Half-Moon in Equestria 11

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  1. Climbing out of the river you shake yourself dry as best you can, and lie down on a soft patch of grass. Closing your eyes, you feel a cool breeze wash over you. Relaxing you look up, straight into the unfocused eyes of Derpy Hooves, her wings straight up behind her.
  2. "Hello again, Miss Derpy, its nice to see you." You say, sitting up anf turning towards her.
  3. "Its nice to see you to, Mr Anon. I saw you out here alone, so I figured I would bring you some muffins, as a sign of friendship, since I couldnt be at the party yesterday." She says, holding up a basket, the smell of delicious muffins wafting out.
  4. "Thanks a lot" You say, taking a muffin, and biting into it "These are realy good. Though why did you say that I was nice to you? I thought everypony here was nice to everypony else".
  5. Lowering her head, she says "Usually they are, but a lot of people are mean to me because of my eyes, and the fact I cant realy fly straight".
  6. Reaching out, you stroke her soft blonde mane and say "I think your eyes are wonderful, they make you look unique". Looking behind her, you see her wings are are upright and throbbing a little, so you ask "Are you okay? your wings are throbbing a little, and they look pretty stiff. Do you want for me to give them a massage, since you probably cant reach them easily."
  7. Still looking at her wings you dont see her blush a bright red, before saying "If you want to, I'd appreciate it".
  8. Motioning for her to turn around, which she does, you get your fingers to work. Starting with the muscles around the base of her wings, you slowly work your way up them. You can hear faint moans, sighs and gasps escape her lips as you work your magic. As you finish, she turns around, both eyes focused on you for a second, before they go their own ways.
  9. "That was wonderfull Muffin" She says, leaning forward "I think you deserve a reward for that". Jumping forward, she knocks you on your back. Straddling you she presses her lips against yours.
  10. For a moment, you are unable to react due to the surprise, but as her tongue invades your mouth, you reach up and try to psuh her off, but lack sufficient leverage.
  11. "Your not getting away" she says, breaking away from the kiss for a moment. using her wings, she increases her pressure on you, even though she is less than half your size. She begins running her tongue down your chest, and you realise what she is trying to do, and you redouble your efforts, but get nowhere, even as she turns around, giving you a full view of her marehood, which oddly smells like muffins. Panicing, you scetch a circle in the dirt with your right hand, and activate it, making a stream of dirt and rock scoop up Derpy, and pin her to the ground next to you. Scrambling up, you rush and put on your clothes. As you head past Derpy, who is struggling under the dirt binding, you ask "Why did you do this Derpy, you seemed like such a nice Mare?"
  12. "Because I decided I was gonna make you my StudMuffin no mater what" She says, trying to squirm out and kiss you.
  13. Pressing a hand to her head, you say "If you wanted that, you should have gone about it in the normal way". Now that you think about it, you dont have any idea what the normal way is here, in fack she may be the one doing the normal thing, and you could be offending her by saying such things. You better ask Twilight when you get back. "Im sorry I did this, its just im not going to be here long, so I dont want to become too emotionally attached to anypony." standing up, you make a circle and use it to crack the dirt brace enough that Derpy will be able to get out with a little effort.
  14. As you walk back through town, you notice a group of ponys around a board ner what you assume to be city hall. Almost Immediately, you notice th poster they are all looking at. Its big, and has a blue unicorn with a purple hat and cape on. The poster says that the "Great and Powerful Trixie" will be performing in ponyville in 2 days.
  15. Turning , you head back towards the Library, before you are stopped by Applejack and Rarity.
  16. "Anon, we need ta talk to ya" Applejack says.
  17. Stopping, you nod and sit down "What up you two?"
  18. "What in Tarnarion did ya give Applebloom, Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo? They've been runnin around all red, beofre burpin up flames."
  19. "Its nothing to worry about" You start, before Rarity Interupts
  20. "Nothing to worry about!" She practically shouts "My little sister is running around, changing color and breathing fire like a dragon and you tell me its nothing to worry about!"
  21. Holding up your hand you say "You didn't let me finish. What I gave them are called Flame fruit. they warm up the person who eats them, changing their color to a reddish hue, and then the excess heat is released as a small burst of flame. Here, if you want to try one, I have a few with me" You say, holding out a few you take from a pocket. They each cautiously take one, looking it over, before eating it. the results are immediate. You see them both turn a shade of red, Rarity's a more pure because of a white start color, before they both release a small poof of flame. Looking at eachother, they laugh, before turning to you and saying "I guess we didn't have much to worry about, though it would be nice if you warned us beforehoof."
  22. "We'll be seeing you later Anon" they say, before heading off there seperate ways.
  23. Turning back, you head off to the Library. As you arrive, you notice the sun is close to seeting, so you hurry inside. As you enter, you see Twilight reading a book at the table.
  24. Looking up, she says "Glad to see you are back safely Anonymous. how was your day?
  25. Sitting down, you say "Before that, I have what may seem like a wierd question for you."
  26. "Sure, go ahead and ask" She says.
  27. "Well, What are your species courtship rituals?" you ask, blushing slightly.
  28. "That is a wierd question, is there any particular reason you want to know?"
  29. "I had an encounter today, that I am trying to make sense out of, and I feel that this information will fill the final missing piece so I may make a decision."
  30. "Fair enough" She says, and starts looking through books on the table, looking for a certain one. "From what I have learned, Our species and your species have similar courtship rituals, taking the time to get to know somepony, and seeing how the relationship blossoms".
  31. "Good to know, though that leaves me with quite the dilemma. I guess I will figure out what to do later."
  32. "Wait!" Twilight excalims "What kind of dilemma? Is somepony asking you to be their special somepony? Not that i would care, its just it would be interesting to observe a interspecies pact. She says, before realising what she said, and starts blushing.
  33. "Dont worry, I understand" you say.
  34. "You do?"
  35. "Yeah, if I met a new sentient being of a different species, i would be facinated by all aspects of their life. Of course I am more reserved in asking questions, and prefer to let observations lead me to answers."
  36. "Yeah, thats about it" she says, looking down "I guess I got over excited when a new learing experience came around."
  37. Pulling out your Journal, you start to write.
  39. *Day 3 in Equestria. Continuing from my previous entry, During the rest of that day I met several more of Twilights friends.
  40. Fluttershy, as her name suggests is quite shy, but very sweet.
  41. Rarity is a Seamstress, and quite a good one at that. she seems interested in my robe, so I agreed to let her examine it as payment for clothes she is making me.
  42. Pinkie Pie is well to say the least strange, she is hyperactive, but incredibly friendly. She also throws a great party.
  43. I also met a trio of fillys who call themselfs the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Their names are Sweetiebell, Scootaloo and Applebloom.
  44. The Area for Twilights alchemy training is strated, though it will take another day and a half or so to be finished.
  45. I Had a rather unpleasant encounter with a Pegasus mare named Derpy Hooves. She seemed nice at first, but she ended up trying to rape me. I have yet to decide what to do as to that.
  46. There appears to be a magic show going on in 2 days. I plan on going, it may be an interesting chance to learn about magic.*
  48. Closing your notebook, you see Twilight hasnt read it, given she isnt freaking out about Derpys behaviour.
  49. "Twilight" You ask "Do you know who Trixie is?"
  50. Snorting, she shakes her head and says "I wish I didn't, she is arrogant, selfish and she is willing to harm others to make her show better."
  51. "Interesting, perhaps I should have a show along with her, see how she handles dealing with "Unknown Magic"."
  52. "That sounds like a pretty good idea, I cant wait to see the look on her face".
  53. After Dinner and some light reading, you head to bed.
  54. Sort of...
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