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  1. Arkbg
  2. 8:49 PM (4 minutes ago)
  4. to Jimmy
  5. Anon updates Jimmy,
  7. Do not Confirm that you are going to support Operation Blackout&OccupyUSA.GOV. I have volunteered a position of Transparency with anonymous. I have so while being very aware of the potential threat to my own safety. I have asked anonymous to maintain anonymity as well. If anything happens to me from either side I cannot know who attacked.  I hope you were silently watching todays opblackout. do not indicate either way. I have been warned a few times for pushing my Op merger, and backed off., but the facts still indicate few alternatives and many reasons not to ignore this Coincedental corrugation of forces. I do not believe in magic Prophecies, but I do not see any scientific our medical disproof. So maybe ive just lost control of my neocortical analysis, maybe google earth 3D is a matrix inside a matrix, or idk.
  9. either way I have always have faith in the wiki and believe it is a better alternative to the current USA.gov joke of a "free money" and "facebook like" American front page.
  11. The anonymous consensus is to stop and plan. If you want me to make a real, open & honest investigation into the legion blackout & occupy USA.gov plan, please ask about it on the top suggestion of SOPA-WIKI.
  13. open wiki gov project where every America can contribute freely, demand maximum govt transparentcy and allow the 99% occupation the power to conditionally demamd the premanent independence of USA.gov wiki, which they will prefer instead of their current chaos. Anon would like google to give above on ethical solutions alto not the right to vote or profit. Anyone can volunteer of course but only citizens vote. Constitution says "we the people" not we the corporations.
  15. I am aware of the serious global Ramifications, but organized freedom is a human right if it us possible and the 1% will simply adapt to human rights.
  17. I myself am a human being goddammit and I want you to protect my wiki right to boldness by admitting wiki could benefit from simpler tutorials for visual learners and disabled volunteer editors. Instead of jargon-bombing a life long peaceful volunteerme during a historical sopa-sparking independence battle. the anti-visual anti-boldness system on wiki will not be acceptable to USA.gov or legion. If google can translate jargon into normal then id like wiki to try. this will also signal the flexibility of the wiki system. nothing says visual encyclopedias are bad encyclopedias. but we have very little time and the anonops spark that can ignite occupy toward a virtual bloodless war for independance. The anons are Much faster, agile and passionately connected to occupy than wiki Culture. You m may signal support or rejection of my personal wiki jargon-reduction plan but do not signal support for my occupy USA.GOV  plan. You may reject it if you want. But its important for you be unlinked to blackouts failure if I am wrong.
  19. Anon Ops YouTube storm success is unapparent, but the auto spam filters were much stronger than expected, which we anticipated and respect. Not quiet as strong as wiki human filters but better at avoiding false negatives :p
  21. Expect a PR plan within 24 to 48 hours of your legion blackout &occupy USA.gov wiki-analysis. Specifically we need indication of googles alternatives if we reroute. I have at least maintained strong consensus to resist an anonymous proposals from physically violent individuals. OpBlackout is a call to acknowledgement and action, not arms. If anonOp insires Occupys deceleration of USA.GOV  wiki independence (sparked by google wiki fb etc black out) then they as the 99% have the conditional right to liberate USA.gov and I believe open wiki govt liberated by the people, for the people is a win-win for everyone.
  23. We need SERIOUS open analysis of this. A call to all thinkers, wikifauna and human beings. The energy of the Anonymous collective will not last forever. Do not betray your "wiki fast" responsive name. Tell us asap if it "could" work, list obstacles in order of difficulty, and plz do not jargon bomb me or the 99%
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