current blockLG setup

luckytyphlosion Sep 14th, 2015 106 Never
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  1. 1st item: [item] x33
  2. 2nd item: cancel x91 (from rival name)
  3. 3rd item: 8 8
  4. 4th item: master ball
  5. 5th item: 4848
  6. 6th item: 9F
  7. 9th item: rare candy(?) x[block needed for pokemon] (item doesn't matter)
  8. 10th item: [item that doesn't correspond to a block with a 50 or click tiles] x[block that has 2nd tile from the bottom left's hex number's lower nybble with a good value for spc dv AND has 3rd tile from the bottom left's hex number to give a good level]
  9. 17th quantity: [item] x15
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