RP - Jemma Black

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  1. [2019-06-17 07:15] *Brooke Tiamat  takes that first morning coffee /sip/ of the day
  2. [2019-06-17 07:15] *Brooke Tiamat  nearly orgasms on the spot.
  3. [2019-06-17 07:15] Noli Koru: Same tho. What a mood.
  4. [2019-06-17 07:16] Jemma Black: The worst feeling of the day followed by the best. Hate mornings.
  5. [2019-06-17 07:16] *Jemma Black  waves from her couch, still rather tired even though she'd been awake about 3 hours already
  6. [2019-06-17 07:17] Noli Koru: i've only recently grown to like them because i work overnight
  7. [2019-06-17 07:17] Cass Razylym: Already excited there, Brooke?~
  8. [2019-06-17 07:17] Noli Koru: [i]waves back to jemma with a smile[/i] "nice to meet you by the way!"
  9. [2019-06-17 07:17] *Jemma Black  smiles, "And you. And everyone else too."
  10. [2019-06-17 07:17] Cass Razylym: Or is that just [i]that [/i]good of a cup of coffee?
  11. [2019-06-17 07:19] *Jemma Black  finds herself checking out the dragoness, and nods approvingly. While still not taking her eyes off her figure.
  12. [2019-06-17 07:24] Brooke Tiamat: 60% excited is the baseline.
  13. [2019-06-17 07:25] Brooke Tiamat: Now it's 97~
  14. [2019-06-17 07:25] *Brooke Tiamat  siiiips.
  15. [2019-06-17 07:25] Brooke Tiamat: 98.
  16. [2019-06-17 07:25] Jemma Black: Ooh, and what might happen at 100% I wonder?
  17. [2019-06-17 07:25] Jamie the Satanist: Tiamat is that... weird bat lady right?
  18. [2019-06-17 07:25] Noli Koru: kaboom!
  19. [2019-06-17 07:25] Lady Seras Greil: Purple rain, but not purple
  20. [2019-06-17 07:27] *Jemma Black  is also feeling like the dragoness' excitement is infectious.. At least to her anyway
  21. [2019-06-17 07:27] Brooke Tiamat: Then I have fun with whatever moving thing is closest to me.~
  22. [2019-06-17 07:27] *Jemma Black  swallows, she was already in the nearby seat..
  23. [2019-06-17 07:29] *Brooke Tiamat  leans over, bending down to croon in the little human girl's ear.
  24. [2019-06-17 07:30] Brooke Tiamat: [i]"99.~" She nips at it with sharp teeth.[/i]
  25. [2019-06-17 07:30] Jamie the Satanist: [i][sub]Hm yes, she's even worse in D&D...[/sub][/i]
  26. [2019-06-17 07:33] *Jemma Black  shivers at the nipping on her ear, her own excitement having grown to match the dragoness' now. "Ohh my.." She couldn't help herself but remove the remaining clothing on her, just her bra and panties which now slid off her body and onto the floor.
  27. [2019-06-17 07:57] *Brooke Tiamat  chugs the last of her coffee, a few scalding drops leaking down her chin and tracing lines over her striped breasts. She gives [user]Jemma Black[/user] a playful slap across the face with her fat shaft, that slick rubbery pole already stretched to full mast.
  28. [2019-06-17 08:00] *Jamie the Satanist  just sits on a cushion, flipping through the pages of his book. "... Does anyone have a pen?"
  29. [2019-06-17 08:00] *Jemma Black  giggles and moans at the playful prodding with that erotic meat, biting her lip at the heat coming off it. "Does.. that make 100?" She asks with a grin, her own arousal quite evident from her shivering and squirming, biting her lip as she added. "Or... did you have something in mind to put you over the limit?"
  30. [2019-06-17 08:02] *Cass Razylym  kicks the floor once more, shaking herself awake suddenly.
  31. [2019-06-17 08:10] *Brooke Tiamat  wraps a large claw around the back of the much smaller girl's head, grabbing a handful of that long blonde hair in her scaly palm. "Something in mind... hmm..." She pulls the little one's face towards her wide, glistening purple glans, rubbing its lips against hers as it pulses and gushes out thick dribbles of pre to smear across her cheeks. "Mff, I wonder what that could be...." That shaft's entrance parts around her little human nose, rubbing up against it from all sides. The overwhelming heat burns in her nostrils, until a heady burst of pre clogs them full to the brim.
  32. [2019-06-17 08:14] Xoari: Blerg.
  33. [2019-06-17 08:15] Yami Mcendrie: it's been far too long since i've been here, aagh.
  34. [2019-06-17 08:17] *Jemma Black  swallows as her head was brought to the tip of the dragoness' cock, The scent coming from it had already been driving her crazy and to be this close to the source now pushed her into insanity. She licked her already pre covered lips, tasting her and moaning in delight. She was fighting the urge to throw herself at the predator's mercy, a fight she was more surviving in than winning. She knew there was only one place this was going to go, it was just a matter of time.
  35. [2019-06-17 08:18] Yami Mcendrie: oh, f un's already going on.
  36. [2019-06-17 08:26] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 3+1 = 4
  37. [2019-06-17 08:26] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 3+2 = 5
  38. [2019-06-17 08:26] Shock Diamond: Holy shit that one haha
  39. [2019-06-17 08:26] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 1+1 = 2
  40. [2019-06-17 08:26] Shock Diamond: Oh wait, thats worst!
  41. [2019-06-17 08:27] Jemma Black: ((Aww... that's no fun))
  42. [2019-06-17 08:27] Jemma Black: ((Call it duel Quadra? First to 8 1s or 4s?))
  43. [2019-06-17 08:27] *Shock Diamond  admittedly hates diceplay because the RNG for F-List dice rollers is pretty hilarious
  44. [2019-06-17 08:27] Breezier: squeak
  45. [2019-06-17 08:28] Alicia Knight: Ominous
  46. [2019-06-17 08:28] *Brooke Tiamat  just... tips over that die a bit.
  47. [2019-06-17 08:28] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 1+1 = 2
  48. [2019-06-17 08:28] *Brooke Tiamat  eats her dice.
  49. [2019-06-17 08:29] Jemma Black: ((*offers a fresh set, with a fresh game*))
  50. [2019-06-17 08:30] *Brooke Tiamat  inspects them closely, rolling them between her set of claws, her other set keeping her little human pet fastened tightly to her oozing cocktip.
  51. [2019-06-17 08:30] Breezier: ooof
  52. [2019-06-17 08:31] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 4+2 = 6
  53. [2019-06-17 08:32] Jemma Black: ((Already a more fun roll!))
  54. [2019-06-17 08:41] Brooke Tiamat: [i]"'Duel Quadra', eh?" The dragoness muses. Her fat black shaft swells a little larger at the thought, slick black foreskin peeeling back, letting out a loud, lewd [b]Gluuurrrk[/b] as its smooth smooth purple head sucks its food's head inside, long blonde hair growing wet as it dangles outside that tip. "Good idea," Her cock [b]throbs[/b], slurping that hair inside like noodles. "...Cumstain.~"[/i]
  55. [2019-06-17 08:42] Breezier: .w.;;
  56. [2019-06-17 08:42] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 1+4 = 5
  57. [2019-06-17 08:46] *Jemma Black  shudders, she couldn't help but blurt that out, it was such an arousing idea that came to mind after seeing the disappointment of the previous attempt. Already she was ahead of that game, knowing exactly what those rolls meant and at the moment, each time the dragoness shook her dice got her even more aroused. She groaned as her head slipped inside, now she'd not be able to watch the numbers come up.. But would that make things even more fun not knowing until it was called out? Or did she want to watch it happening?
  58. [2019-06-17 08:47] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 3+2 = 5
  59. [2019-06-17 08:47] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 1+1 = 2
  60. [2019-06-17 08:47] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 1+3 = 4
  61. [2019-06-17 08:48] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 1+1 = 2
  62. [2019-06-17 08:48] Jemma Black: ((too many 1s so soon O.O))
  63. [2019-06-17 08:48] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 3+4 = 7
  64. [2019-06-17 08:49] Brooke Tiamat: [i](Theeere we go.)[/i]
  65. [2019-06-17 08:59] *Brooke Tiamat 's shaft lurches forward, slipping those bare shoulders in with a [b]pop.[/b] The dragoness wraps her claws around the human's hips, hard scaly palms enveloping her soft skin, squeezing at her curves and shoving her further down that enormous black pillar. Intense, crushing pressure surrounds her head from all sides, the thrum of the dragoness' rising heartbeat pounding through that powerful meat with every [b]throb[/b] of slick, overpowering pre caking the little slut's face. Arms pinned to her side as they slide into that beast, all she can do is wiggle and squirm. Her lashes, mouth and eyes stick together like tar, every blink, cough and sputter doing little to clear it as she's blasted again and again. From the end of that tunnel she hears an ominous [b]guuurrgle[/b], those fat leathery nuts already clenching and preparing for their deposit.
  66. [2019-06-17 09:06] *Jemma Black  groans as she got no chance to make up her mind, being shoved deeper without any resistance until her breasts pushed against the slit. She didn't know how long she'd be gone for, or how the scores were standing  but for the moment that didn't cross her mind, her body squirming from how slick she was getting from both the dragoness' and her own cum. She was definitely quite wet now, resisting the urge to push deeper on her own. Her best approach was to just hold her breath and close her eyes, at least then a minimum of cum would get into her eyes or her lungs.
  67. [2019-06-17 09:07] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 4+1 = 5
  68. [2019-06-17 09:08] Jemma Black: ((Nearly the end.. need to chill with the 1s))
  69. [2019-06-17 09:08] Brooke Tiamat: [i]Shhhh.[/i]
  70. [2019-06-17 09:12] *Huzante  yawn
  71. [2019-06-17 09:22] *Brooke Tiamat  huffs, taking her claws off the little girl slipping into that shaft, letting that throbbing black pillar sweep her bare feet off the ground as it rises in the air, its impressive length resting perpendicular to the 9 foot dragoness, nearly a third of her entire height. The much smaller girl sliiides in further and that shaft starts to lift, those leathery black nuts bloating out with the bulge of her head as the underside of that cock [b]wriggles[/b] with its meal. [b]SPLAT![/b] The tip of that glistening shaft slaps between the dragoness' tits, splattering pre across her chest, the blonde nutslut's feet snugly nestled into her scaly cleavage. The dragoness lets out a booming hum of pleasure as she drags her tongue across her toes, enjoying the wiggles she receives from her cockfood as she licks them clean of her own potent fluids. [b]Gluuurnk.[/b] The smaller girl slips down that long shaft, plopping into those churning fat nuts and splashing the deep puddle of musky white fluids all over her bare skin. The dragon woman lets out a huff and a pleasured sigh, gripping that sac between her claws as she feels it pull in tight and [b]clench~[/b]
  72. [2019-06-17 09:32] *Jemma Black  felt her feet lifting off the floor and her body being lifted into an upside down position, enabling her to slide in even further without any assistance. She can't help but squirm even more, although she tries not to let it plunge her even deeper toward the tanks of potent breeding cum. Not because she didn't want to be there, she desired that oh so much, but rather to allow the dragoness to play with her for as long as she wanted. After all, she'd be away for a while, how long she didn't know but the thought of it was still getting her worked up. There was no telling what would happen to her either, what was going on in her predator's head? She moans and wriggles her toes at the feel of that tongue on them, feeling herself falling deeper now, her head dipping into the steaming vats below her.
  73. [2019-06-17 09:35] Brooke Tiamat: [i]Moment of truth.[/i]
  74. [2019-06-17 09:35] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 2+1 = 3
  75. [2019-06-17 09:36] Brooke Tiamat: [i]Aaaand that's a wrap~[/i]
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