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  1. Aldous Rhydderch is one of my more complex characters.
  2. Aldous originally started as a young man who desired to escape the plights and plagues of the times he was living in. In his ignorance, he went to war and learned that things were worse. His desire to leave impact on the world was folly.
  3. He learned that the cause that he was fighting for was for nothing. He butchered innocents and soldiers alike, but found no sense of accomplishment and the words of his commanders at the time filled him with a sense of guilt.
  4. Aldous became so consumed by violence that he didn't know what he would be without it. He kept fighting to suppress the guilt that he was feeling. Until he was discarded and retired.
  5. Aldous lived out the other days of his life as a drunkard and wished to drown away his sorrows. Until one night in a drunken stupor saved the life of a woman by yelling at a Vampire that was killing her. An act done out of fear. These actions caused him to be praised as a hero and defender of the town. Something that he entirely wished to avoid; violence.
  6. He slowly began to break down yet again & when he met another Vampire he put no effort into fighting anymore. Begging for death. Aldous was turned and cursed into a Vampire with the people he was meant to defend were slaughtered by his hand in a bloodlust.
  7. Continually forced into a life of rage and violence.
  8. He was indoctrinated by the Catholic Church and filled with false hopes of redemption. When he learned that he was nothing more than a tool. He also slaughtered the members of the Church.
  9. He could never escape war, violence, & disease. Filled with an unimaginable sense of fury.
  10. His conflict of Faith became apparent. Desperately clinging to the hope of being redeemed. The only thing that keeps him sane. With only confirmation of Evil and nothing but vagueness from the Light, he always ponders if God is truly real.
  11. He has an immense amount of spiritual struggles.
  12. Aldous decided if that he could never escape violence then he would turn his curse into something good; that he would defend the weak. No longer by the Church, but by his own accord.
  13. He's still consumed by guilt. Because his lack of action and uncaringness towards the end leads him to partially blame himself for his cursed nature as a Vampire. Guilt from the war. Plagued by nightmares.
  14. He tries his best to adhere to principles of stoicism, but his rage is something that he can never truly suppress. In the end, Aldous still greatly cares about the living. He differs from the typical hunter in that he recognizes that while most beings are naturally evil. He doesn't believe that the individual is condemned by it and that they can rise above it.
  15. Himself is an example of this.
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