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  1. ## Current state
  3. Currently, `dev` and `staging` are deployed-to simultaneously by the deployment pipeline, then later to `prod`. The current intent is that `dev` can be pointed at an experimental branch, while `prod` and `staging` stay pointed at the trunk.
  5. ## How to update the pipeline
  7. - E.g. to update the `dev` environment to use an experimental branch instead of the trunk, retrieve the pipeline:
  8.   - `fly -t fr gp -p my-pipeline > pipeline.yml`
  9. - Edit the pipeline file, for example with `vim`
  10.   - `vim pipeline.yml`
  11. - Unless the only change is to update which branch the pipeline is pointing to in `dev`:
  12.   - Retrieve credentials file from s3
  13.     - TODO: How?
  14.   - Validate the change you are making against the pipeline code in git by rendering the pipeline against the credentials file
  15.     - `fly validate`
  16. - Push the altered pipeline
  17.   - `fly -t fr sp -p my-pipeline -c pipeline.yml`
  19. Note: Concourse also forces you to view and approve the changes after running `sp`
  21. ## Future changes
  23. Current proposed changes would simplify the deployment pipeline to something like the following:
  25. - Make changes on short-lived branch
  26. - Push branch
  27. - Open PR
  28. - Review/respond until reviewers are satisfied
  29. - Branch gets merged to trunk
  30. - Trunk deploys to `dev`
  31. - Smoke tests run
  32. - Trunk gets promoted to `stage`
  33. - Smoke + acceptance tests + (optional) manual testing
  34. - Trunk goes to `production`
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