Bandersnatch author stabbing

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  1. Sugar Puffs (choice of breakfast)
  2. Now 2 (album)
  3. No (When asked about game)
  4. Yes (Talk about mother)
  5. No (do not follow mother)
  6. The Bermuda Triangle (Album)
  7. Yell at dad
  8. Visit doctor
  9. Pull ear
  10. Take pills
  11. Go back
  12. Flush pills
  13. Slam table
  14. Family photo
  15. Destroy computer
  16. Netflix
  17. Try to explain
  18. Tell more
  19. Yes (more action)
  20. Fight her
  21. Kick balls
  22. Follow colin
  23. Take drugs
  24. Stefan jumps
  25. Go back
  26. Colin jumps
  27. Go back to haines
  28. Family photo again
  29. (a dream sequence unfolds where the author to Bandersnatch stabs you)
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