SWAT3 CQB - position hack

May 8th, 2015
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  1. SWAT 3 - Close Quarter Battle
  2. SWAT + Last Resort MOD
  4. *Note - Last Resort MOD does some EXE hack to force it working on higher resolutions and support higher resolution textures. HEX .EXE edit means that the OPCODE's SHOULD BE the same no matter if it's modded or not.
  6. Sample address of OPCODE:
  7. X:      Y:
  8. 0041E9D9    0041E9E4
  9. 0041E4CD    0041E4DD
  12. ASM instructions:
  13. swat_800x600.exe+1E9D9 - mov [eax],edx      -X (NOP makes the game not capture input of forward/backward buttons)
  14. swat_800x600.exe+1E4CD - mov [esi+10],eax   -X ** (As above)
  15. swat_800x600.exe+1E9E4 - mov [eax+08],ecx   -Y (NOP makes the game not process input of left/right buttons)
  16. swat_800x600.exe+1E4DD - mov [esi+18],edx   -Y ** (As above)
  17. swat_800x600.exe+1D373 - mov [eax+08],ecx   -noclip X (Take a look below) (NOP makes the game glitch, see below)
  18. swat_800x600.exe+1D368 - mov [eax],edx      -noclip Y (Take a look below) (NOP makes the game glitch, see below)
  20. *Noclip X and Y note - There are two OPCODE's that work to glitch engine in not updating and processing some variables. Even if you're using hotkey hack to edit X axis position you can use ANY of noclip addresses.
  22. **This is additional OPCODE. You don't need to watch for variable on both of them, because they're both accessing the same variable.
  24. Sample coordinates on map would look like:
  25. (FLOAT)
  26. X: 423.55251
  27. Y: -31.25613
  29. Example accessed by above OPCODES variables that ARE NOT player position would look like:
  30. -31
  31. 0
  32. 423
  34. Yes, finding three or more the same float with sample correct coordinates as seen above is FINE. Only ONE is real. So take all four and:
  35. opt the wrong one by freezing memory one-by-one and testing if it's blocking your movement or just work on four of them
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