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  1. Mythic SPEED CLEAR results, don't use these unless you're afk farming mythic archimonde:
  3. http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/Gahddo/affliction_trinkets.html
  4. http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/Gahddo/demonology_servitude_trinkets.html
  5. http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/Gahddo/demonology_demonbolt_trinkets.html
  6. http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/Gahddo/destruction_trinkets.html
  8. Heroic ilvl, 795 ring, rough emulation of boss encounters. These are for people who primarily raid normal/heroic or are progressing mythic:
  10. Accidentally ran alchemy trinkets twice for some of these.
  11. http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/Gahddo/affliction_st.html
  12. http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/Gahddo/affliction_big_add.html
  13. http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/Gahddo/affliction_kilrogg.html
  14. http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/Gahddo/affliction_council.html
  16. Again, rough emulation in an attempt to be more realistic. There are almost certainly small errors in the apl for some fight types (particularly kilrogg) that may result in values swinging a few percentage points.
  18. I compiled a spreadsheet that gives each fight type a value and then determines a weighted value for each trinket. Again, rough calculations here, this isn't meant to be even close to perfect, just more accurate than 'which trinket is best for patchwerk.'
  20. On the left is a sorted list, on the right is the raw data. Everything is done in percentage increase over base result so fight styles where you do more damage overall aren't valued more.
  22. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ySdg4MYy5LP_iVnJx6OB3QLIFmuwLRWUToyf55mbxBE/edit?usp=sharing
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