Walnut - Those Long Days Passing Through The Door

Apr 10th, 2014
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  1. >The music was slow to start with Actias arrival to Amata's house.
  2. >Putting on a smile Amata welcomed her good & only friend Actias into her home.
  3. >Taking a seat it on her couch Amata quickly fetched some tea for her friend, and the two sat with a smile.
  4. >Opening her mouth Actias started to speak about her day & the long grueling process of being the only child of a wealthy moth family, and how life in a way is a bother.
  5. >Looking at Amata, Actias asked her how could she do it in being an average moth. Raising up her tea cup & taking a sip Amata said it was easy as she had her to come visit her, and be by to help her out.
  6. >Laughing at her response Actias thought what Amata said was true they both always had each other back. Placing her drink down Actias asked Amata how she would like to get out of the house.
  7. >Thinking about it, the last time Amata left her house was when she had to go out shopping for groceries as she worked from home. Nodding her head Amata placed her drink down & hopped out of her seat.
  9. >Going out to the mall with Actias & Amata had spent their entire day out shopping.
  10. >Stopping at a ice cream stand Actias couldn't help not to notice this stallion moth next to her at the stand. Watching Actias, Amata couldn't help, but feel a little jealous for her becoming quickly acquainted male moth introducing himself as Acteus which took Actias by surprise due to how close their names were.
  11. >After finishing their ice-cream Actias managed to give Acteus her number with Amata on the side line.
  12. >The next few weeks Actias visits to Amatas house became shorter & shorter as she would quickly rush to see that moth they ran into at the mall.
  14. >Actually coming over for a visit Amata didn't put on the music Actias & her listened to when she came over, and instead they both sat quietly with their drinks Amata made.
  15. >Asking Actias why she came over, Actias told Amata she had a huge announcement. Opening her mouth Actias said "I am to be wed, Amata. You're invited of course, but I don't think I will be coming over anymore as Acteus wants to move somewhere else with me." which for some reason made a crack in Amatas heart as the both of them hung out with each other.
  16. >Putting on a false smile for her friend Amata said "Congratulations Actias. I thought you would never get married." laughing a bit as she did. Looking Amata in the eyes Actias didn't see anything that would make Amata look sad, saying "Thanks." the both of them drunk their tea in silence.
  17. >A month had passed after Actias wedding & Amata attending, and her moving away. Amata then checked out her window everyday for a year to see if Actias would come, and leave only when she needed to go grocery shopping.
  18. >Looking out the window & seeing nopony come Amata then put on the same record she & Actias listened to all the time, and ended it all with a simple slit.
  19. >The music was fast to start with Actias never arriving at Amata's house.
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