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  1. So this is good sleep option #one (will help with nervous system the rest is up to you)
  3. Each one should be
  5. 1. found (you'll feel a slight pain/discomfort)
  7. 2. Held with increasing intensity synchronized with slow deep breaths
  9. 3. Linked with your heart, as in imagining energy flowing from your heart to your shoulders/arms/hands the point you're pressing
  11. 4. timed for about 5-15 minutes.  The minimum of time is when you feel a "release", you'll feel it with everyone likely, so at least 5 minutes or until you feel the release.  
  13. Following are the top acupressure points for pain relief:
  15. 1. Joining the valley:
  17. Whenever you feel headaches, you can massage the part of your hand between the thumb and index finger. Massage it gently for a few minutes. This helps in getting rid of toothaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis pain, constipation and hangovers. Also, make sure your hand is in the shape of claw, so that you access the acupressure point in the best way.
  19. 2. The third eye ( YOU KNOW)
  21. Often, because of multitasking, overworking and too much stress, you feel a tight feeling in the middle of your head. To get rid of this pain, press your middle finger in the area which is right between your eyebrows. Press it for around a minute, and this will help you feel at ease. This acupressure is helpful in relieving chronic stress, fatigue, improving memory, concentration and reducing eye strain.
  23. 3. Leg three miles:
  25. Apply pressure to the point just outside the shine bone right below the knee cap. This can be helpful in improving digestion, relieving constipation and bloating, and also boosting immune system.
  27. 4. Pericardium:
  29. Massaging the point which is at base of the palm can be extremely helpful when you feel nausea and vomiting. Press the point for a few minutes with your index and middle fingers, and repeat until you feel relieved.
  31. 5. Sea of tranquillity:  (alternatively, you can do eft here and say something like "I am calm and ready to sleep")
  33. This is located at the centre of the breastbone, above the base of the bone. Massaging this point can help you in feeling emotionally balanced. It will relieve you of anxiety and depression. Many imbalances of the nervous system can be corrected by performing acupressure on this point. It is helpful in boosting immune system as well. But make sure you're sitting up straight. After being in the right position, take your palms together in prayer position, and press the knuckles of your thumbs into your breastbone. Take slow and controlled breaths while doing this exercise.
  35. 6. Sacral points:
  37. These points are located right above the tailbone below your spine. Massaging on this point can be helpful in relieving menstrual cramps and pain the lower back. For acupressure here, lie down on your back. To increase the pressure, put one hand on top of the other hand. Gently massage the points below your spine for a few minutes. Repeat the process until you feel more relieved.
  39. 7. Heavenly pillar: (all 3,,,
  41. This is the point right at the back of neck, slightly above the spine. Acupressure on this point is helpful in getting rid of stress and disturbances in sleep. It also helps in reducing pain in the neck, strain and severe headaches.
  43. 8. Shen men: (both of them, rubbed and pressed, harder than normal but not too painful)
  45. This point is located on the upper part of the ear. When you massage at this point, it will help in getting rid of addictions and bringing back the balance of nervous system. For acupressure, massage on this point firmly with your index finger. The thumb your hand should be at the back of the ear.
  47. 9. Bigger rushing:
  49. This point is located on the top of the foot where the bones of the big toe and second toe meet. Massaging this point can help in increasing memory and concentration. Press it gently for a couple of minutes, release, and repeat if required.
  51. 10. Commanding middle: (both)
  53. This point is located on the backside of the knee, and is great for relieving back and knee pain, as well as arthritis in the hips, back, and knees, and even sciatica pain. If you massage at this point for a minute every day, it can eliminate pain for up to 6 months.
  57. Warmly,
  58. Gabriel Buchanan
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