Anon Is a Mare in Heat - part 1

Apr 15th, 2019
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >You've been in Equestria for about two weeks now
  3. >After Twilight accidentally zapped you here, she was so apologetic that she let you live with her indefinitely
  4. >And most of that time has been spent meeting her friends
  5. >You have to say, for pastel ponies, they're pretty cool
  6. >But the pony who took the most interest in you was one of Fluttershy's friends
  7. >His name is Discord, and he's an ass
  8. >You met him when Twilight took you over to Fluttershy's place one day
  9. >He immediately took an interest in you, and he hung around you for the whole visit
  10. >You noticed why when you took a bite of your sandwich and it jumped away from you
  11. >You ended up having to chase it around the room before Discord finally stopped
  12. >"It's because he likes you," Fluttershy told you
  13. >And once you left, Fluttershy trotted out to tell you something
  14. >"Now, Discord may seem... strange, but he's just a bit of a prankster, that's all. They're just harmless jokes; you don't need to pay them any mind."
  15. >But with all the other things to do and ponies to meet, you forgot about him
  16. >Until he pops out of the bushes while you're walking on the path to Sweet Apple Acres
  17. >"Anon! How's my second favorite biped doing?"
  18. "Second favorite?"
  19. >"No one can top Michelle."
  20. >He puts a paw to his heart and sighs
  21. >"Michelle, my belle, sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble."
  22. "Tres bien ensemble?"
  23. >"Now you're getting it! I knew there was something special about you. Besides being from a whole other world, of course."
  25. >He pauses to look you up and down, before speaking again
  26. >"How do you like it here, anyways? I know you had to talk to Sunbutt for a day, but besides that, things are good, no?"
  27. "Could be worse."
  28. >"Could be worse? What makes you think that?"
  29. >He fakes thought for a moment, before snapping a claw
  30. >Small ponies that resemble Twilight and her friends made out of smoke dance on the palm of his claw
  31. >Then, with a poof, a tiny version of you appears, and they all scatter
  32. >"Is it because you're hanging out with a bunch of mares all day? They're so different than us, you know. You should know by now that there's no way to convince a mare of anything. And then, every month, they shut themselves inside their homes, complaining about 'mare troubles' and the like. Insufferable."
  33. "They seemed pretty nice."
  34. >"Ah, you just haven't seen the signs! You can't relate to them!"
  35. >A wicked grin forms on his face
  36. >"Maybe we should fix that."
  37. >He snaps his claw again and you look around
  38. >You feel a twitch above your ass and turn around
  39. >A long, flowing black tail grows out of the top of your pants
  40. >You look back up at Discord and he just grins
  41. >"Oh, there's more."
  42. >He snaps his claw again and all your clothes disappear
  43. >You try in vain to cover yourself with Discord's laughter in the background
  44. >After a few more drawn-out seconds, he stops with a final whoop
  45. >"But don't worry, Anon. You won't have that problem for much longer."
  47. >He points down, and you don't know what you expect
  48. >Looking down, you find light green fur traveling up your leg
  49. >Your feet are gone, a pair of hooves in their place
  50. >The fur moves up to your waist, and your hips shift as your bones change shape
  51. >Suddenly, you feel a twinge in your groin
  52. >You focus your attention on your dick as it begins to shrink
  53. "Discord, what the hell are you doing?"
  54. >Your voice is light and high-pitched, distinctly feminine
  55. >Your eyes go wide as your dick and balls pull themselves inside you, and a small slit replaces them
  56. "No. No no no no no."
  57. >The fur keeps moving up your chest, and the dexterity in your hands begins to slip away
  58. >Your nipples shift downward, coming to a stop just above your new pussy to form a pair of equine crotchboobs
  59. >Fur covers your arms like it did your legs, and by the time it reaches your hand you have another pair of hooves
  60. >The bones in your shoulders shift, and you feel yourself dropping down on all fours
  61. >The fur moves up your neck, and you go cross-eyed to see your face pushing out to form an equine muzzle
  62. >Your eyes grow, your eyelashes lengthen, and your ears travel up to the top of your head, now covered in fur like the rest of your head
  63. >Finally, you feel your hair spill out, becoming a long black mane
  64. >You look up at Discord angrily
  65. >He towers over you, laughing hysterically
  66. >"Oh, look at you! Such a cute little pony!"
  67. "Discord! This isn't funny! You turned me into a mare!"
  69. >You look back at your curvy pony rump and see a small question mark on your flank
  70. >That's not the part of you that concerns you the most, though
  71. >You can feel your new equine slit as the light breeze brushes up against it, and it only serves to piss you off, reminding you of your transformation
  72. "Discord, just change me back."
  73. >"Oh, come on now, Anon. Don't you want to know what it's like to be a mare? To get your mane styled? To wear frilly dresses? To go in-"
  74. >He stops, and looks down at you with another of many grins
  75. >And he snaps his claw again
  76. >You don't notice the change at first
  77. >But over time, the heat begins to build
  78. >A trickle of fluids runs out of your pussy and down your leg, forming a puddle on the floor
  79. "What did you-"
  80. >"Isn't it obvious? You're in heat. Wow, I can smell you from all the way over here. Are you sure you were a guy?"
  81. "Discord! Please!"
  82. >You tried to yell, but it came out as more of a moan
  83. >You glare at him, before taking a shaky step forward
  84. >Somehow, you don't trip and fall
  85. >You keep walking down the path past him, gritting your teeth
  86. >Discoed floats right alongside you
  87. >"Where could you possibly be going?"
  88. "I don't want to do this, but I'm telling Fluttershy."
  89. >He stops in his tracks and you give a boastful smile
  90. "Not so helpless now, am I?"
  91. >Discord only grins
  92. >"Good luck."
  93. >He snaps his fingers and, suddenly, you're in an open, grassy field
  95. >Thankfully, you know where you are
  96. >You're just outside town, and the path to Fluttershy's cottage is just a little ways away
  97. >He set you back, but not much
  98. >With a grunt, you sit up and start walking
  99. >There's nobody out to see your shaky steps or your heated panting
  100. >You haven't forgotten about the burning heat between your legs, but you need to focus on getting to Fluttershy
  101. >You turn onto the path and begin walking
  102. >After a while, you start to smell something
  103. >It smells faint at first, but it makes you curious
  104. >And incredibly horny
  105. >Whatever's down the path is driving you crazy
  106. >As you reach the top of a small hill, you can see why
  107. >Just down the path is an orange stallion you've seen around town
  108. >You recognize him as Carmel
  109. >And if you look closely, you can just make out something dark between his legs
  110. >He has some big balls
  111. >You feel your clit wink, and your eyes roll back in your head for a brief moment
  112. >All other thoughts are pushed out of your mind as you stagger down the path
  113. >You need to get down to him
  114. >He's not walking very quickly, so it doesn't take you very long to catch up to him
  115. >He turns around as you near him and his eyes widen in surprise
  116. >"Oh, miss! I'm sorry, I didn't notice you. What's your name?"
  117. >He sniffs the air and you can see his stallionhood flop out of his sheath
  119. "Fuck me."
  120. >It comes out as a faint whisper at first
  121. >"I'm sorry?"
  122. "Fuck me!"
  123. >You lean forward and plant a long kiss on his lips, then turn around and raise your tail
  124. >He hesitates, but before you can turn around you feel something on top of you
  125. >And something prodding at your pussy
  126. >"Ready?"
  127. >You give a short nod before he thrusts in
  128. >The pleasure is like nothing you've ever felt
  129. >He bottoms out in one thrust, and you feel yourself being torn open
  130. >He yanks your mane with his mouth while he pumps in and out of you
  131. >All you can do is moan in pure, carnal pleasure
  132. >They come out as squeaks at first, but grow into deep, throaty moans
  133. >It doesn't take long for the pleasure to build deep inside you in a way you've never felt before
  134. >Your tongue lolls out of your mouth as his balls slap against you and his dick thrusts in and out, filling you up like you didn't know you needed
  135. >Suddenly, the building pressure explodes inside you, and you let out a loud moan
  136. >Your walls clamp down on him, and with a final thrust, he buries himself deep inside you and releases
  137. >If you thought you'd had the most pleasure of your life before, you were wrong
  138. >Because the feeling of his warm cum shooting into your womb while you milk his dick almost makes you black out
  139. >He pulls out of you, and you can feel his warm cum run down your legs
  140. >But best of all, the heat is gone
  141. >You manage a small thank you before you walk off on shaky legs
  143. >The walk seems a lot longer to you now
  144. >It's probably because you're much smaller as a pony
  145. >Plus, you're also taking small steps, still now entirely used to your new hooves
  146. >You preoccupy yourself with thinking of all the ways to kick Discord's ass once you're a human again
  147. >But there's a part of you that loved being fucked like that, and wouldn't want to change back
  148. >Two loud, bright contrails distract you from your internal battle
  149. >The ends loop around and skid to a stop in front of you
  150. >You recognize the two ponies as Soarin and Thunderlane
  151. >Soarin takes off his goggles and turns to you
  152. >"You okay there, miss? We saw you walking down here and noticed you seem pretty tired. Where are you headed?"
  153. "Fl-Fluttershy's."
  154. >The heat quickly returns to your legs at the sound of his voice
  155. >Every look at their toned, muscled bodies stokes the fire inside you
  156. >Thunderlane looks to you, then back to Soarin
  157. >"You smell that? Looks like this mare's got a bit of a problem."
  158. >Soarin smiles
  159. >"You in heat, miss?"
  160. >You manage a nod, and notice Thunderlane is licking his lips
  161. >"Would you like us to-"
  162. "I need you."
  164. >Soarin looks a bit taken aback
  165. >"I'm sorry?"
  166. "I need you. Rut me. Hard. Please."
  167. >Thunderlane trots over to your rear and rubs it with a hoof
  168. >"You heard her, Soarin. Looks like it's time to show this mare why I made the Wonderbolts."
  169. >A shudder runs through your body as his hooves feel your ass, and your clit winks again
  170. >"You're pretty eager, huh?"
  171. >You nod, and feel a familiar weight on your back
  172. >His dick feels a bit larger than Carmel's as it pokes at your entrance, and you let out an involuntary moan
  173. >Soarin's dick flops out of his sheath, but he doesn't come over to you
  174. >And something inside you wants to try something new
  175. "Soarin, come over to my mouth."
  176. >You tried to speak normally, but that came out as a half-moan
  177. >Soarin only grins
  178. >"Now we're talking."
  179. >He puts his hooves on your shoulders, right next to Thunderlane's, and you move your muzzle closer to his waiting dick
  180. >With a thrust, Thunderlane buries himself inside you, and your head jerks forward, right against Soarin's cock
  181. >You extend your tongue and start licking the tip
  182. >As Thunderlane begins to thrust, your mouth opens, and Soarin begins to push the head of his dick into your mouth
  183. >You lean forward and assist him, feeling the thick cock quickly fill up your mouth
  184. >You'd never known that sucking a dick would feel so good
  186. >With each thrust, you bob forward on Soarin's cock, running your tongue along the tip
  187. >Whenever Thunderlane's dick rubbed against a sensitive spot, you moan into Soarin, and he shudders
  188. >As Thunderlane picks up his pace, your moans become louder, but still muffled by Soarin's cock in your mouth, and more high-pitched
  189. >Suddenly, Soarin begins to thrust too, and your eyes roll back in your head as you feel another orgasm building
  190. >And with a cry, Soarin gives one final thrust before his hot cum fills your mouth
  191. >Some form of instinct takes over and you start to swallow
  192. >You don't want to let his delicious cum go to waste
  193. >Behind you, Thunderlane is moving impossibly fast, slamming against you and making you cry out
  194. >Your moans are no longer muffled when Soarin pulls out of your mouth and waits for Thunderlane to finish
  195. >He doesn'thave to wait long
  196. >Thunderlane grunts and buries himself deep inside you, letting rope after rope of cum paint your insides
  197. >With a loud moan, you orgasm too, your legs almost giving out beneath you as you milk his cock
  198. >Once you've both rode out your orgasms, Thunderlane pulls out and admires his handiwork
  199. >You can't see your pussy, but you can feel his cum run down your leg
  200. >You're sure it's a hell of a sight
  201. >Thunderlane walks over to Soarin and motions to you
  202. >Soarin seems to remember something
  203. >"You wanna come to one of our events? That's what we're heading to. The afterparty will be killer. And if your heat comes back, there's a room full of stallions over there for you."
  204. >You almost say yes
  205. >But you haven't forgotten that you can't stay like this forever
  206. >But the prospect of being filled up again is so incredibly tempting
  207. >Still, you have to get Discord to turn you back, and if you give up, he wins
  208. "I'm sorry, but I can't go. I have something I need to do."
  209. >"Well, if you change your mind, we'd love to have you."
  210. >Thunderlane gives you a wink before they both fly off
  212. >You turn around and start walking again
  213. >The taste of Soarin's cum still lingers in your mouth, but you try to put that out of your mind
  214. >If you get to the fork in the road, you'll know you've almost gotten there
  215. >And, sure enough, after half an hour of walking, you see the fork
  216. >You let out a quiet laugh
  217. >Soon this awful day will be over
  218. >Although you did like the sex more than you should have
  219. >You begin walking on the left path, but you hear voices from the other road
  220. >"Man, where the hell are we?"
  221. >"We're in a forest."
  222. >"I know that, but where's Ponyville?"
  223. >"It should be up ahead a ways. At least, that's what the map says."
  224. >"What if the map's wrong?"
  225. >You take a few steps back and look down the right path
  226. >A light blue pegasus and a purple unicorn, both stallions, advance down the path towards you
  227. >Just behind them are four others
  228. >You feel a familiar fire reignite
  229. >Oh fuck
  230. >Every time you see a stallion, you can't control yourself
  231. >And now there are six of them
  232. >And the purple one has noticed you
  234. >He trots up to you and you feel your clit wink
  235. >You try to ignore your back end as much as you can, until he speaks
  236. >"Um, miss? We're looking for Ponyville. Mind pointing us in that direction?"
  237. >All you notice is how much he looks like Twilight
  238. >Come to think of it, the other five look like their friends
  239. >Is this part of Discord's stupid prank?
  240. "Twilight? Did he get you too?"
  241. >"Who? My name's Dusk Shine. We're from Los Pegasus, and decided to walk here over Spring Break."
  242. >So they're not related to Twilight or her friends at all
  243. >Your clit winks again
  244. "You're in college? All of you?"
  245. >"Uh, yeah."
  246. "And you're tired? You must be; you've been walking for so long."
  247. >"Yeah, I guess I am. Rainbow Blitz has made his fatigue incredibly clear, too."
  248. >The burning in your legs is unbearable
  249. "Well, I don't mean to be forward, but I know a great way to unwind after a long day."
  250. >It took all you could to keep that from coming out as a moan
  251. >Instead it just sounded shaky
  252. >"What's that?"
  253. >You lean forward and kiss him with as much fire and passion as is between your legs
  254. >He looks surprised at first, but when he feels your tongue prodding at his lips, he opens up quickly
  255. >He takes control of your mouth, passing his tongue over every inch of it as you quietly moan into him
  256. >"Damn, Dusk, I think she likes you."
  257. >"Of course she likes him, you idjit! He looks like he's lassoin' her tongue in there!"
  258. >You break the kiss, and you're both gasping for breath
  260. >You look over to the other five, and all of them are rock hard after that display
  261. >You flick your tail out of the way and turn your exposed, winking, dripping pussy to them
  262. "Stallions? I'm dying over here, and I need all six of you. Please. There's no one else out here."
  263. >You receive various murmurs of approval and the band of horny stallions advances towards you
  264. >The light blue stallion is the first to hop on you
  265. >He thrusts into your dripping pussy with ease, eliciting a moan
  266. >The purple one, Dusk Shine, trots over to your front end and you lower your head in anticipation
  267. >He places his front hooves on your shoulders and you're face-to-face with his dick
  268. >A drop of pre beads at the tip, and you lick it off
  269. >Just like the last stallion's, the taste is amazing, and you're dying for more
  270. >You take the head of his dick in your mouth while Blue pumps away at your pussy
  271. >The other four stallions assemble around you, two on either side
  272. >Orange trots right up to you and whispers in your ear
  273. >"We're gonna make you ours, Sugarcube. We're gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before, and when we walk away, you'll be covered in our cum. Trust me, Sugarcube. We know how to satisfy a mare as horny as you are."
  274. >He gives you a peck on your cheek and steps back
  275. >You look over and him, along with White, place a hoof to their erect, waiting dicks, and begin to rub
  276. >You look to your right and there's Yellow and Pink, fapping
  277. >Fapping to you
  278. >The thought alone makes you moan, but add that to being fucked on either end and you never stop moaning
  279. >Dusk begins to thrust, pumping his dick in and out of your mouth
  280. >Blue behind you grabs your mane in his teeth and tugs, thrusting harder
  281. >Each thrust from either of them sends sparks through your body and moans out of your mouth
  283. >You can hear the other four panting, too
  284. >They seem to be getting close
  285. >You guess they must be pretty blueballed and horny after a long walk
  286. >Yellow is the first to finish
  287. >He lets out a small, quiet squeak as the first ropes of cum shoot out from his twitching dick
  288. >They cover your shoulder and neck, feeling warm on your fur
  289. >White lets loose a few seconds later, covering your left flank
  290. >Dusk, whose thrusts had gotten faster as his friends came, pulled out of your mouth
  291. >He positions the tip of his dick right in front of your open mouth and starts rubbing himself with a hoof
  292. >After a few seconds, the tip flares up and the first ropes of cum shoot out of his dick
  293. >They land in your mouth, but the next ones clear it entirely
  294. >Spurts of his cum land in your hair, on your snout, and on almost every other spot of your face
  295. >It feels like his orgasm will never end
  296. >You place your mouth over his tip and suck, coaxing every drop of cum out of him
  297. >Each drop tastes like heaven on your tongue, and you swallow all of it
  298. >Behind you, Pink cums, firing his seed on your right flank
  299. >Dusk pulls out of your mouth, letting the last few drops splash onto your face, and steps back
  300. >You look back at him, panting and moaning, feeling the pure ecstasy of being fucked in the pussy
  301. >Orange grunts and orgasms, and you feel his cum land in your hair and on the left side of your face
  302. >Finally, with a loud cry, Blue finishes inside you
  303. >The sensations overwhelm you, and with a louder yell, you reach a thunderous climax
  304. >Blue pulls out of you and leaves you panting and covered in cum
  305. "Oh- Oh, God, that was amazing."
  306. >Dusk laughs
  307. >"Glad you think so, miss. But if you think we're all spent yet, then you're not thinking straight. After a week on the road, with not one eager mare in sight, we've got plenty more where that came from."
  308. >You feel your clit wink again
  309. "Good. My heat isn't gone, and you six are going to take it."
  310. >You give Dusk another kiss, and the other stallions cheer
  312. >Pink hops onto your back and starts pumping away
  313. >You start moaning again, but before too long, he pulls out
  314. >"You ready?"
  315. "For what?"
  316. >The first few inches of his dick slide into your tight asshole
  317. >You cry out, but it's not a cry of pain
  318. >As he buries himself inside you, you hear shuffling underneath you
  319. >Then another rock hard cock poking at your pussy
  320. >You look down and see Orange, and watch him slide into you
  321. >He looks over at you and winks, the hat falling off of his head
  322. >With a grin, he lifts his head up and runs his tongue across one of your teats
  323. >He watches your tongue loll out of your mouth and sees the look of pure pleasure on your face
  324. >"Butters? Git over here and play with this here mare some."
  325. >Yellow trots over and slides into place underneath you
  326. >He slides his tongue over your perky nipples more sloppily than Orange, but you were still in heaven
  327. >White places his front hooves on your shoulders, and, without a word, starts pounding away at your mouth
  328. >"Oh, I've needed this for a while~"
  329. >You look over and see Blue and Dusk rubbing at their dicks right next to you
  330. >Blue sees you looking at him and grins
  331. >"By the time we're done with you, whoever you're headed to isn't gonna be able to see you under all our cum."
  332. >He starts rubbing faster, and you continue to moan
  333. >The feeling of having three dicks inside you is just another sensation you've never felt before
  334. >Each time Yellow flicks a teat with his tongue makes you shudder
  335. >Your legs are weak, and soon, Yellow doesn't have to stretch as much to get to your underside, because you're slowly losing strength in your legs
  337. >After what seems like an eternity, with a grunt, Pink fills your ass with his seed
  338. >When he pulls out, giggling, Orange moves out from underneath you and hops on top of your back
  339. >He immediately starts pumping as hard as he can, and you lose yourself in the pleasure
  340. >You feel cum coat your teats underneath you, and moan loudly into White's dick
  341. >Guess Yellow must have blown his load all over your teats
  342. >Sure enough, Yellow is panting underneath you, but he keeps licking
  343. >White slows down his thrusting, before finishing in your mouth
  344. >You swallow his delicious seed, and when he pulls out of you, you can moan freely again
  345. >All six stallions take delight in hearing your loud displays of pleasure
  346. >Especially, it seems, Orange
  347. >He leans forward and starts to whisper in your ear
  348. >"Oh, you like getting fucked like that, don't you? You like being rutted like this. Ah bet you're just about to cum now, hm?"
  349. >You let out a loud moan
  350. "Oh, yes~"
  351. >"Good."
  352. >He starts pumping faster, and you cry out as you are quickly brought to orgasm
  353. >Your walls clench around his dick, and his thrusting gets more erratic
  354. >"Ngh, I'm gonna~"
  355. >He buries himself inside you and shoots the biggest load you've ever felt inside you
  356. >When he pulls out of you after his impossibly long orgasm, a steady stream of cum is flowing from your pussy
  357. >Orange, like the other stallions, is grinning, admiring their handiwork
  358. >After what seems like an eternity, with a grunt, Pink fills your ass with his seed
  359. >When he pulls out, giggling, Orange moves out from underneath you and hops on top of your back
  360. >He immediately starts pumping as hard as he can, and you lose yourself in the pleasure
  361. >You feel cum coat your teats underneath you, and moan loudly into White's dick
  362. >Guess Yellow must have blown his load all over your teats
  363. >Sure enough, Yellow is panting underneath you, but he keeps licking
  364. >White slows down his thrusting, before finishing in your mouth
  365. >You swallow his delicious seed, and when he pulls out of you, you can moan freely again
  366. >All six stallions take delight in hearing your loud displays of pleasure
  367. >Especially, it seems, Orange
  368. >He leans forward and starts to whisper in your ear
  369. >"Oh, you like getting fucked like that, don't you? You like being rutted like this. Ah bet you're just about to cum now, hm?"
  370. >You let out a loud moan
  371. "Oh, yes~"
  372. >"Good."
  373. >He starts pumping faster, and you cry out as you are quickly brought to orgasm
  374. >Your walls clench around his dick, and his thrusting gets more erratic
  375. >"Ngh, I'm gonna~"
  376. >He buries himself inside you and shoots the biggest load you've ever felt inside you
  377. >When he pulls out of you after his impossibly long orgasm, a steady stream of cum is flowing from your pussy
  378. >Orange, like the other stallions, is grinning, admiring their handiwork
  380. >Orange turns to the other stallions
  381. >"Y'all done just yet?"
  382. >The response is a resounding no
  383. >"Y'all wanna give her a nice sendoff?"
  384. >A resounding yes
  385. >"Well, show this mare some Los Pegasus hospitality!"
  386. >The stallions all form a circle around you
  387. >Yellow, directly behind you, places his front hooves on your back and slowly slides into your pussy
  388. >His thrusts are light and delicate, and even though you've had several other dicks inside you today, you still moan and pant
  389. >The other five are rubbing away at their dicks, right up against you
  390. >A couple are even touching you, rubbing against your fur in both dry and wet spots
  391. >Directly in front of you is Blue, whose smile grows even lustier with each moan that comes out of your mouth
  392. >The other stallions are grunting and panting like they've been each time they fucked you or came on you
  393. >And it's the sexiest thing you can imagine
  394. >Yellow finishes inside you fairly quickly, adding to the cum filling your pussy and your womb, but he keeps thrusting
  395. >The smell of all these stallions is intoxicating
  396. >It gets you almost drunk, and you feel an orgasm building that much quicker
  397. >Right before you cum, Yellow pulls out of you, and starts grinding his dick against your pussy
  398. >Your moans drive Dusk to finish, and his cum lands square on your back
  399. >With that, you reach orgasm, squirting your juices on Yellow's cock
  400. >Behind you, he starts rubbing it again
  402. >Blue, looking down at you, rests his cock right on your face
  403. >The first few spurts clear your face entirely, landing in your messy black hair
  404. >As his orgasm dies down, he adds to the cum coating your face
  405. >Yellow finishes again, covering your ass in his cum
  406. >A few drops make it to your still-raised tail
  407. >Pink is next, giving in to the orgy and blowing his load on the back of your head
  408. >When White starts to pant even louder, you move your head and start to suckle on the tip of his dick
  409. >He moans loudly, and you feel his cum land squarely on your tongue
  410. >You open your mouth and he moans again as he gets a good luck at you as he cums in your mouth
  411. >After you've swallowed it all, you place a small kiss on the tip and turn to Orange
  412. >"Oh, no, Sugarcube. But don't turn away now. I want you to see me coming all over you."
  413. >His hoof picks up speed, and you move your head down to the base of his dick, planting several kisses on his sheath and his balls
  414. >"Ooh, you're so hot~"
  415. >And with that, he fires spurt after spurt of hot stallion cum into your hair
  416. >Once he's ridden out his orgasm, the group steps back
  417. >You're a moaning, panting mess, standing weak-kneed on the dirt
  418. >Orange smiles, and you manage a smile back
  419. >"Well, Sugarcube, Ah'd like to thank you for showing us such a good time. There ain't a mare like you in all of Equestria. We'll be makin' our way towards Manehattan over the next week, and if you wanna chase after us, well, Ah won't stop ya."
  420. >He turns and walks off, and the rest of the stallions follow him
  421. >You turn away too, leaving a trail of stallion cum behind you as you begin the home stretch of your walk
  423. >Even after all this fun, it's still only the evening
  424. >You do feel sad that those stallions won't ever see you as a mare again, but you're happy for them
  425. >You'd do you, that's for sure
  426. >Soon, the trees give way to an open, airy clearing
  427. >Fluttershy's cottage sits directly ahead of you, but she must be inside
  428. >You cross over the bridge and prepare to knock on the door when you hear a pop behind you
  429. >You turn around and see Discord holding a VHS tape
  430. >"Well, Anon, that was quite the performance. Luckily, I got it all on tape. 'Anon Is a Mare in Heat': coming to an adult video store near you. And, by the looks of it, it's been coming ON you, too."
  431. >You realize that you're still coated in load after load of stallion cum
  432. "You did this to me, Discord. You made me like this and put me in this stupid heat so it's not my fault I was so horny. It's not my fault I fucked them."
  433. >"Oh, but it is! If you'd turn your attention to the screen, you can hear the commentary."
  434. >He pulls out a small TV and sets it down, popping the tape in
  435. >You don't even have time to wonder how he knows about any of that stuff when the video plays
  436. >It's a third-person view of you walking down the dirt path, with narration in a high-pitched voice
  437. >Is that really how you sound now?
  438. >"I wish I had gone with those two. The thought of an afterparty with them sounds amazing. And a locker room full of stallions? I'm so glad they took away my heat. I can still taste Soarin's cum, too. If I wasn't on my way to kick Discord's ass, I would have gone with them in an instant."
  439. >He clicks off the TV and looks back at you
  440. >"That seems pretty autonomous to me. If I was controlling your mind, you would have ended up fucking the top of the town hall."
  441. "Still! You've made your point, I didn't understand how hard mares have it, yadda yadda. What even brought this on? I never said anything insensitive or the like."
  443. >"Oh, you didn't need to. I've been wanting to do something like this since the first time you told Twilight that humans don't go into heat."
  444. "You weren't even there when I said that."
  445. >"I didn't have to be."
  446. >You don't even care about that bit of information
  447. "Just change me back, Discord. Please."
  448. >"Oh, Anon, I will. But first-"
  449. >He leans back in a chair that wasn't there a moment ago
  450. >"-You have to show me a bit of what you showed those stallions."
  451. >You see an equine sheath and balls pop into existence between his legs, and a large cock stands at attention
  452. >"I usually hide it away. Being bipedal means it isn't as hidden as it is on ponies. It only comes out on... special occasions, you see. And I'm incredibly horny."
  453. >The smell of it alone beings the heat back
  454. >"Make me cum, Anon, and I'll turn you back."
  455. >You take a few steps forward until your face is right against his cock
  456. >You extend your tongue and start licking the tip
  457. >He sighs and sinks into the chair a bit
  458. >You move your tongue up to the tip and take the it in your mouth, bobbing up and down
  459. >With each one, you go a bit deeper, until the medial ring passes between your lips and the tip bumps against your throat
  460. >You don't think you can go any further than this, so you don't, continuing to bob up and down as you lick his shaft with your tongue
  461. >"Oh, come on now, Anon. If you don't want to be a mare in heat forever, then you'll have to take the whole thing. By the looks of it, you don't want to be human ever again."
  462. >You huff and prepare yourself to take the rest
  464. >The first inch slips down your throat with some resistance, but you find it's not nearly as impossible as you thought
  465. Soon, your muzzle bumps against the base of his dick, and he sighs again
  466. >"Good mare. Keep sucking."
  467. >You use every trick you've learned today to try to being him to orgasm as quickly as possible, but nothing seems to be working
  468. >He's panting and writing in your grip, but he's not as close as the other stallions were
  469. >You have to really work for this
  470. >You start bobbing up and down faster, and Discord looks down at you
  471. >"Oh? Eager, aren't we?"
  472. >You meet his gaze and keep sucking
  473. >"Oh, that's hot. Keep looking at me, Anon. Look at your master, you obedient little mare. You may want to turn back into a human, but first you'll have to act like a mare."
  474. >All his talk is getting you considerably horny
  475. >Fluid starts leaking out of you again, and the heat is back
  476. >Discord seems surprised when you pull off of his cock
  477. >"Looks like you're destined to be a mare forever."
  478. >He eats his words when you turn around and raise your tail
  479. >"What's this? Do you want me to fuck you, Anon? Do you want to give yourself to me?"
  480. "Y- Yes."
  481. >"I want you to say it."
  482. "F- Fuck me, Discord."
  483. >"Louder."
  484. "Fuck me! Fuck me like a mare and make me yours! Make me moan so loudly the whole town can hear! Just, please, fuck me!"
  485. >He pushes all of himself inside you in one go
  486. >He's almost twice as long as the other stallions, and he's pushing against your upper limits
  487. >Then he starts thrusting
  488. >The sheer pleasure every inch of his dick inflicts upon you is unbearable
  489. >Every thrust sends lightning bolts through your body and a feminine moan out of your mouth
  490. >You can't see Discord's shit-eating grin, but you know he's wearing a big one
  491. >"Wow, you sure love this, don't you Anon? I bet nothing you ever did as a human can even compare."
  492. >You manage a nod, but you can't speak with him inside you
  493. >Each time you open your mouth a loud moan comes out
  495. >Soon, you can tell Discord is getting close
  496. >The pleasure becomes too much to bear, and with a cry, you reach thunderous, incredible orgasm
  497. >Your walls clench down on his cock, milking an orgasm out of him
  498. >He shouts, hilts inside of you, and releases
  499. >Rope after rope of sees plants itself deep inside of you, filling you to the brim
  500. >When he pulls out, he lets the last few spurts land on your back, adding to the rest of the cum
  501. >Panting, he sits back down
  502. >"Well, Anon, you sure do make a good mare. Maybe even better than Michelle."
  503. >He puts a claw to his hand and sighs
  504. >"But, alas, all good things must come to an end. If you really want to go back to being a boring old human, I'll snap my claw and turn you back. I'm keeping the video, though. Quality material, if you know what I'm saying."
  505. >He puts the tape in its case, the cover of which has a lewd display of your wet, winking pussy with the title "I Can't Believe She Used to Be a Human!", and poofs it away
  506. >"But, before you make a decision, I'd just like to remind you that there are eight stallions that are gonna miss you a lot. Carmel isn't that bright, but the others? Hoo boy, Applejack was right when he said there isn't a mare like you in all of Equestria. I could take the heat away if you wanted me to, and poof you a few miles ahead of them."
  507. "I mean, I do feel bad for leaving them. I don't know why, but I do."
  508. >"Maybe you can relate? But regardless, there isn't much for you here in Ponyville. I'm sure you don't want to stay with Twilight forever."
  509. "You're right there."
  510. >"And those six? Talk about eye candy. The six horniest stallions in Equestria, and they can't get you out of their minds. I wouldn't pass that up."
  511. "You'd change me back if I wanted to later, right?"
  512. >"Oh, sure. Not after getting a few pictures, though."
  513. >He pulls a camera out of nowhere and takes a picture of you
  514. >"Marvelous. You're very photogenic covered in stallion cum."
  516. >You realize you need a shower badly after all that sex
  517. >"And, of course, I'm sure I could magic you some of the profits from selling these."
  518. "Selling them?"
  519. >"Kidding. Probably. Anyways. You want me to change you back?"
  520. "You know what? Not yet. I want to see those guys again."
  521. >"That's the spirit! Now come on, Fluttershy's got the best hot water in the town. Clean you up so you can get dirty again."
  522. "Sounds like a plan."
  523. >Discord opens the door and you walk in right after him
  524. >You look inside the cottage and it seems a lot bigger than you remembered
  525. >Of course, you already know how small you are
  526. >Fluttershy trots into the room, smiling, but one look at you and she's back to being scared and nervous
  527. >"Oh, um, who's this?"
  528. >"This, my fine, feathered friend, is Anon."
  529. >"Anon? But you're a- oh, well, I hope you're changing her back."
  530. >Now it's your turn to be shy
  531. "Um, well, actually, I was hoping to stay like this for a while..."
  532. >"Oh! Well, that's nice. I told you he meant well."
  533. "Right. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to shower."
  534. >"Oh, go right ahead! The bathroom is through the kitchen."
  535. >You hope she doesn't notice you're covered in cum as you walk past her
  536. >Thankfully, she doesn't being it up
  537. >You walk into the bathroom, shut the door behind you, and quickly turn on the water
  538. >The hot water feels heavenly, and the cum starts to flow down the drain
  539. >You've never felt so relaxed in your life
  540. >Before the warmth travels to other places, you turn the lever marked "soap", and soapy water comes out of the shower head
  541. >You finish your shower, lathering and rinsing a few times to get all of the sticky spots out, and dry off
  542. >And, walking past the mirror, you catch a glimpse of yourself, and you stop to examine yourself more closely
  544. >You've got to say, you're pretty adorable
  545. >Your human self was average looking at best, but you can tell why those stallions liked you so much
  546. >You open the door and Discord and Fluttershy are sitting in the living room having tea
  547. >A cup sits at an empty chair, waiting for you
  548. >You sit down and try to pick up the cup in your hooves
  549. >After a few close calls, you can safely bring the cup to your mouth and take a sip
  550. >Tea certainly tastes better as a pony
  551. >Discord finished his cup and turns to you
  552. >"So, Anon, Fluttershy and I were just talking about your little mission."
  553. "My mission?"
  554. >"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is reunite with those six stallions you, ahem, 'met' on the way here. They said they were going to Manehattan, right? Well, there's a small road that goes from here to Canterlot, over to Fillydelphia, then up to Manehattan. Takes about a week. I think that's where they're going. And by think, I mean I read their minds."
  555. "You did what?"
  556. >"Oh, calm down, I didn't look for too long. But the blue one, Rainbow Blitz, is crushing hard on Applejack, who thinks you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. Meanwhile, Dusk is in love with you, and the others were just pretty horny."
  557. "What."
  558. >"I know! It's like watching a soap opera!"
  559. >He grabs a microphone and, suddenly, soft music starts playing
  560. >"Next, on Anonymous, Anon has to face a group of stallions competing for her love. Who will she choose? Who will choose her? How many times will she get fucked before she's had enough? All your questions will be answered after these messages."
  561. >As Discord starts yelling about a Shamwow, you turn to Fluttershy
  562. "What do you think of all this?"
  563. >"I think it's lovely that you've accepted this part of yourself."
  564. "Huh?"
  565. >"Oh, Discord told me about all your inner turmoils, if you don't mind. I couldn't get him to stop, and I tried, but I do think it's nice. If you don't mind me knowing."
  566. "Eh. You can't really shut him up, anyways."
  568. >You motion to Discord, who is currently going off about Berge Ford's brand new cars at low low prices
  569. >He snaps out of it and looks to the two of you
  570. >"You know what I meant. Anyways! I did a bit more prying, too, and the Wonderbolts are having a show tonight in, you guessed it, Fillydelphia."
  571. "So I could go over to Soarin and Thunderlane and wait for those six to arrive. Best of both worlds!"
  572. >Discord laughs a bit
  573. >"You sure do sleep around, huh?"
  574. "Oh, shut up! It's not like you could choose, if you were me."
  575. >Discord snaps his claw and, when the smoke clears, there's a carbon copy of you standing in his place
  576. >Presenting herself to a faceless stallion
  577. >"Oh, fuck me! Please! I know I used to be a guy and all, but I need you inside of me! I don't have balls, so they can't touch, so it's not gay!"
  578. >He poofs back to his usual form and reads the room
  579. >Fluttershy is absolutely mortified
  580. >"Were- were you?-"
  581. "Unf."
  582. >Discord leans back
  583. >"Anon, I hate to say it, but you're a bit of a slut. And by a bit I mean a lot. Like, wow."
  584. "Oh, come on. You're the one that put me into heat."
  585. >"I- I think I'm going to go."
  586. >You look over to Fluttershy, but she's already disappeared upstairs
  587. >"Anyways. I'll help you, only to get more footage. Quality stuff. All of Equestria is waiting with bated breath for 'I Can't Believe She Used to Be a Human! Part Two: Locker Room Slut', available at your local adult video store."
  588. "You know, if you're really that hell-bent on filming a porno, you should be right there next to me."
  589. >"That's genius!"
  591. >He snaps a claw and, suddenly, there's a beige mare with long, wavy silver hair in his place
  592. >"What do you think? Pretty sexy, huh? I call her Eris."
  593. "Well, if I had a dick, I'd do you."
  594. >"Glad to hear it. Of course, I wouldn't want to steal the thunder from our resident mare-in-heat! I'll just be sitting in the sidelines. I may pop off for a few minutes, but hey! Who can blame me?"
  595. >She turns around and lifts her tail, giving you a full view of her exposed, winking pussy
  596. >"Would you do me? I'd do me."
  597. "Unf."
  598. >Despite your reaction, with a flash, he's back to normal
  599. >"Maybe in Part 3. Right now, though, we've got to get you to some stallions!"
  600. "I can drink to that."
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