(FR) Anon -was- a creative sociopath (A+)

Dec 5th, 2012
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  1. >Day heresy in Equestria
  2. >You've been setting this up all week
  3. >You sit on a chair near the front door and wait
  4. >Finally that ever anticipated knock gets your attention
  5. >Only one pony knocks that softly
  6. >You pull a rope next you which opens the door and you see quiet tree on your stoop
  7. >She looks surprised and confused before beginning the age old ritual
  8. >Not today
  9. >You shush her with a finger to your lips and without getting up you tug on a second rope
  10. >A light thud catches her attention to your left as a small book has just fallen on its side pushing a small toy carriage across a shelf
  11. >Reaching the edge it tips over another book with a match attached to its binding at the top
  12. >Once that topples over it burns a string that kept a small weight held aloft
  13. >This kind of stuff continues for at least 20 minutes
  14. >Fluttershy has not moved from the spot watching everything from bowling balls to wheeled carts moving about around you
  15. >You don't take your eyes off her as you sit there in the middle of it all waiting
  16. >Noticing the sound you were waiting for your lips curl into a grin as you watch Fluttershy's gaze slowly settle upon you
  17. >The final piece comes together and a note is lowered directly in front of Fluttershy's face
  18. >The note simply reads
  19. ur a faget
  20. >You start laughing maniacally as tears start forming in her eyes
  21. >You had given her a little inside scoop on what that meant before
  22. >The house catches fire because of the match from earlier, but you don't stop laughing
  23. >You don't even stop as Fire Pegasi try to put it out, but ultimately fail
  24. >As the walls and everything collapse in on you the only thing on your mind is you're not
  25. >Fucking Fluttershy
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