Nov 24th, 2016
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  1. >It's been a long time since you were promised to have "the talk" from Celestia.
  2. >She's been your mentor ever since you were much younger than today, and procreation has been a mystery to you for many years.
  3. >But today, the day after your birthday, she approaches you.
  4. >"My dearest student, you are finally 18 years old. I do believe it's time for me to show you how people have children."
  5. >She used to say that she'd tell you, not show.
  6. "What do you mean?"
  7. >"Follow me."
  8. >She herds you into her office, alone. Sitting down in her chair and curling her index finger towards you.
  9. >"Come sit with me."
  10. >Hesitantly approach her, soon piecing together that you must sit on her lap.
  11. >"Undo the front of your pants for me."
  12. >You nervously obey, not understanding what she wants to happen here.
  13. >After you're wide open, Celestia reaches in between the flap of your boxers and softly wraps her fingers around your member, prompting it to become excited.
  14. >She frees it from your clothing and holds it in her hand. "What's happening right now is called an erection. It's that thing that happens when your penis starts to stand straight up. I'm sure this may have happened to you before, no?"
  15. "I-It has..." You stutter.
  16. >"Let me show you what you can do with this." Celestia directs your hands to the front of her pants. "Women have a vagina, and the people have children is for the man to insert his erect penis into the vagina, which is called sexual intercourse."
  17. >Your hands automatically find themselves undoing Celestia's pants and pulling them down.
  18. >"This is perfectly natural, all of it. It practically happens on its own if you don't even think about it."
  19. >Celestia starts to stroke her hand up and down your shaft. "This feel good? It's okay to like this. You're supposed to like it... everyone is; it just makes you normal like everybody else."
  20. >You reach under her panties and make contact with moist bare skin with the tips of your fingers. You jump at the feeling.
  21. >Celestia's hip bumps into yours.
  22. >Your hand finds its ways between the soft folds of skin under the confines of the woman's panties.
  23. >Take some of the moisture with your fingers as you pull your hand away, hearing Celestia sigh before continuing her lesson.
  24. >"A lot of people like to call this 'pre-cum'." She explains with a smile. "Both men and women can have this start to come out of their genitals whenever they are aroused. It helps moisten things up for lubrication purposes in a lot of cases."
  25. >You feel her thumb brush by the tip of your erect penis, taking some clear liquid with it.
  26. >Celestia softly shudders in excitement. "There's already some coming out of you."
  27. >Nod just a little bit as she continues to explain everything to you the best she can.
  28. >Celestia notices that your eyes are locked onto her body, catching glimpses of her pussy as the presence of your hand rubbing it pushes her panties out of the way for you to see what you're grabbing in the principal's goodie bag.
  29. >Wrap your arm around her with exchanged giggles to stay nice and up close to your mentor.
  30. >The hands on learning experience starts including kisses on the lips and appreciative moans that slip out of them.
  31. >"Look at how erect you are." Celestia takes her hand away from your member for only a brief moment, but lightly pinches and collects your pre cum between her fingers. "It's impressive how much bigger you get, isn't it?"
  32. >Unable to speak now, you nod again, eyeing the moist blotch on her purple panties before directing your eyes up to the principal's chest.
  33. >Your arm wraps around her back and under her arm to reach the breasts you grab through her clothing. Celestia grins and leads you on to continue little by little as you nonverbally answer her.
  34. >"You want to know more about these?" She undoes her jacket's top button to reveal her cleavage. Mmmmm... have you seen fully developed breasts in person before?" Her grin grows more promising.
  35. "Y-yes..." Your life all the way up until this moment flashes before your eyes. "I n-need this..."
  36. >All of those years you've spent wondering where babies come from. When you've gone through high school without having a clue what sex was.
  37. >When you...
  38. >...
  39. >There are bedsheets all around you, and you feel a warm spot.
  40. >Open your eyes… into the cold horrid truth that really is. You’re in your own bed, not Celestia’s office.
  41. >Welp.
  42. >Just like two hours ago, another wet dream that ends before you make it to the good part. AND THERE'S STILL TWO HOURS UNTIL YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP!
  43. End.
  44. This will be rewritten and fused into other stories in the future as a brand new story. I hate how this (as well as some others) turned out.
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