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  1. Binary Domain
  2. I played with m+kb.
  3. I completed the campaign in just under 10 hours.
  4. Obviously, spoilers below.
  6. This game is not great, but I had a great time playing it. It’s a third-person cover shooter released in 2012, which is around when the cover shooter was starting to die after being done to death and everyone was realizing how mediocre they often are. In retrospect it’s hard to tell if this game is bad, mediocre, or good; it really just sloppily sprints between the lines like an elementary schooler doing the shuttle run. The cutscenes are hilarious in an ironic way, and I’m pretty sure they people making and voice acting in the game knew this as well. Some of the setpiece bossfights are a bit dull, while others were quite cool. The cover shooter mechanic are very simple and the shooting doesn’t feel good on the player’s end, but a good dismemberment system and varied level and enemy design kept encounters interesting despite the setbacks. The themes of the story are a little bit of Blade Runner and a bit of criticism of the military, but it never really explores the ideas so much as it says “look I have themes guys!” The game just crashes sometimes when transitioning between game styles, and I had to redo the final bossfight from scratch because of this. There was one chapter in the middle that ran a bit too long, but other than that the game doesn’t really overstay its welcome. It’s in and out quick and ridiculous enough that you can enjoy the good parts unironically and the bad parts ironically.
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