There's Winning and There's Winning

Sep 3rd, 2017
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  1. "I cast Routing Presence with my Dragon Lord. Then I'll attack with my He'telchen Skirmishers while I hit you in the back with my Nef'leion Warbeast, attacking your shaman."
  2. >Be Moondancer
  3. >Otherwise known as Grand Priestess Fau'lauren
  4. >The Great Plan did not allow for mercy and neither did you
  5. >Your enemies were to be eradicated until nothing was left, and by the Great Ones you were doing a HECK of a lot of eradicating
  6. >Today was the grand Battlemace tourment at the local nerd shop Dungeons and Damsels
  7. >For the past five hours you had been fighting with your mighty Lizardwomen army
  8. >You fought against the Orks, the pitiful empires of women, the vampire countesses
  9. >All had been destroyed without you so much as breaking a sweat
  10. >At that moment you were in a battle with one of Twilight's friends, Sunset Shimmer
  11. >Usually, you won't expect a girl like her to know anything about war gaming
  12. >At first glance, you'd think that she was just another dirty normie
  13. >But she knew her shit when she played her Northern women, and her models were painted pretty well, so she wasn't that bad
  14. >She still had a bit of that horrible normie smell to her though...
  15. >All around your table were your fellow nerds, Twilight, Lyra, Twinkleshine, Minuette, along with some of the older regulars
  16. >You had pretty much beaten every single one of them at least once today, and in there eyes you could see the same hopeless defeat that you had seen when you had routed their armies or killed them to the woman
  17. >At first they had been hopeful
  18. >Sunset's mammoth's and her horsemen weren't anything to spit at, and the Northerners' stats weren't anything to laugh at
  19. >But even so, slowly but surely you had ground her down
  20. >Her general had been killed, both of her mammoths had been send packing
  21. >Her Shield Biters had put up one hell of a fight but even they had been destroyed
  22. >The only thing that the bacon-haired girl had on the friend at this point were her horsemen and a single shaman
  23. >But not for long
  25. >Grinning, you crossed your arms against your chest as Sunset looked over the field, her nose scrunched up
  26. >She grabbed a handful of dice
  27. >You did the same
  28. "I need two's to hit and you need six's to save," you said
  29. >"I know, I know," Sunset grumbled. "Just go ahead and roll."
  30. >Giving your dice a shake, you did just that
  31. >Seven hits in total
  32. >Not your best roll of the day, but it would be more than enough to kill her shaman
  33. >Grimacing when she saw your rolls, Sunset threw down her dice
  34. >You watched as they rolled across the board
  35. >Not a single six out of the bunch
  36. >That shaman was dead as a doornail
  37. >"Fucccccccccck," Sunset said under her breath, reaching over and grabbing the shaman
  38. >You chackled as the girls around you groaned
  39. "Now you need to roll for battleshock for your horsemen," you said
  40. >Sunset grabbed her dice
  41. >"Come on baby, mommma needs a new pair of shoes," she muttered, giving her dice a kiss before throwing them
  42. >You both knew that she needed to get fives to keep her women in the battle
  43. >And she did get them, but nowhere near enough
  44. >Half of the remainder of her meager army lost heart and routed
  45. >"Fatherfucker!" Sunset cursed, throwing up her hands
  46. >She could have continued fighting but you both knew that would be pointless
  47. >So, looking up at you, clearly frustrated but with a smile on her face, Sunset knocked the rest of her horsemen over
  48. >The Northerner army had been smashed
  49. >The lizardwomen had prevailed
  50. >As was foretold in the Great Plan
  51. >"Good game, Moondancer," Sunset said, offering you a hand
  52. >You, ever graceful in victory, took it
  54. >As you shook hands, the other girls groaned
  55. >"Dammit, I thought she was gonna get you when she routed your Temple Guard," Lyra grumbled, passing a twenty over to a grinning Twilight.
  56. >"That fucking King Rex was the one that fucked the whole game over," Twinkleshine said, also passing Twilight a twenty. "They really need to nerf that thing in edition ten."
  57. >"Yeah they do."
  58. >"And FUCK those skirmishers."
  59. >"Yeah, fuck the fuck out of those stupid skirmishers. They shouldn't be able to throw their spears while running backwards."
  60. >"And that STUPID poison damage..."
  61. >You just stood there for a few moments, basking in all of the salt
  62. >Yep...
  63. >It was good to be queen...
  64. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the store manager making her way to your side
  65. >"Alright, that's another victory for Moonie here," she said. "Does anyone else wanna see if they can take her down, or should we just go ahead and give her that Ghoul Lord?"
  66. >Your grin widened as the girls' let out more groans
  67. >That Ghoul Lord would be PERFECT for the countess army that you were building
  68. >And soon it would be yours
  69. >Soon...
  70. "Come on girls, I could go for another match or two," you said, looking around. "Does anyone want to face the champion for eternal glory?"
  71. >You looked for any challenger to step up but you saw none, only the faces of the crushed and vanquished
  72. >Taking a deep breath, you placed your hands on your hips and took stock in all of your well-earned victories
  73. >It looked like your victory was complete!
  74. >That two-hundred dollar figure was gonna be--
  76. >The little bell on the shop's front door jingled as it was opened
  77. >A slighty draft filled the shop
  78. >Though you had no idea why, the hair on the back of your neck stood on end
  79. >"Hey, am I late for that tournment thing?"
  80. >All around you, girls stiffened
  81. >Eyes widened and jaws dropped
  82. >That...
  83. >That didn't sound like a girl...
  84. >You all looked over to the door, and sure enough the person that was walking toward you wasn't a girl
  85. >It was a guy
  86. >A man
  87. >A member of the opposite sex
  88. >This wasn't the first time that you had seen a guy come in here
  89. >Once or twice a guy would come in here on accident since a nail salon was right next door
  90. >Your dad would always come in here with your mom to pick you up and take you home too
  91. >But this wasn't your dad, or your almost always disappointed mother
  92. >This guy, who you had seen once or twice at school, was holding a bag clearly filled with miniatures, and under his arm was a Battle Mace field guide
  93. >Your stomach tightened in disbelief and even a little fear
  94. >A guy was coming into this store, your store...
  95. >A guy that played these nerd games...
  96. >"Oh geeze," Twilight murmured, fixing her shirt as a blush crept up her neck for some reason. "It's Anon...
  97. >Yeah...
  98. >Anon...
  99. >That was his name...
  100. >Taking after her example, the other girls--even the manager of the store--were quick to do that same
  101. >But not you!
  102. >This was your store and some g-guy wasn't gonna make you try to normiefy yourself!
  103. >Fuck that shit!
  104. >"This is where that tournment is going on, right?" this Anon guy asked.
  105. >The manager, nervously clearing her throat, nodded
  107. >"Y-Yeah, we're having a tournament today. Yes."
  108. >A smile lit up Anon's face
  109. >"Awesome, I'm not too late am I?"
  110. >"Not too late to sit on my face," Lyra murmured, and was thankfully either unheard or ignored
  111. >Fucking Lyra...
  112. >"Yes, the tournament is still going on," the manager said, adjusting her dirty, greasy dress shirt. "Why, are you g-going to play?"
  113. >"Yeah, I'd really like to!" Anon said with a rapid shake of his head. "I just heard about this place a couple days ago, and since none of the other guys around here play this kind of stuff I thought I'd come and play a match or two."
  114. >The girls around you sucked in a collective breath
  115. >You were pretty sure you also heard Twinkleshine mumble "muh new husbando" too
  116. >Anon, oblivious to this, walked over to one of the tables and unzipped his bag
  117. >"I wanted to come here earlier but I had one hell of a time finding this place," he said, pulling out what looked like a couple of Stunty figures."I tried to ask around, but a lot of people had no idea where this shop was."
  118. >You narrowed your eyes as you looked at them
  119. >For a second, you had thought you smelled the worst kind of normie
  120. >The attention-whore guys that actually had no idea how to play the game and didn't even PAINT THEIR FUCKING MODELS
  121. >But, to your surprise, this Anon guy had his Longbeards painted, and not only were they painted but it looked like he put some real effort into them
  122. >Though it was an unbelieveable thought, you actually had a guy in here that played tabletop games
  123. >The kicker was gonna be whether he played them well or not...
  124. >"So what are we playing? Capture the flag? Elimination? One of the point-racking games?"
  125. >Puffing out your chest, you took a few steps toward him
  126. "W-We're playing elimination," you said. "Fifteen t-thousand points."
  127. >"Awesome," Anon said, pulling out his army and carefully placing them onto the table
  129. >It looked like a standard Stunty army
  130. >A few more Stone Smashers than usual, but nothing that you hadn't seen before
  131. >Pulling out his faction's rule guide, Anon looked around at all of you
  132. >"Hey, does anyone wanna have a match or two?"
  133. >The effect was almost immediate
  134. >Hands shot up, books and minitures were grabbed
  135. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see Lyra whipping out her phone to take a few creeper shots that she'd no doubt jill off to later
  136. >You just frowned
  137. "Actually, the t-tournament was just a-about to be over," you said, before anyone else could open their mouths to speak. "I was going to be the v-victor."
  138. >Anon's eyes snapped toward you
  139. >You did your best to stand your ground
  140. >Don't flinch Moonie...
  141. >Guys smelled weakness like sharks smelled blood...
  142. >"That's fine. All I kind of wanted to do was play a match or two," Anon said, his excitement dimishing somewhat "Is that alright, or are you guys all done for the day?"
  143. >The girls opened their mouths to pip up, but once again you beat them on the draw
  144. >"No, that's f-fine, and y-you can be in the tournament too if y-you want," you said. "B-But you need to beat m-me."
  145. >Anon's smile returned
  146. >"That's fine then! Whatcha playing?"
  147. "L-Lizardmen."
  148. >Anon's gaze snapped down toward your table, where most of your army was still sitting
  149. >You could see him milling something around in his head before he nodded
  150. >"Alright, I'll play you," he said, walking over and pulling his rulebook and guidebook down onto the table
  151. >The other girls were quick to rush over, helping him grab his army and place it on the board you were just fighting on
  152. >You, meanwhile, were trying your hardest not to have a panic attack
  153. >It was going to be alright Moonie...
  155. >It was just another player...
  156. >Another player that was a guy and was a guy that played Battle Mace but still just another player...
  157. >And the Great Plan had no room for mercy
  158. >As Sunset, who looked just as nervous as the rest of you--band or not, guessed she was one of you after all--pulled the rest of her Northern women off of the table you narrowed your eyes at Anon
  159. "J-Just so you know, I'm n-not gonna take it easy on y-you just because you're a g-guy," you said
  160. >Turning around, Anon reached into his bag and pulled out a container full of dice
  161. >Setting it into the table, he looked at you and smiled
  162. >His smile was as genuine as ever, but there was a different look in his eyes
  163. >It was sharper, more... predatory
  164. >"Oh, don't hold back on my account," he said, resting his arms on the table and leaning toward you. "And hey, before we start, how about the two of us make a bet~?"
  166. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  168. >Still be Moondancer
  169. >This time, however, you were no longer the victorious lazardwoman leader
  170. >You had lost against the Stuntys
  171. >Actually, lost might not have been the best term
  172. >You got your ass kicked
  173. >Anon had used his army to grind yours down to paste
  174. >Your beasts had been useless, your Skirmishers had gone beserk and had gotten torn to pieces by his Thunderers and artillery
  175. >And somehow, and you had no fucking idea how, he managed to get sneak a unit of dwarves behind you to smash into the rear of your Temple Guards
  176. >You had no fucking idea how he did it
  177. >The dwarves' movement speed was so slow and they were so noisy that it was almost impossible to do that!
  178. >But he fucking did are you had lost because of it!
  179. >You, the mighty tabletop player, have been vanquished on the field!
  181. >And because of that you had to pay the consequences
  182. >...
  183. >Or whatever the h-hell this was...
  184. "O-Oh j-jeeze... O-Oh g-gosh..."
  185. >A shiver ran up the length of your spine as you felt teeth gently biting your nipple
  186. >Your legs twitched and tensed in ways that they never had before
  187. >If you could have, you'd have probably closed your legs as tightly as you could, and probably curled in on yourself too
  188. >But, since you were straddling something, or s-someone in this case, you couldn't do that
  189. >Anon let out a quiet groan, rubbing his cheek against your left boob
  190. >His hands gave your ass a rough grope as he took in a deep breath
  191. >You bit your lip, squirming awkwardly as Anon switched to the other nipple
  192. >Something was rubbing against your butt
  193. >Something h-hard and t-twitching...
  194. >Ever since you had lost your little game, you had been straddling Anon's lap as he has his way with you
  195. >You honestly had no idea how long you had been sitting there
  196. >It would have been minutes, it could have been an hour
  197. >All you knew was that the whole time you had been doing your utmost to keep yourself from busting an overy
  198. >You failed
  199. >Several times
  200. >You could feel your heart pounding in your chest
  201. >For the first time since third-grade, you desperately wanted to take a puff from your inhaler
  202. >Your legs were wrapped around Anon's middle
  203. >Since you honestly had no idea what to do with your hands, you alternated between resting them on his shoulders, the top of his head, and just holding them in the air while they rapidly opened and closed
  204. >You also couldn't take your eyes off Anon, no matter how hard you tried
  205. >At that moment, Anon was leaving a trail of kisses up your bare chest
  206. >Giving you a smile, he leaned up a bit to give your neck a bite
  207. >Your hips jerked, and your already uncomfortably soaked panties got just a little bit wetter
  208. "F-Fuck..."
  210. >Anon growled into your neck, giving your ass a slap
  211. >Your back arched and your eyes rolled in your skull
  212. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see the other girls just kind of standing there watching this happen. the manager of the store included
  213. >Since they were just as amazed as you that something like this was happening, not a single one of them seemed to know what to do, all of them red faced and sweaty
  214. >You could see Twilight biting her lip as she played with a tit, her hand down her pants
  215. >There was also Lyra with a grin on her face and her phone in her hand
  216. >...
  217. >Fucking Lyra...
  218. >Your breathing hitched as Anon dragged his t-tongue across your collarbone
  219. "O-Oh my g-gosh... Oh... O-Oh..."
  220. >The shop's front door bell rang
  221. >"Moonie, honey, are you just about done playing with your frie--OH SWEET CRACKERS WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?!"
  222. >Though you wanted nothing more than to just keep watching what Anon was doing, you looked over your shoulder
  223. >There, holding a bag of McDannie's, was your dad
  224. >He looked completely horrified, his eyes as wide as you've ever seen them, and a fallen drink soaking into the floor right next to his feet
  225. "D-Dad?! Wha--"
  226. >You bit back a groan as Anon left a trail of kisses down back toward your breasts
  227. >Spreading your buttcheeks, he started mouthing one of your boobs
  228. >Your eyes slowly began to slip shut, your face so red that your cheeks could have started a fire
  229. >Before they fully shut however, you saw your mom standing right next to your dad and, for the first time in your life, you could see her smiling
  230. >And not only was she smiling, but he looked proud
  231. >Very proud
  232. >"M-Moonie! What the h-hell are you doing?!" you dad demanded, taking a step toward you." Who's that boy? W-What are you--"
  233. >Still smiling, your mom placed a hand on your dad's shoulders, stopping him from taking a step further
  235. >"Hey, you leave that woman alone, hon," she said. "Let her do what the FUCK she wants."
  236. >Winking, she gave you the thumbs-up
  237. >Legs twitching as Anon rubbed his t-thingy in between your buttcheeks, you gave her a thumbs-up back
  238. >T-Thanks mom...
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