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  1. ## I hate st00pid not configured Huawei routers ....
  2. ## our local ISP had them all over the place - i already called them but since over 4 months there still are plenty in their IP ranges ( ## ). Just run some curl for/each shit and grep for chinese chars.
  4. ## or so who cares
  5. for i in $(echo 37.60.3.[2-250]); do curl -kL --connect-timeout 2 --max-time 5 -H "User-Agent: Mozilla X11" $i; done
  8. user :: telecomadmin
  9. pass :: admintelecom
  11. ## My proposal ::
  12. 1. Go "System Tools" > "Modify Login Password" > Make this bitch yours
  14. 2. Go "Security" > "Device Access Control" > ENABLE ALL THE NEAT FTP/SSH STUFF. Got an embedded BusyBox :^)
  16. 3. Go "System Tools" > "Configuration File" > "Download Configuration File" .... is an XML sheet -> ya can switch the default DNS server to anything in your domain to find the router again after reboot (which is needed to apply any larger changes). Better solution to find the router again without any weird net rerouting in the first place aka. some silent solutions?
  18. Gday
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