installation:
  14. Install the Sorter Display, Tools API, and Screensaver scripts to the display computer. Your startup script for the display computer will need to open rednet and launch the Sorter Display script. The display computer must be an Advanced Computer with Advanced Monitor. For each sorting system subunit (described later), install the Tools API and Sorter scripts on them. Your sorting system subunit startup script will need to open rednet and launch the Sorter script.
  16. For the server code, you need to create a WAMP server. Put the Serverside script in the WAMP/www/ folder and name it 'storage.php'. For the database, use the 'sorting_system.sql' database file. You dont need the table 'storage', but you do need 'info', 'items', and 'sorters2'. REMOVE ALL ROWS from the 'sorters2' table. Note: I never finished listing all items in 'items', but you can add new ones manually or via the Display Computer.
  18. Also, I very slightly modified the Factorization jar and MiscPeripherals jar to fix some bugs that affected the sorter. If you arn't using barrels, you dont need the Factorization change. To install these, replace your Factorization and MiscPeripherals jars with the ones in the zip linked above. Changes in Factorization: Made it so you can input items into barrels from any side. Changes in MiscPeripherals: Added some methods you can call on the Interactive Sorter, and changed the Interactive Sorter recipe to use 1 diamond instad of 4.
  20. Finially, you'll probably want to change the ComputerCraft config file and change all of the rednet modem distances to 1000000000, but this is not needed if your storage is very close to your display computer.
  22. In-game Setup:
  24. For the display computer, it's just a simple Advanced Computer & Advanced Monitor with Rednet Modem. Install the scripts (described in Installation). The actual sorting system is quite a bit more complicated. I'd recommend installing it far away from your home, because it causes a lot of FPS drops.
  26. You'll want these materials: Lots of regular computers, interactive sorters, chests or barrels, and enderchests. You'll also need some Wooden Pipes and regular Pipe Gates. The storage system is setup by catigories (ex: Building Blocks, Ores, Mob Drops, etc). Each storage system unit represents one catigory. Each unit is made of a bunch of subunits in a row. This is a front view of a single subunit (3x3x1).
  28. [Nothing]         [Output Enderchest]   [Nothing]
  29. [Barrel or chest] [Interactive Sorter]  [Barrel or chest]
  30. [Modem]           [Computer]            [Nothing]
  32. This setup should be repeated multiple times in a row for each unit (each Interactive Sorter behind the previous one). At the very front is one change: An Input Enderchest should be infront of the first computer. Also, a Wooden Pipe attached to the bottom of that chest, with a regular Gate on it. The Gate's value should be: Items In Chest = Redstone Signal.
  34. Note: Each Output Enderchest for the entire system (showed in the subunit view) should be the same lablled 3 colors. The Input Chest should be a different 3 colors.
  36. Before installing scripts on the computers (described in Installation), label the computers. The FRONT computer in each unit should be labelled the name of the catigory for that unit. For the other computers, label them
  37. 'notfirst [more label if you want]'. Just make sure the label starts with 'notfirst'. Now you can install the scripts on them.
  39. Finially, put an Output and Input Enderchest next to your display computer to add and get items to/from the system. That should be it! :D
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