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Jan 4th, 2013
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  1. davide@ubuntu:~/biosmod/Insydecodr$ sudo python2.7
  2. Opened BIOS 'data/original_bios-mine.fd' with md5:0ac91f2797a24e39891f053271dbf55c
  3. Operating on BIOS data/original_bios-mine.fd size = 0x200000
  4. Loading compressed sections
  5. .. found 1 compressed sections
  6. Locating Firmware Volumes
  7. .. found 9 FirmwareVolumes (5 compressed)
  8. Wrote SetupUtility to data/
  9. Size = 0x7c940 MD5: ef1fcd78281a5f2fbc789b0d159388b7
  10. Location = 0x1a1<1>, name='VT Support' help='Vanderpool Technology Enable/Disable.'
  11. Have vss_volume: <FirmVol position=0x151000 size=0x00ffb8 where=None [VSS]>
  13. <FirmVol position=0x151000 size=0x00ffb8 where=None [VSS]> <VSSData len=1 size=0x5fb8>
  14. <Variable status=0x7f size=0x004 name=martBoot>
  15. Have vss_volume: <FirmVol position=0x161000 size=0x09efb8 where=None [VSS]>
  16. Have vss_volume: <FirmVol position=0x000010 size=0x5fffb8 where=[compr at 0x1069] [VSS]>
  17. Done
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