Infinity Rundown

May 16th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Infinity: a quick rundown
  3. <The Stats>
  7. MOV: Movement, how far a model can move in-game. Represented by two numbers. The first number is how fast it moves for one action, and when combined with another move action the model moves the second number (1 order is move-action or move-move).
  8. CC: Close Combat, how skilled a fighter is in close quarters. Usually combines with Martials arts skills for dedicated CC fighters. In Infinity, you can use your pistol in CC (which uses your CC stat) if it is better than your weapon for close combat.
  9. BS: Ballistic Skill, how accurate a shooter is which can be based on sheer marksmanship alone or computer-assisted firing.
  10. PH: Physique, how agile/dexterous a model can be. It is used for many movement-based skill checks such as climbing and jumping and is the Damage-determining factor in CC.
  11. WIP: Willpower, the model’s ability to resist effects, discover hidden objects, perform technical skills such as Engineer/Doctor Rolls. Hackers depend on this skill for using programs.
  12. ARM: Armor, the capability to protect a model from conventional damage.
  13. BTS: Bio-Technical Shielding, protection from info-war attacks, and all other sorts of biological/chemical/rad agents. Useful for resisting hacker programs if vulnerable to them.
  14. W: Wounds, how much a model can handle before succumbing to their injuries. Some models can ignore going unconscious and fight to the death!
  15. AVA: Availability, how accessible certain units are within your given faction. Some units require a lot of resources to be able to bring to bear on the battlefield, while your basic trooper can be brought in plentiful numbers.
  17. <Important Abbreviations>
  18. Lieutenant: Lt’s are the catchall term for the leader of your force when playing Infinity. Not saying every Lt. must hold this rank for fluff purposes, but having a Lt. is mandatory to play the game properly. In-game, they generate a special order that only the Lt. can use. Doing so reveals the officer in question and can paint a bullseye on their back. Certain profiles in each faction can be a Lt. Losing your Lt. is a big deal and will be covered later.
  19. SWC: Special Weapons Cost, which allows you the player to bring the big guns. It’s a separate cost when listbuilding used for purchasing bigger guns in addition to certain loadouts in addition to Hacking Devices. The rule of thumb when calculating SWC is that there is 1 for every 50pts in your force; as the standard game size is 300 pts, the standard SWC size is 6 SWC.
  21. <Unit Shorthand>
  22. LI: Light Infantry, the cheap and cheerful units that tend to form the core of an average force. Sometimes written off as cheerleaders for merely just providing orders to bigger and more powerful units, their presence within the game is important. Light Infantry can span from the lowliest rifle-toting Ariadnan to a state-of-the-art cybernetic organism manufactured by ALEPH. Every faction handles LI similarly, generally speaking.
  23. MI: Medium Infantry, better armed and armored, these infantries tend to carry more gear and protection. The offset to this being a slower movement stat and increased cost, both in points and SWC. They usually have some kind of more specialized role compared to Light Infantry.
  24. HI: Heavy Infantry, powered armor exoskeletons propel the infantry and allow for more powerful armaments and gear. Unlike MI, most HIs don’t suffer from the same drop in Movement due to their gear because of the power armor.
  25. TAG: Tactical Armored Gear, the final word when it comes to battlefield engagements. Giant suits of armor with the best technology their respective faction can offer. Computer-aided targeting systems allow these walking tanks to spearhead operations. In-game, they require a lot of support practically requiring the list tailored to them to get the most out of these behemoths. They can be very vulnerable to Hacking and other infowar tactics. Along with the Main Battle TAGs, lighter TAGs also exist, usually covering more restricted roles or simply offering a cheaper alternative to an MBTAG.
  26. REM: Remotes, AI-controlled, semi-autonomous modular companions. Capable of carrying heavy weapon systems, extra munitions, or even infowar/reconnaissance packages. These automatons can be the workhorse of any force, but you need a hacker or a TAG to field them, and are generally quite fragile. Some factions have access to combat REMs that can take a more specialized and aggressive role on the battlefield.
  27. SK: Skirmishers, infantry that excels at getting behind enemy lines or scouting out territory. The premier button-pushers of Infinity. Most of these units start outside the deployment zone. Having less armor than even Light Infantry, this can be offset through the use of Camouflage and other cunning tactics and technology.
  28. WB: Warbands, kind of a catchall term for cheap, undisciplined troops who have a particular set of skills. Most are very close range oriented and tend to be hard to control. Their impetuous nature can allow them to move farther and faster than other units due to these extra orders.
  30. <Orders>
  31. The lifeblood of the force. Perhaps the most precious resource in the entire game. Combat Groups are formed by a maximum of 10 models. Orders allow units to perform actions/skills in the game.
  32. Regular: Grants an order to the order pool for the whole army.
  33. Irregular: Can only use their order for themselves.
  34. Impetuous/Extreme Impetuous: Granting an extra order in addition to the order (whether Regular or Irregular) they normally provide to the order pool. Their recklessness basically means they can’t benefit from Partial Cover.
  35. Frenzy: Become impetuous the turn after killing an enemy.
  36. As models die, fewer orders are provided to the rest of the army; this means that the game goes faster as it approaches the end, with only a few bloodied warriors still standing: it's like an action movie.
  38. <Human Sphere Factions>
  39. ++PanOceania++
  40. The faction that shoots first and asks questions later. Formed after a failed space colonization attempt by the USA and Europe which bankrupted these nations and allowed for a new power block to form. India, Australia, the EU, South America, and Indonesia together form the greatest Hyperpower. Has +1 BS and -1 WIP on their troops. Known for the best technology in the Sphere, TAGs, TO:Camo, and even their Heavy Infantry are well known. Sectorials of PanO are Military Orders, Neoterran Capitaline Army, Shock Army of Acontecimento, Varuna Immediate Reaction Division, and Svalhareima's Winter Force.
  41. More on PanO here:
  42. ++Yu Jing++
  43. The old close-quarter faction, all their troops possess a higher than average CC stat. Possessing the best Heavy Infantry technology of the Sphere, the quote/unquote bad guys of the Sphere and Eternal Rival of PanO. YJ has the most diverse HI in the Sphere, ranging from transformer Cats to stealthed power armor operatives, covering almost all battlefield roles with different suites of heavy armor. Yu Jing leads the way! Yu Jing sectorials are the Imperial Service, the Invincible Army, and White Banner.
  44. More on Yu Jing here:
  45. ++Nomads++
  46. The misfits of the Human Sphere, possessing average stats all around. They travel the stars in three world ships that have their own culture, command, and abilities. Anything goes when it comes to these self-titled freedom fighters. The best Hacking equipment and REMs can be found here in the entire Sphere. Able to scrounge, barter, purchase any outdated equipment and repurpose it for their own ends, these "ne’er do wells" hate ALEPH with a passion that is borderline obsession. Sectorials for the Nomads are the CJC (Corregidor Jurisdictional Command), BJC (Bakunin Jurisdictional Command), and TJC (Tunguska Jurisdictional Command), based on the 3 Ships-nations the Nomads inhabit.
  47. More on Nomads here:
  48. ++Haqqislam++
  49. Biotechnology, medicine, and Silk are all the property of the New Islam. The best Doctors and biotech in the Sphere, Haqqislam troopers benefit from their strong devotion by possessing +1 WIP. Access to a lot of Viral weaponry and some of the best Light Infantry in the game. Haqq upgrades practically all of their Paramedics to Doctors, granting an even better chance to heal the soldiers of Allah. Lots of dirty tricks can be found here. Sectorials for Haqqislam are the Hassassin Bahram, Qapu Khalqi, and Ramah Task Force.
  50. More on Haqqislam here:
  51. ++Ariadna++
  52. What does a failed colonization effort, a wormhole collapsing, and being cut off from your own time have in common? The Ariadnans of course. Humans from Earth from all different corners (Scotts, Frenchies, Cossacks, and Americans) are flung through a wormhole 175 years into the future. Dawn, their new home and planet they have made refuge on isn’t without its surprises. Teseum, a super space metal, and the indigenous locals (the Antipodes) have made the Ariadnans a hearty people. Possessing on average better PH values due to their time spent in the wilderness of Dawn, these survivors are thriving. Sectorials for Ariadna are the Caledonian Highlander Army (Scots), Tartary Army Corps (Cossacks), Merovingian Rapid Response Force (Frenchies), the USAriadna Ranger Force, and Kosmoflot (a new sectorial dedicated to space operations).
  53. More on Ariadna here:
  54. ++ALEPH++
  55. HAL, Mother, the Big Brother of the Human Sphere. An AI that controls the day in and day out while owning its own private army. Possessing cutting edge technology that can ascend people into a digital form, superior cybernetic organisms known as LHosts, access to the best weapons manufacturers gives you a faction that is armed to the teeth. A lot of their units have a lot of skills and equipment which can inflate their cost. Very reliable and somewhat forgiving due to their above-average durability. ALEPH is watching you! Sectorials of ALEPH are O.S.S. (Tactical and Hindi influenced subsection) and the A.S.S. (Greeks, Assault Subsection).
  56. ++O-12++
  57. A relatively new kid on the block in terms of getting representation within the game, O-12 has been in the Infinity lore for a long time. They work behind the scenes to shift the Human Sphere's interest and preventing all-out war among the factions. Multiple Bureaus operate within O-12 ranging from hunting rogue AIs to policing the various havens within the Sphere; in the wargame the faction is represented by Swordfor, a special police force. Lots of emphasis on crime-fighting, while possessing a higher number of Adhesive weapons. They may seem built to be less than lethal, but don’t let them fool you. You become a problem, and they will nip you in the bud. It does not follow the Concillium Convention either even though they fight to uphold those laws. Above-average tech with an abundance of gear and skills. The first sectorial for O-12 is Starmada, a space police force with less raw power than Swordfor but a lot of well-rounded units.
  59. ++NA2 the Non-Aligned++
  60. Mercenaries used to be a dream, being able to take the lowest of the low ranging from the resourceful Bounty Hunters, the despicable Druze, and even honorable Kaplan Security Teams. Now, they possess any person with a gun in their hand, the will to live, and the capability to make money. The JSA (Japanese Secessionist Army) has moved here after the Uprising event, but we don’t talk about that. Every Mercenary that you could think of lies within these factions. Mercenary companies tend to pop up and fizzle out just like the ebb and flow of the tide. Some make it to greatness and earn a pretty penny for themselves in the process. Most of the newer mercenary companies are a combination of two factions within the Sphere as the main focus with some other faction’s units sprinkled in for flavor. Sectorials/Merc Companies for NA2 are the JSA, Spiral Corps, DBS (Druze Bayram Security), Ikar Co., StarCo, Foreign Company, the Dashat Company, and White Company.
  62. <Foreign Invaders>
  63. ++Combined Army++
  64. Similar to the Covenant from Halo, these alien races serve a greater purpose. After their first AI achieved enlightenment and transcended, they decided to make another but hamstrung it so it wouldn’t leave them as the first did. Above-average tech level and stats with a great number of abilities/skills. Similar to ALEPH, their units tend to not be as cheap because of this technology. Voodoo Tech being the final word in infowarfare. Able to possess troops with but a mere glare or burning them with plasma-based weaponry, this motley crew of aliens consists of the Morats (the space Onis [Murder Apes]), the Shasvastii (Predators based solely on survival), the Ur Rationalists (ranging from the Aspects to the vat-grown, bioengineered robotic soldiers), the Sygmaa (“enlightened” Tohaa), and the Umbra (edgelord space vampires).
  65. More on CA here:
  66. ++Tohaa++
  67. Victims in a dog eat dog world. Space Elf Aliens, affectionately called “Artichokes” who also hate fire are the masters of bioengineering. Able to “exalt” races they deem worthy of sentience. The truth is that they are losing a war with the Combined Army and have such strong instincts of self-preservation that has caused them to adopt a somewhat scorched earth policy. Also, they have created living suits that protect their owner from harm, dubbed Symbiont Armor. Further, they have created little creatures who perform similar duties, either by attacking the enemy or sacrificing their own life. Viral weaponry, Nanite clouds, and Pheremones that have been weaponized are just some of the highlights of the Tohaa. Their true strength lies in the living armors. Oh, and they love the number three, so much that they even base their combat style off of it. There are no sectorials for the Tohaa.
  69. <Sectorials>
  70. =PanOceania=
  71. ++Military Orders++
  72. The Vatican in space, now with more Crusades. Able to rival Yu Jing in terms of how many units in power armor they can bring to the field. The Deus Vult faction, the Knightly Orders that are hellbent on preserving Christianity. Since they rely heavily on these armored knights, they tend to be smaller in numbers unless built a specific way. Don’t expect to bring 10 Knights to a gunfight and win every game.
  73. ++NeoTerra++
  74. Clandestine units of PanO that represent a huge security taskforce. Lots of high-tech units found here with an even higher AVA. It has a few good builds.
  75. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  76. ++SAA++
  77. Jungle skirmishers with average stats. Resourceful, and more reliant on their skills due to the lack of normal PanO tech availability. No longer supported modelwise by CB. Received a list update before being phased out.
  78. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  79. ++VIRD++
  80. Varuna, the water world that everyone loves to hate. Navy SEALs of PanOceania. They pack a wallop while possessing a limited roster as you would expect from a sectorial. Their fireteam compositions are downright naughty with a heavy reliance on the feared Kamau trooper with MSR.
  81. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  82. ++WinterFor++
  83. The newest PanO sectorial, based on Svalhareima. It's tasked with defending PanO's rightful territory on the planet from YJ's unlawful, aggressive expansionism. Focuses on heavy armor, visors, and unconventional fighters (for PanO) - while maintaining the hi-tech level typical of this faction. A lot of units can move rapidly or climb to deliver PanO's firepower where needed. It can field the Jotum, heaviest PanO TAG and most well-armored unit in the game.
  85. =Yu Jing=
  86. ++Imperial Service++
  87. The secret police arm of the Jade Empire, under direct control of the Party. Capable of snuffing (sniffing?) out any rebellion before it gets out of hand. Access to ALEPH auxiliaries and an abundance of civilian help is well received. Extensive use of prisoners whether they are in power armor or controlled by an explosive collar is seen as commonplace.
  88. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  89. ++Invincible Army++
  90. The pinnacle of YJ technology, able to outfight every soldier with powered armor to protect the Jade Empire and its interests. Emphasis on command abilities like NCO, LTL2, and CoC. Tactical Awareness is found on a couple of units. One of the strongest factions in Limited Insertion style lists. Hacking still being one of their main weaknesses in addition to E/M and Infowar tactics. Very strong faction with a few different builds.
  91. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  92. ++White Banner++
  93. The newest YJ sectorial, based on Svalhareima. It's tasked with defending YJ's rightful territory on the planet from PanO's unlawful, aggressive expansionism. Lighter in armor than most other YJ armies, it focuses on infiltrators, camouflage, and ambush units. It also features non-Chinese units, like the Korean Jujak Regiment.
  95. =Nomads=
  96. ++Corregidor++
  97. The quintessential mercenary faction, Corregidor sells its services to the highest bidder. A single Intruder Commando able to incite rebellion. Lots of Hispanic and African influences can be found here. Originally a prison ship, the quarters refitted that created a new face for the world ship. Lowest tech when compared to the other Nomad nations, but their capabilities as soldiers and space laborers is well known, as well as their brutal and aggressive playstyle.
  98. ++Bakunin++
  99. The Red-Light District in space home to Praxis Labs and the Observance, with the former being the premier in black market lab technology (Ian Malcolm scientists preoccupied joke here) and the latter being a religious sect that fosters a hatred towards ALEPH. Has some dealings in black market augmentations in the form of Uberfall and the Morlocks, in addition to their own police force.
  100. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  101. ++Tunguska++
  102. Russian Mafia in space. Home to the greatest hackers in the sphere. If it can be bought, chances are it’s been stolen and placed on the black market. Most of the income for the worldships of the Nomads is siphoned through here. Heavier emphasis on hi-tech and elite compared to its neighbors. Some of the more eccentric nomad units can be found here such as the Puppet Masters and the Hollow Men.
  104. =Haqqislam=
  105. ++Qapu Khalqi++
  106. Defenders of the Silk Road, the OG merc company faction. Owners of the original Haris skill. Utilizing some mercenaries and Nomad support, these security forces patrol the Silk Route fending off any thieves. The list is showing its age even after the update. A powerful force back in its heyday.
  107. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  108. ++Hassassin Bahram++
  109. Assassins Creed in Space! A brotherhood of operatives that get their orders from the Old Man of the Mountain (definitely not an AI). Usage of religious troops and strong-willed troops from the mountains gives them an edge despite not having the best technology. Plenty of access to Viral weaponry and determined troopers.
  110. ++Ramah Task Force++
  111. Haqqislam’s gift to the Sphere, many a soldier has undergone some form of gene therapy or bio-augmentation. Being the leaders in biotech, this is nothing for the best and brightest of Haqq. Best tech, higher emphasis on movement skills, and better durability make this sectorial very strong. Captain Islam makes his home here being one of the original Khawarij and the only one to accept the genetic modifications 100%. Was known as the Al-Medinat sectorial before it finally was released.
  113. =Ariadna=
  114. ++CHA++
  115. The angry Scotsmen of Ariadna in a merry group. Everything goes to the clan, the fighter, his weapon, and his family. Higher than average Dog-Faces and their offspring are seen here. Their hacking capabilities come in the form of their AP claymores. Lowest of low tech with a heavy reliance on Tesseum and Smoke.
  116. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  117. ++TAK++
  118. Russian Operatives. The premier camo force of Ariadna. Between their scout units and the Antipodes, they can shove quite the amount of camo tokens up the field. Some of the craziest fire teams imaginable can be found here. Does everything well aside from hacking (Ariadnans don’t give a damn). Can play STALKER in space.
  119. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  120. ++MRRF++
  121. Merovingians create a rapid reaction force of French military units that allow for fast movement and action all around Dawn. Known for their capabilities of handling Dog-Face incidents, these soldiers are generally the first to the fight. They can start with a lot of their models up the field due to their mechanized nature. The update they received before going OOP helped them a little despite their list is a bit dated and thin.
  122. ++USARF++
  123. The American scientists and security forces staked out their own little slice of heaven on the frontiers of Dawn. Lots of higher armor troops, their line troops being Medium Infantry. Emphasis goes to a lot of cheaper trade units, flamethrowers, and mines. The list is a bit dated as well despite being a newer entry to Ariadna.
  124. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  125. ++Kosmoflot++
  126. Little is known about this recently released sectorial. Venturing outside Ariadna's comfort zone, it seems this sectorial will feature a higher tech level than the rest of the faction to cope with its new theater of engagement. It also has giant bipedal bears, because hey, it's still Ariadna after all.
  128. =ALEPH=
  129. ++O.S.S.++
  130. Hindi influenced side of the ALEPH force, lots of strong tactical units with solid REMs. Very strong fire teams along with support to REMS due to having possessed a fair amount of hacking options. Newer to the scene, they tend to favor shooting with a lot of mods in their favor.
  131. ++A.S.S.++
  132. The Greeks heroes of old! A lot of the cybernetic organisms are given personalities fashioned after the Greek heroes from Earth’s history. They favor close combat but stack a lot of strong skills and tech to go with their special 4-man fire teams. This higher cost is offset by the Frenzy or Impetuous discount. Achilles and Hector are two well-known AI constructs that can be found here.
  134. =O-12=
  135. ++Starmada++
  136. The space police force of O-12. The first new sectorial to be announced with N4, Starmada focuses on superb mid-range firefighters with very lean and efficient profiles, but lacks the heavier firepower found in the rest of the faction.
  138. =NA2=
  139. ++Japanese Seccessionist Army++
  140. Formerly Yu Jing's, the JSA broke off from the State-Empire during the events of Uprising. It is now in NA2, but it is still an attack-focused army that rewards a super-aggressive playstyle. While lacking in long-range-weaponry, it is probably the best close-combat army in the game, either crushing their enemies up close with teams of heavy infantry or ambushing them with ninjas.
  141. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  142. ++Starco++
  143. Corregidor, with some vanilla upgrades, and few mercenaries lends a fair amount of fire team options. Before the Corregidor update, this force was seen as the superior, but now they both offer something different. Strong fire teams and access to cheap filler makes this Merc Company seem a little cheaper.
  144. ++DBS++
  145. Security and other dirty deeds done dirt cheap by the DBS. The roster is a bit thin, but they’re a very lean faction. They lack a lot of the options some forces take for granted but can still carry the day. List building is pretty one dimensional with this force - mostly centered around its excellent medium infantry and unconventional fireteams. Considered Hard Mode by many.
  146. ++Ikari Co.++
  147. Japanese and a few Chinese defectors form the core of this company. Plentiful mercenary options make this force quite comfy. Headed by a greedy Japanese general, this force has some strong fireteam compositions though lacking a bit in the button pusher category.
  148. ++Foreign Company++
  149. This company is a bit interesting in that it makes use of PanOceania units and Nomad units, at first you think Icestorm is a perfect fit, but it primarily makes use of NCA units and Tunguska units along with the Super Friends crew consisting of a bunch of big names in Aristeia. Interesting fireteam compositions can be found here as well. A lot of the options here are expensive.
  150. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  151. ++Dashat Company++
  152. Haqqislam and YJ had a love child, and this beast is mean. It has some of the better IA options in addition to solid Haqq and RTF options, this force really cleans the house in their fireteam options too. Plenty of solid button pushers and strong Core teams makes this force feel like it’s on autopilot despite being Haqq central in the fluff.
  153. ++Spiral Corps++
  154. Human Mercs working for the Tohaa Illuminati secretly controlling the Tohaa government. Lots of aliens and humans intermingling to form solid cores and special three-man teams. It has better options for their profiles than in Vanilla. It can make a force of only exalted alien species and Tohaa.
  155. Some good info on Spiral:
  156. ++White Company++
  157. Recently released as part of the first wave of N4 sectorials, this faction is based on Svalhareima and features a mix of PanO and Yu Jing units.
  159. =Combined Army=
  160. ++Morat Contact Force++
  161. Space Onis or Murder Apes, whatever you wanna call them, these guys were the original hard mode. It was tough to make these guys work. They ignore Loss of Lt. because of how special the Morat rule is. After their update, they have become a solid force to be reckoned with. Still, some dated units and profiles that can be done away with, but their fire team options are decent when combined with cheap fodder and strong CC pieces.
  162. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  163. ++Shasvastii Expedictionary Force++
  164. Recently had a facelift model wise and gained a bunch of new profiles in their updated list. Quite a force to be reckoned with now. These space lizards Predators favor survival over all else. Shasvastii special rules grant them another unconscious state and allow them to count for table quarters unless killed dead. Masters of subterfuge and saboteurs. These aliens have a lot of camouflage options and decent fire team options. Waiting as more of the new models come in from the Defiance box set.
  165. Overview of all the units in this faction:
  166. ++Onix Contact Force++
  167. The vanguard of the Combined Army headed by the edgelords themselves, the Umbra. They are given access to certain Morat, Shasvastii, and Sygmaa units, in addition to some of the lighter Ur-Rationalist units. A few solid fireteam compositions and cherry-picked units from their corresponding faction make this light detachment a force to be reckoned with.
  169. <Infinity CodeOne>
  170. Recently Corvus Belli has released a new set of rules to play Infinity, named CodeOne. It offers a lighter, more streamlined experience and it is meant to introduce new players to the setting. It covers only 4 factions for now (from Operation Wildfire and Operation Kaldstrøm) but will be expanded in the future to include the whole range as new Operation boxes are released (no sectorials though!). Additionally, certain products will be marked as "CodeOne products", meaning that they are meant for new players and usually include general utility models every list will probably need at some point (like Support Packs, REMs, etc).
  171. Corvus Belli also said that if the community is interested CodeOne could have its own tournament scene and supported competitive space. So far, it's mostly a noob-friendly ruleset and a beta test for Infinity N4.
  172. 10 reasons to start playing Infinity:
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