Bottle Of Bolts Build

Mar 18th, 2016
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  1. Name : Copper "Rusty" Cog
  2. Gender : Male
  3. Race : Unicorn
  4. Class : Smith, alchemy cross class ; Inventor
  5. Health 5/5
  6. Race Talents ; Unicorn Catalyst: passive; a unicorn’s horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  7. Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  8. Combat talent ; can use "gadget" once per combat; is instant-automatic.
  9. Non Combat talent ; Sight; He Is able to see more deeper things than just the surface; I.E. he see's a wall and notices that there's a light change in the grain of the wall, so it must be either fake, or from a past break. Like Sherlock Holmes but toned down from "freaky good" to "hella clever". this also applies to his uncanny ability to see utility in things. (Perception Receives +2 on a roll)
  10. SKILLS ;
  12. Gadget; Makes a nifty device to aid with a specific task. Once successfully built, the gadget can autonomously do a non-combat task. A gadget can be given to allies. You can only have one gadget built at a time. (Can use gadget once per combat)
  14. instant; Determine the number of remaining hits and wounds on an enemy, and possibly weaknesses. More powerful enemies may be harder to Appraise. Out of combat, quickly determine value of objects, study mechanisms and documents, size up other ponies, etc.
  16. Engineering: Can attempt to figure out any mechanical or manmade mechanism, device, construct or other creation. Once successfully and sufficiently studied and figured out, the Smith can then utilize it as he wishes, such as opening specific types of locks with a mere nudge in the right part, or operating a specific machine with no further need for instruction or guidance.
  18. Flamethrower: recharge 2; Blast an enemy with flames, causing them to take 1 hit per turn for 3 turns. On crit, the enemy is immolated and can’t take any actions until they are extinguished.
  20. Weapon/Catalyse: Ranged; Beautiful Rustic Brass Black-wood Crossbow; "This century old crossbow was beautifully crafted in a land where show and utility were two sides of the same coin, affectionately named 'Aster' by her owner, this crossbow has been lightly imbued with purging powers, and applies a light increase in protection from dark magics and poisons."
  21. Pack; the normal fixings. ;
  22. Large tinkerer's kit.
  23. Bits (100)
  24. Sugar cubes (30)
  25. journal (1)
  26. crossbow Bolts (30)
  27. Small trinket (1)
  28. pictures of parents and sisters (4)
  29. fingerbox (1)
  30. small tin of cyanide (5 Tablets)
  31. Can of sedatives (50 Pills)
  32. Large bottle of stimulants (150 pills)
  33. small bottle of aphrodisiac (5 Fl OZ)
  34. Coffee (15 pounds)
  36. Appearance
  38. Eyes : Green
  39. Mane : Light Orange
  40. Coat : Dark Orange
  41. Highlights : Cream
  42. QT Mark : 3 Lug - Nuts Arranged randomly
  43. allignment: "chaotic good"
  44. For Your Informaton
  47. About : This unicorn was born in a far away land, where war was as common as Sunday Night Hoofball in Equestira, popular to the point of people betting on who would win the battles happening on a weekly basis, soon the factions had realized that they couldn't keep this up for forever, and when no-pony had their hearts left in war... when all large-scale battles and conflicts resolved- war was outlawed. And this is where we meet Rusty, Rusty was an on-board engine mechanic for the Non Pegasus Air Division (NPAD) where they would fly outlandish war machines and take out strategic areas. When he was out of a job he became an immigrant to Equestria; and generic wise-ass. he opened up a shop in the middle of nowhere and seemed to still be able to cause harm to other ponies... 500 miles away; his most memorable feats include; pissing off more Eastern Ponies than Neighgasake, creating 37 different controlled substances (17 of which are used in date-rape scenarios to this day); drinking 4 litres of crude oil and lighting his puke on fire; being passed around like the common cold; and firing off a small scale missile that blew up 1/8th of Appleusa's golden delicious crop... oh the humanity. and now here he is, sitting probably in a tavern somewhere, Shortly after having to pay for 6,745 apples that smelled like ash, tasted like ash, and looked... like ash; forcing him to sell his workshop, and all his swanky brass inventions.
  49. Other ; Inventor, critical thinking is a niche of this character. can make lots of tools and usable 'things' from most nothing, along with this is consumables. favors Tohrvha, patron god of storms, sea, invention, and progression. is good at reading maps, and is bad at keeping tidy; and is a very, very light drinker, two drinks in and he is unable to keep balance well.
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