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[D&D] Crew Rollcall

senkesha May 22nd, 2020 (edited) 1,529 Never
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  1. {
  2.   "title": "The Sea Ghost's Active Crew",
  3.   "description": "Rollcall! The active crew aboard *The Sea Ghost* is:\n• **Name** - *role* (msg link)\n• **Name** - *role* (msg link)\n• **Name** - *role* (msg link)\n• **Name** - *role* (msg link)",
  4.   "author": {
  5.     "name": "To call on me, type +crew!",
  6.     "icon_url": "https://i.vgy.me/mRvcNf.png"
  7.   },
  8.   "color": 6919840,
  9.   "footer": {
  10.     "text": "Crew Capacity: 0/20"
  11.   },
  12.   "thumbnail": "https://i.vgy.me/lVi23f.png"
  13. }
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