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Sep 15th, 2018
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  1. For anyone playing Banjo-Tooie, I found a part of the game that consistently crashes the game. After breaking the Triceratops out of the jail in Witchyworld, you have to bring the train to Witchyworld and let it get on. Then once you get to Terrydactyland, you have to unlock the train station there and prompt the train to come to Terrydactyland. Once the train arrives, the dinosaur will run out of the train and towards the exit in a cut scene. Once the Dino gets to the exit, the game crashes every time. This prevents you from getting the Jiggy for this part thus preventing you from getting 100% completion of the game. This game is always subject to random crashes, but you can usually just try again and eventually get past the part that crashed, but with this particular part, the game will crash every time. If someone finds a way around this, please post it so we can get this Jiggy!
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