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  1. oSEB: Hello
  2. Genobear: hi
  3. oSEB: Are you guys trying to get through ? Or you planning on taking the territorys
  4. Genobear: are we anywhere near you?
  5. oSEB: Instigators.
  6. Genobear: u forget which account ur on? xD
  7. oSEB: Nope.
  8. Genobear: im wondering what relation you are to instigators
  9. oSEB: Allies.
  10. oSEB: I just want an answer is your trying to take the territory, or your trying to get through.
  11. Genobear: both
  12. Genobear: we got f**ked in the "war"
  13. Genobear: so we are looking for a home
  14. Genobear: pushing through and making extra space on the way that we can rade with others
  15. Genobear: we need to take some ground of people first
  16. Genobear: we probably wont be around for too long
  17. Genobear: but will probably take as much as we can
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