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  1. ACT I:
  3. darrel went for the phone
  4. he was too late
  5. sed already picked up the phone and answnenerwed
  6. hello - said sed
  7. hey - said flanktank
  8. darrel shot sed
  9. bang bang
  10. twice
  11. he was dead on floor
  12. darrel hung up phone
  13. pet dog ethan said to beacon
  14. oh no
  15. beacon said to pet dog ethan
  16. help
  17. suddenly flanktank approached darrel
  18. darrel looked at flanktank
  19. flanktank looked at darrel
  20. bang bang
  21. oh dear
  22. darrel lie dead
  23. what do we do said sed
  24. i thought you died sed said pet dog ethan
  25. oh
  26. sed fell over and died again
  27. what do we does beacon said pet dog ethan
  28. i dunno beacon say
  29. bang bang
  30. beacon shot gun in head of flanktank
  31. twice in gun head
  32. boom blop
  33. his brain splatter on ground
  34. oh no said pet dog ethan
  35. i dont like him said beacon to pet dog ethan
  36. me neither wuffed pet dog ethan
  39. ACT II3:
  41. ethan threw darrel dead body into well water
  42. the well water got poison and villagers died
  43. among villager was pixel
  44. but he was dead
  45. phoe came out of sky with gun in hand
  46. bang bang
  47. shot himself in gut
  48. where other bullet go
  49. it was sed
  50. phoe died from sed bullet wound
  51. and sed was alived again
  52. hello ladies
  53. said sed with a grin
  54. bang bang
  55. pet dog ethan shot down sed
  56. he smelled funny said pet dog ethan
  57. i know said beacon
  58. they drank out of wells water to celebrate
  59. GAAAAAAAAH darrel poisoning
  63. ACT IOI:
  64. when pet dog ethan wake up
  65. bang bang
  66. beacon shots zambo in brains
  67. what is zambo
  68. pet dog ethan black out
  69. what happen beacon said pet dog ethan
  70. zambo try eat you said beacon
  71. oh said pet dog ethan
  72. they both blacked out
  73. dear god
  75. ACT: I567
  76. when do sed get back said pet dog ethan
  77. i donut know said beacon
  78. he was dead
  79. good thing rebel show up and save us from nazi jews said pet dog ethan
  80. the story progresses further
  81. oh deary me said sed
  82. it appears you are lost
  83. he wasnt dead
  84. bang bang
  85. sed felled over
  86. bledding
  87. what do do with dead guy said pet dog ethan
  88. oh no that not dead guy that sed said beacon
  89. they kicked dead body
  90. sedlaugh.mp3
  91. where to next chief said pet dog ethan
  92. i dont know said beacon
  93. bang bang
  94. qwud shot gun in aire
  95. he say
  96. welcome to metro man sandy ravage
  97. wow this is a cool foreetress said pet dog ethan
  98. i know said qwud with a chuckle
  99. it wasnt a chuckle
  100. he walk away from them and close doors
  101. beacon and pet dog ethan never got to famed metro man randy savage vault
  102. blorp
  103. space aliens attack fortress
  104. it impenetrable
  105. beacon leave with pet dog ethan
  106. they find stalker camp
  107. such is life in the zone
  108. it turns out they were bandits
  109. lost to the zone
  111. ACT 2033:
  112. wake up in metro man sandy ravage
  113. sed come out of shadows
  114. hello said sed
  115. bang bang
  116. sed fall over dead
  117. qwud smoking gun go back in holster
  118. damn elves said qwud
  119. he was my friend said pet dog ethan
  120. bang bang
  121. qwud shoot more bullet into sed
  122. he turn into bats and fly away
  123. he will be back say qwud
  124. oh said beacon and pet dog ethan collectively
  125. when do i get my bastard gun said pet dog ethan
  126. this not metro man sandy ravage said qwud
  127. it was just the zone
  128. why are we still in zone said beacon
  129. such is life in the zone said qwud
  130. before beacon can tell qwud he a dummy bang bang gunshot from house
  131. beavis macon was shot
  132. i grew up in macon said lee
  133. he got bit
  138. why it smell like potato say pet dog ethan
  139. because it really a potato farm say qwud
  140. and it was potato farm
  141. beacon run over to potato and eat it
  142. woah it taste like fruit
  143. no said pet dog ethan
  144. it taste like ass
  145. qwud say it actually an ass farm
  146. oh said collective pet dog ethan and beacon
  147. you so smell said beacon
  148. bang bang
  149. metro not so quiet
  150. sed come out of shadow
  151. i do not laugh says sed
  152. bang bang
  153. sed crotch explode
  154. oh dear
  155. he fall over into spiders
  156. he explode into spiders
  157. why sed so weird ask beacon
  158. qwud explode into spiders too
  159. i guess he dont know says beacon
  162. ACT IYYYU:
  163. quality material
  167. ACT GGGGG:
  168. gg beacon yelled at lungs
  169. this not video game
  170. bang bang
  171. pet dog ethan and beacon are lone wanderer
  172. fallout 3 ending
  176. EPILOGUE:
  177. sed come out of bathroom talking about his new idea
  178. bang bang
  179. not today sed
  180. sed fall over
  181. he not move
  182. they finally win
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