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  3. In recent weeks, Anonymous unearthed a great deal of information concerning a sexual assault of a
  4. minor that occurred in August 2012. Here’s the Times Article that provides the best overview of the case
  5. before it became the center of so much anon attention:
  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/17/sports/high-school-football-rape-case-unfolds-online-and-
  8. divides-steubenville-ohio.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
  10. Many anons will be attending a second demonstration on 1/5/13. If you are unable to attend the event
  11. you can still contribute to this important work! Whether you’ll be in Steubenville or not, contact OHIO
  12. ATTORNEY GENERAL and the US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. This is relevant to both offices because
  13. charges were filed in Ohio, and the girl was taken across state lines (She was possibly unaware of this
  14. fact, or it was against her will. At one point there were kidnapping charges in place; they were, however,
  15. dropped. It is unclear as to why.) which makes this case fall under federal jurisdiction. While you likely
  16. have you own questions to ask, here are a few suggestions to add:
  18. What is being done to address the corruption being exposed in Steubenville Ohio, particularly
  19. the practice of the Steubenville Police Chief William McCafferty?
  20. With what many call an abundance of “slam dunk” evidence, why are charges dismissed and so
  21. many people who were indisputably involved walking away?
  22. Why is it that Reno Saccoccia, Stuebenville High School's football coach, his coaching staff,
  23. and the “Big Red Boosters” have not been held accountable for covering up of information
  24. pertaining to the assault? After all, photos and additional details of the rape were posted on the
  25. Booster’s website.
  26. Since its beginning, this case has been hampered by small-town gossip and closely-knit
  27. community relations (one judge – Jane Hanlin - recused herself because her son played football
  28. for the Steubenville team), accusations of jury tampering/threatening, and a prevailing “good
  29. ol’boy” culture. What measures can your office take to ensure that this girl may get a fair trial?
  31. HERE IS THE CONTACT INFORMATION check both websites for privacy notices
  33. Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine
  34. www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov
  35. Twitter:@OhioAG
  36. Toll-free: 800-282-0515 Local: 614-466-4986 Monday - Friday 8am – 7pm e.s.t.
  37. 30 E. Broad St., 14th Floor
  38. Columbus, OH 43215
  40. US DoJ Attorney General Eric Holder
  41. Steubenville’s local field office is Cincinnati
  42. cincinnati.fbi.gov
  43. Twitter:
  44. @theJusticeDept
  45. Local: (513) 421-4310 Fax: (513) 979-8450 8:15am – 5pm e.s.t.
  47. FBI Cincinnati
  48. 550 Main Street (room 9000)
  49. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-8501
  50. E-mail: Cincinnati@ic.fbi.gov
  52. Anonymous has no face, no race, no origin. Anonymous is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof. There is no
  53. I in anonymous, only US.
  55. We are Anonymous
  56. We are legion
  57. We do not forgive
  58. We do not forget
  59. Expect us
  61. *************************************************************************************
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