Anon - Luna Punishes Flash

Aug 23rd, 2015
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  1. >Just another day on the job...
  2. >need to make sure these kids aren't out of line
  3. >no paperwork today?
  4. >great, breathing room
  5. >...oh, right
  6. >you're Vice-principle Luna
  7. >and this may be a slightly more relaxing day than usual
  8. >even though you arrived at Canterlot High a little late, this day doesn't seem to be too busy
  9. >note to self, stop trying to party at night so much
  10. >maybe that herbal tea Shining Armor told you about will calm your nerves
  11. >you should make a cup of tea soon...
  12. >nevertheless, this may be the one day at work where you-
  13. >*CRASH*
  14. >...have to deal with a student making a big mistake
  15. >you look out of your nearby window to see a rather expensive looking car... rammed right into a wall
  16. >you shouldn't have thought of anything
  17. >you jinxed it
  18. >wait, it seems some students were in that vehicle
  19. >...why is one of them missing a shoe?
  20. >hold on, you recognize these students
  21. >two of them are easily recognizable
  22. >Snips and Snails
  23. >two pranksters who seem to absolutely enjoy ruining everyone's day
  24. >this is their first time actually causing damage to school property, but still
  25. >you cannot let them walk away like this
  26. >wait, that one student missing a shoe
  27. >tall man, blue hair, orange-ish skin, usually carries a guitar around
  28. >what was his name...
  29. >no matter, these students just caused major property damage to the school
  30. >at least the wall didn't collapse
  31. >the repairs should not be too costly
  32. >now, onto business
  33. >wasting no time, you leave your office and make your way outside
  34. >there they are, arguing up a storm
  35. >they seem to have not noticed your presence yet
  36. >"H-hey Flash, no need to worry. We can just get out of here before anyone shows up! Right, Snails?"
  37. >"Yeah, just don't get caught."
  38. >the much taller student is getting more and more furious
  39. >"Are you two out of your minds?! You make me almost skip school, make me crash into a wall, and now you think no one will catch us?! What if Vice Principle Luna finds out?"
  40. "I'm not sure, why don't you ask her?"
  42. >the three of them slowly turn their heads and give a fearful stare at you
  43. >"V-v-vice principle Luna?"
  44. >you keep a calm face on as they start to back away
  45. "Well, to answer your question, I'm rather furious. You know there will be consequences for your actions, right?
  46. >they don't respond, probably too frightened to say anything
  47. >you point towards the front doors of the school
  48. "My office. Now."
  49. >they look towards the ground as all three of them march in front of you towards the school
  50. >as you follow them, you analyze the damages
  51. >hmm... you were correct
  52. >moderate damages, repairs should be within the school's budget
  53. >perhaps another lucky moment today
  54. > are now wondering how it can get worse
  55. >soon enough, you enter the school and come close to your office
  56. >after pulling out a key, you walk passed the students and unlock your door
  57. "In you go, you three. You all have a lot of explaining to do."
  58. >the three of them slowly walk into your office
  59. >guilt seems to be the only things being show on their faces
  60. >you walk inside and take a seat at your desk
  61. >the three of them don't even try to take a seat in one of the chairs in the room
  62. >after an awkward minute of silence, you finally take command of the situation
  63. "Now then, anyone care to explain just what happened outside today?"
  64. >just then, Snips and Snails get on their knees and start crying
  65. >"We're sorry! we didn't know this would happen! It was Snails' plan!"
  66. >"What?! Me?! This was your plan! I just followed you!
  67. >same old lines, same old lies
  68. "Hmm... yes, this seems to be a common occurrence between you two. Always managing to be innocent, even though you're always in the vicinity of every problem going on in school."
  69. >they continue to grovel on the floor as he third student still has his head down
  70. "You, without the shoe."
  71. >that seemed to have gotten his attention
  72. >"Me?"
  73. "Yes, you. What might your name be?"
  74. >he scratches the back of his head as he tries to answer you
  75. >"F-flash Sentry, ma'am."
  77. >ma'am
  78. >now you feel old
  79. >at least you know this student's name now
  80. "Flash Sentry... I don't seem to remember your name. I'm guessing you're not usually in trouble?"
  81. >"N-no ma'am! Not at all!"
  82. >he seems awfully nervous
  83. >definitely his first time in your office
  84. "A good student, hmm? If you really were as good as you say, I would only hear the truth come out of your mouth."
  85. >you see him starting to sweat a little
  86. "Why don't you tell me what transpired today? What events took place that lead to that automobile smashing into Canterlot High?"
  87. >"Uh... well... you see..."
  88. "I'm listening."
  89. >"*sigh* I guess I can't run away from it. you see, Vice-Principle Luna... I was going to skip school. I was tricked... but it was still my decision."
  90. >tricked into skipping school?
  91. >this should be interesting
  92. "What could have possibly made you want to act upon this?"
  93. >"Well..."
  94. >the two troublemakers start laughing slightly
  95. >you give them a glare, shutting them up
  96. >"When I went to my locker, I found a note slipped in. I opened it up and found it was a letter from... a girl I like."
  97. "A girl?"
  98. >"Yeah... I haven't seen her in quite a while, so I jumped at the chance to meet her. It said to meet her at Sugarcube Corner in an hour, and... well."
  99. "You decided to skip school."
  100. >"But it was... you're right, that's what happened."
  101. >that's one part of the story down
  102. >you know who slipped that note in
  103. >that fact that he believed it is quite a shock to you
  104. >there's no way Snips and Snails made a forgery that well crafted
  105. >...right?
  106. >anyway, now onto the main event
  107. "So you decided to leave the school. Any reason why you took that car?"
  108. >"Well, its my car, so..."
  109. >that car belongs to a teenager?!
  110. >sweet chocolate strawberries!
  111. >who paid for that thing?!
  112. >it must cost...
  113. >you're getting off track here
  114. >back on topic
  115. "I see... since that was your car, accessing it was no problem. My biggest question, however, is actually quite simple."
  117. >"Look, it wasn't my fault! I didn't mean to crash into the wall! I normally park by backing into a spot, so I just decided to put it into drive and-"
  118. >this student is talking a mile a minute
  119. >you need to stop him
  120. "Flash Sentry!"
  121. >he immediately stops talking
  122. "One thing at a time. Now, I know you're simply trying to give me reasons why it wasn't your fault, but let's start from the top."
  123. >he gives you a nod, signaling you to continue
  124. "You were going to leave the school by car, yes?"
  125. >he nods
  126. "And you drive forwards out of a parking space, correct?
  127. >another nod
  128. "Now then, why did you crash into the wall?"
  129. >he looks away before answering
  130. >"Because... my foot was stuck on the gas pedal."
  131. "...I beg your pardon?"
  132. >"When I put my foot on the gas... I couldn't take it off."
  133. >wait...
  134. >what?
  135. >that doesn't make any sense
  136. >then again, he's still missing a shoe
  137. "Was there a reason why?"
  138. >he looks towards Snips and Snails
  139. >"Ask them. They must have done something."
  140. >you look towards the two idiots, who seem to be trying to hold back some laughter
  141. "Well?"
  142. >they immediately straighten up and look right at you
  143. "Care to give us an explanation?"
  144. >snips seems confident in what he's about to say
  145. >"Well, you see, ma'am, I think Flash over there doesn't know his own strength and-"
  146. >"We used superglue!"
  147. >"Snails!"
  148. >you can't figure if Snails was either too stupid to lie or just didn't want to make the situation worse
  149. >...probably both
  150. >"Yeah, we put superglue on the entire gas pedal because we thought it would be funny. It kinda was."
  151. "...Why? What made you want to do this?!"
  152. >"Snips and me saw it in a movie. Heh, it was funny."
  153. >...that explains everything
  154. >you look at Flash Sentry with a small smile
  155. "Well that settles it! You're all in big trouble, but at least I know who to give the right punishments to."
  156. >they all gulp at the sound of that
  158. "Then again, I'm... a little busy at the moment. I'm sure Principle Celestia would love to hear about this story as well. Please, allow her to give the proper punishments. you know where her office is."
  159. >they all give a sigh of relief
  160. >if they think Celestia will go easy on them, they will be sadly mistaken
  161. >you just want to relax right now
  162. >giving punishments would mean paperwork
  163. >you want to save that for later
  164. >however... there's still something troubling you
  165. "Before you all go, I do have one last question. Snips?"
  166. >"Y-yes?"
  167. "I saw all three of you get out of Flash Sentry's vehicle. If you were going to prank him like this, why did you two stay in the car with Flash?"
  168. >"Heh heh... well... after we put the glue on, we were going to get out of there, but Flash kinda... came onto the scene a little early, so we-"
  169. >"We hid inside his car so he wouldn't catch us."
  170. >"Hey! That was my line!"
  171. >so you were correct
  172. >they're just idiots
  173. >alright, time to get these students out of here
  174. "Thank you for your cooperation. Celestia may be in her office right now. Tell her secretary that I sent you three. She will make time."
  175. >and with that, the three of them finally left your office, giving you some peace and quiet
  176. >*sigh*
  177. >and here you thought this day would be uneventful
  178. >those two should be expelled from this school
  179. >that might give you peace of mind for once
  180. >still, it was unfortunate for their victim to be guilty of their own crime as well
  181. >oh well
  182. >rules are rules
  183. >now that this was taken care of, now what?
  184. >...
  185. >where did you put that tea packet?
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