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  1. Note: Make sure you are actually perm banned before filing a perm ban appeal. If you try to connect to the server and it states you're permanently banned, than file a perm ban appeal. Otherwise, file a regular ban appeal in the forum or wait up to a day - non-perm bans are cleared daily.
  3. This is the application template to be removed from the Total Freedom perm ban list. If approved for removal from the perm ban list, the following will apply:
  5. 1. Except for those who were improperly placed on the perm ban list, those who get released from perm ban are subject to being placed back on the perm ban list more easily than those who were never on the perm ban list.
  7. 2. After your application is approved and you're unbanned, you must post an explanation and/or apology in the Total Freedom forum. The forum is at: Note that you might be banned from the forum as well as the server. If your application is approved, you'll regain access to the forum.
  9. 3. If you were an admin, you can apply for reinstatement 30 days after release from perm ban (or earlier if executive admin approves) and you must note the circumstances of your perm ban in the reinstatement request.
  11. Application for perm ban removal:
  13. 1. Minecraft name:
  15. 2. Twitter handle (if any):
  17. 3. Approximate date of perm ban:
  19. 4. Reason for perm ban (please don't lie):
  21. 5. Do you agree to all the conditions stated above?
  23. 6. Please provide the one IP that you will be using to login to the server. If you don't know it, goto and cut and paste the result. All other IPs that you used to get perm banned will remain perm banned. Don't provide a VPN IP.
  25. If you are not banned from the Total Freedom Forum, you MUST post your perm ban appeal in the ban appeal section of the forum. The forum is at the above address noted in para 2.
  27. If you are banned from the Total Freedom Forum, e-mail your application to
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