A Change of Heartstrings

Dec 26th, 2012
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  1. >Day Change of Heartstrings in Equestria
  2. >You have been in Equestria for some time now. You enjoy doing odd jobs for the mane six.
  3. >You have a habit of changing hobbies every few months. Things get dull very quickly.
  4. >Right now you are really into this musical mare.
  5. >It all started when you were walking through the park. You saw a mint colored p0ny playing a lyre.
  6. >Its plucky sound interested you.
  7. >Lyra can play it very well, but she usually just hangs around. She lives with a rather annoying mare.
  8. >All the other p0ny talks about is how Lyra should get a job.
  9. >You don’t go over to their house anymore because all they do is argue.
  10. >You are lounging on your couch in front of the fire. It’s a cold day, and rain is pouring outside.
  11. >You are drinking some whiskey. Well, what passes for whiskey here. It tastes raw and untamed. Most p0nies drink cider.
  12. >Maybe you can start brewing beer, or making liquor. Educate these p0nies about finer alcohols.
  13. >You would probably be run out of town. The Apple family doesn’t take kindly to competition.
  14. >You imagine an enormous factory. You at the top. Below you hundreds of p0nies working tirelessly to please you.
  15. >Filthy Rich is shaking as he signs a paper giving you control of his company.
  16. >You laugh at him and his pathetic attempts to stave off bankruptcy.
  17. >You hear a knock at the door. Your daydreaming has ended prematurely.
  18. >Fluttershy has already performed her daily harassment. What does she want now?
  19. >You get up and open the door.
  20. >Lyra is in front of you. She is wearing a pack. She looks like something is bothering her.
  21. >”Hi Anon.”
  22. Hey Lyra, what’s up.
  23. >You move to the side.
  24. >She doesn’t enter.
  25. 1/10
  27. >She scuffs the ground.
  28. >”Bon Bon and I had a fight. Can I stay here for a few days?”
  29. >Lyra is cool and all, but she is pretty lazy. A few days would probably become much more.
  30. What did you two argue about?
  31. >”You know… normal stuff.”
  32. >You aren’t convinced.
  33. Just tell me.
  34. >”It’s not that big of a deal. I’m sure we will be back to normal in no time.” She’s annoyed.
  35. >”Look if you are busy with stuff, that’s fine. I’m sure I can find another place to stay.”
  36. >She starts trotting off.
  37. Lyra
  38. >She turns to you. You wave her over. You leave the door open as you walk back to your bar. You start pouring yourself another drink.
  39. >You hear the door click behind you.
  40. >”Thanks Anon.”
  41. >You shrug to her to say its not that big of a deal.
  42. Something to drink?
  43. >”Whatever you’re having.”
  44. Coming right up.
  45. >You hand her a glass of whiskey.
  46. >She slams it down.
  47. You were really thirsty.
  48. >”Yea. I just need to calm down a little bit.”
  49. >You pour her another. She slams it equally fast.
  50. Help yourself.
  51. 2/10
  53. >You sit down on the couch again.
  54. >You hear Lyra having a few more drinks before she settles down next to you.
  55. You can stay in the spare bedroom.
  56. >”Thanks.”
  57. >She’s sitting down like she always does. Like she’s a person.
  58. >Silence.
  59. >”I told her the truth.”
  60. >You turn to her.
  61. >”I told her… that I’m not gay.”
  62. >You raise an eyebrow.
  63. >”Not even a little bit. I, I’ve been leading her on. A little hug here, some tension there.”
  64. >She shakes her head.
  65. >”I couldn’t keep it up anymore.”
  66. >Silence.
  67. >”Now I’m alone and on the streets again.”
  68. Jesus, that’s pretty shitty. You can’t just live a lie so others will take care of you.
  69. >”I know.”
  70. You have to take charge of your life. Take what you want.
  71. >She nods.
  72. It will be hard, but that’s what life is all about. Accomplishing things.
  73. >”I am pretty shitty.”
  74. “You were shitty.” You correct her. “ You can change that now.”
  75. >”Thanks Anon. You always know what to say.”
  76. >You get up and go to bed. She needs to think about things for a while.
  77. 3/10
  79. >A few days pass by.
  80. >You are just getting home from slaving away at the Apple’s farm. AJ really knows how to get her money’s worth from a man.
  81. >You smell something good coming from the kitchen.
  82. I didn’t know you could cook?
  83. >Lyra looks over her shoulder. “Of course. All Heartstrings can cook.”
  84. >You are learning a lot about Lyra these days.
  85. >And she keeps the place really clean. She might actually be trying to turn over a new leaf.
  86. >“I got a job today. I’m going to start waiting tables tomorrow.”
  87. That’s great. I’m sure you will have fun doing that. Have you talked things over with Bon Bon?
  88. >”No, we’re still not talking. It’s probably a lost cause.”
  89. >Ah, so this is why she is being so helpful. She isn’t going to patch things up with her old roommate.
  90. >She seems pretty decent, and she is trying.
  91. Well, its almost winter. Work at the farm is going to slow down. I could use help paying the rent.
  92. >She jumps up and hugs you. She smells so minty.
  93. >”You won’t regret this.”
  94. 4/10
  96. >Two months later Lyra is still working hard. She seems to constantly be on a hunt for your approval. She doesn’t need to try so hard. She pays the rent on time.
  97. >You’ve noticed that she has been acting a little weird lately.
  98. >It all started a week ago, when she said something funny, and you toucher her mane. She turned so brown.
  99. >She has been trying to cuddle with you. You usually let her do it. It must be a p0ny thing.
  100. >Once during this, she asked if you had ever considered being with a p0ny.
  101. >You told her that you thought about it, but decided against it. Yes, they are sentient, but you just can’t do it.
  102. >You have been out of work for a little bit. You were out asking p0nies if they needed help, but were turned down again.
  103. >You enter your house.
  104. >You hear moaning coming from Lyra’s room.
  105. >You didn’t know she had a special somep0ny. Good for her.
  106. >You make yourself some tea.
  107. >Lyra is getting loud now. These walls should be reinforced.
  108. >She does kind of sound like a human girl. Sadly, she is still a p0ny.
  109. >”Yes, right there Anon. Give it to me. Give me your filthy fingers.”
  110. >Oh shit. She doesn’t know you’re here.
  111. >”DO IT INSIDE”
  112. >You hear a loud scream, and then silence.
  113. >Well, this won’t be awkward later.
  114. >This is your fault you know. You shouldn’t have touched her. You know how obsessive these p0nies can get.
  115. >You poke your head into the hallway. Your door is open. You can see a green hoof on your bed.
  116. >Fuck. She did it in your bed? You have to sleep there.
  117. >You hear her getting up.
  118. >You look around for somewhere to hide.
  119. >In the closet!
  120. >You open it and jump in. You close the door a little too loud.
  121. >”Who’s there?”
  122. >Stay quiet.
  123. >The door magic’s open. Lyra is in front of you, magic charged.
  124. 5/10
  126. >You smile awkwardly at her.
  127. >She gives you a horrified look.
  128. >”How long have you been here?”
  129. Uh, not long.
  130. >”Why are you in the closet?”
  131. “No reason.” You shrug. You try not to look at her.
  132. >”You heard everything.” She sits on the floor. Shes turning brown again. “I’m so embarrassed.”
  133. >You don’t know what to say.
  134. >”I like you Anon. You bring out the best in me.” Her eyes plead with you.
  135. >You look down and shake your head.
  136. I can’t give you what you want.
  137. >”What’s wrong with me? I’m not pretty enough?”
  138. No, no…. its not that. I’ve just got a thing about… being with… animals.”
  139. >”Animals? I’m not an animal.” She stands up and charges her magic.
  140. Whoa, wait, that came out wrong.
  141. >She waits for you to continue.
  142. “Uh… you see, when a boy likes a girl” You gulp, ”He uhhh …. “
  143. >Shit, now what?
  144. “Well… usually they are…” You motion with your hands. ”Fuck it. It didn’t come out wrong.”
  145. >She lifts you up with her magic and pulls you out of the closet.
  146. >She sits you down next to her.
  147. >”Anon. Just try. Just once. For me.” She nuzzles you. “Please.”
  148. >You haven’t been with a woman in so long.
  149. >”If you don’t like it I’ll never bother you again.”
  150. I’ll hold you, but nothing else.
  151. >She smiles from ear to ear, and you both go to your room.
  152. 6/10
  154. >You lay down, and she climbs next to you. She puts her forehead on your cheek.
  155. >Her smell is intoxicating. Minty freshness everywhere.
  156. >She moves around a few times before finding a comfortable spot.
  157. >You can feel her breath on your neck. She is so warm, and soft.
  158. >You close your eyes. She does kind of feel like a small woman.
  159. >”This isn’t so bad, is it Anon?”
  160. “I don’t know.” Your eyes are still closed.
  161. >She sighs loudly. She climbs on top of you. She’s so light.
  162. >She puts her muzzle to your face. You feel her lightly kissing you. Small exploratory kisses. She nuzzles closer.
  163. >You feel magic moving your arms to hold her. She places one on her crest, and the other on her loin.
  164. >You shouldn’t know what these are. You’ve lived here too long.
  165. >You lightly brush her mane. She nickers. It’s so weird that they sound like people, but can switch so quickly back to horse sounds.
  166. >She shifts her weight again. You open your eyes. She’s looking directly into your eyes.
  167. >She is moving closer to your face as slow as possible.
  168. >Her lips touch yours. She feels like a woman. She holds the kiss.
  169. >You feel your chest getting damp.
  170. >She nibbles at your ear. She’s rubbing her whole body against yours.
  171. This is wrong.
  172. >You push her off.
  173. >”What’s did I do?”
  174. I. I don’t think I can do that.
  175. >”Don’t be a tease Anon.” She climbs back on.
  176. That’s enough Lyra.
  177. >”I’ve waited too long for this Anon.” She pushes your hand away. “This is going to happen.”
  178. >What the fuck.
  179. 7/10
  181. “You said if I didn’t like it you would stop.”
  182. >”I say a lot of things”
  183. >You feel magic holding you down. You try fighting back, but you can’t.
  184. >She starts smelling you all over.
  185. >”Sweet baby Celestia you smell good.”
  186. >When she’s had her fill, she looks up at you.
  187. >”Take off your clothes.”
  188. Stop this Lyra. You can’t make me do this.
  189. >She sighs. Her horn glows again, and your clothes are off. She gently places you on your back.
  190. >”Let’s just enjoy this.”
  191. >You try moving again.
  192. >”You’re trying my patience Anon.”
  193. Fuck you.
  194. >”Just relax.” She says as she turns to face your member.
  195. >She smells it for a moment, before starting to lick.
  196. >”Be a good colt and do the same.” She says as she takes your cock into her mouth.
  197. >It feels so good. She moves her flat tongue around it. Tasting every inch of your member.
  198. >She moves your head up and against her folds. She’s dripping juices all over you.
  199. >You can feel the heat radiating from her. Her winking clit is begging for attention.
  200. >She’s bobbing her head up and down. She’s taking it all the way to the base.
  201. >You feel your cock getting fully engorged. She stops to look at you.
  202. >”I’m waiting.” She says as she shakes her flank.
  203. 8/10
  205. >Your arms move against your will and start playing with her, rubbing every inch of her body.
  206. >Maybe if you give her what she wants, she’ll be satisfied and leave you alone.
  207. >You start licking her folds.
  208. >She moans loudly. You can feel her shaking.
  209. >”It’s been too long.” She says as she nuzzles your thigh. She then returns to worshiping your member.
  210. >She picks up the pace, and you can’t take it anymore.
  211. I’m gonna….
  212. >She stuffs everything into her mouth. You unload your cream into her mouth. She stays in place as you finish.
  213. >She turns to you and opens up. Her mouth is filled with your seed. She smiles at you, and gulps it down.
  214. >She opens up again. Empty.
  215. Ok, Lyra. You’ve had your fun.
  216. >She pouts.
  217. >”Just a little more Anon.”
  218. >She uses her magic to put you in a seated position.
  219. >She nuzzles you as she places herself over your cock.
  220. >You can feel her teasing your sensitive tip.
  221. >”You know you like this. Just admit it.”
  222. >You say nothing. It feels good, but you aren’t a toy to be played with.
  223. >She lowers herself slowly. She inhales deeply as you enter her.
  224. 9/10
  226. >Jesus she is tight. You can feel her insides massaging your member. Begging to feel every inch of you.
  227. >She starts rocking back and forth. Each time trying to fit more and more.
  228. >”You’re so big.”
  229. >She bites you lightly. You can feel her shaking. She’s breathing deeply.
  230. >You’ve seen this before. She just came. She kisses you lightly, and lazily rolls off.
  231. >She lets the magic go.
  232. >You both lay there. You’re still hard. She just took what she wanted. You came once, but you need to finish again. You’ve already had sex with a horse. Will one more time hurt anyone?
  233. >You grab her by her shoulders and hold her down.
  234. >”What are you doing?”
  235. Just shut up.
  236. >You grab her by her dock and raise her back toward you.
  237. >She tries to buck you, but your legs are too close.
  238. >You position yourself over her.
  239. >You push into her. You hear her inhaling loudly as you enter her.
  240. >You slam into her again and again.
  241. >”Yes! Yes Anon!”
  242. >Her insides are milking you. Begging for you to release into her.
  243. >You spank her flank as you continue relentlessly pounding her.
  244. >You feel her juices coating your balls.
  245. ”I’m gonna cum.”
  246. >”Inside!”
  247. >You force every inch into her, and unload your seed. She twitches.
  248. >You lay down beside her.
  249. >She cuddles up to you.
  250. >”See? That wasn’t so bad.”
  251. >You pull her close, and kiss her.
  252. Fin
  253. 10/10
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