Marine Biology 101

Nov 15th, 2012
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  1. Mikel: 02:15 - GibdoMaskLink: How did Sponges come to live in Pineapples anyways?
  2. 02:17 - Mikel: It was back when we humans started to export pineapples across the world. A lot of pineapples fell from ships and landed near sea sponges. Over time they evolved to live inside the pineapples. The shipping is also the reason they evolved to wear clothese and the pollution eventually turned them a sickly yellow.
  3. 02:18 - GibdoMaskLink: But how did they form mutally symboitic relationships with sea stars and octopi>
  4. 02:18 - GibdoMaskLink: ?
  5. 02:20 - Mikel: The starfish gained food from the sea sponges through there version of our hamburgers. The sea sponges gained another large animal to make them appear more threatening to other prey thus it benifited through defence. Not much is known of the squids involvemnet in this it appears to gain nothing from the symbiotic relationship
  6. 02:22 - GibdoMaskLink: How does the underwater sea squirrel manage to interact with said sponges, seastars, and squids?
  7. 02:24 - Mikel: These sea squirrels were actually sent in by our own scientists to learn and understand the evolution, adaptions and behaviours of the sea sponge. These sea squirrels are the reason we understand so much about them. The sea sponge was curios so interaction was failry easy, after a while interaction with the sea star followed and the sea squid appeared to make momentary appearances but seemed unwilling to interact much with our sea squirrel agents.
  8. 02:25 - GibdoMaskLink: Of course, how could I be so blind?
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